Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1171

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The Legendary Man -As Jonathan stared at the darkness above him, he slowly stood up.

Whatever that thing above him was, it definitely held no goodwill toward him.


Jonathan flicked his steel needles upward. As the needles pierced through the air, several bones
appeared in the light of the flames above his head.

“Show yourself!”

As Jonathan pressed his palms together and retreated quickly, the spirit shield of the bronze handbell
appeared around him.

Just as he left the lotus platform, a huge withered hand emerged and slammed down from above.


A tremendous muffled sound reverberated throughout the entire cave.

Accompanying that unknown palm was an unexpected dazzling light emitted by the stone-carved lotus

Jonathan was originally standing on the lotus platform, but as that flickering light shone, a tremendous
force spread out in all directions from the center of the platform, sending him flying across dozens of
meters into the sea of bones below.

Then, above Jonathan’s head, all five stone-carved lotus flowers burst into a brilliant light.

Strands of light scattered from within the five light clusters and rapidly radiated outward in all directions.

Corresponding to those strands of lights was the faint glow on the surrounding walls.

When Jonathan investigated the walls earlier and saw those fingertip-sized pits, he thought they were
just part of the rock formation.

But now, it didn’t seem like it.

As it turned out, they were actually part of a formation!

Seeing the white light rapidly intertwining above his head and forming intricate patterns, Jonathan’s
expression changed drastically.

According to his deductions, the bone pit should be a formation set up by an evil cultivator.

As the arcane array above his head continued to condense, Jonathan feared that he would be trapped
inside if he didn’t escape soon because it was a large formation spanning hundreds of meters.

Even if he had many means to escape, once the formation activated, there was nothing else he could
do but wait to be drained of his essence and turned into withered bones.

The thought of it scared him, so he immediately scrambled over the bones and ran toward the nearest

However, the formation patterns among the five stone-carved lotus flowers were forming too quickly
above him. At that rate, he might not make it to the platform in time.

In a moment of desperation, Jonathan threw forward a low-grade shield made of a beast’s bones and
took out a long staff-like magical item.

“Extend!” Jonathan ordered.

Shortly after, his spiritual energy was transferred into the staff-like magical item in his hands. Then,
propping it on the shield, he used it as a pole vault and leaped out.

In the small world, all of Jonathan’s skills were severely suppressed.

If it weren’t for the transformation of the staff-like magical item, he wouldn’t have been able to leap onto
the arcane array by himself.

Beneath Jonathan’s feet, the arcane array formed rapidly between the five stone-carved lotus flowers.

The instant the formation passed beneath Jonathan’s feet, he felt a slight tremor through the staff in his

When he looked down, the section of the staff-like magical item beneath the arcane array was actually
tilting toward the bone pit below.

The arcane array had severed the staff in half in that split second!

However, Jonathan’s biggest problem at the moment wasn’t the damage to the two magical items.

Due to the severing, the staff in Jonathan’s hand was now tilted to one side.

Jonathan watched the shimmering arcane array below him, but he couldn’t do anything other than
maximize the bronze handbell shield.


As Jonathan’s body crashed heavily onto the formation with a thud, he looked beneath him in

Where his palm touched, it felt like he was pressing against a mirror.

He slowly stood up and looked around.

The glow of the formation illuminated everything in the spacious cave.

Jonathan could see not only the pit of bones beneath his feet but also the surrounding walls, which had
dozens of stone-carved lotus flowers on them.

The interweaving of the formation’s lines resulted in a completely sealed cage.

Within the sealed cage and above the stone-carved lotus flower at the center of the pit of bones, there
was a gigantic stone cage suspended in mid-air.

A pair of crimson eyes looked at Jonathan through the gaps from within the stone cage.

The creature extended its hands toward Jonathan through the bars of the stone cage. As they
transformed into enormous claws, he noticed that they consisted of countless white bones.

It was the creature who had attacked Jonathan earlier!

With just a single glance, Jonathan felt a searing pain through his consciousness field.

Hands clutching his head, Jonathan’s face turned pale as he fell onto the formation.

“Seal your Anima!”

In his consciousness field, a bald figure in a white robe appeared and yelled loudly in Jonathan’s

It was Seboxia!

Upon hearing Seboxia’s voice, Jonathan felt a surge of strength as he struggled to sit up cross-legged
and calm down his consciousness with the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

Seboxia spoke again.

“This creature is extremely dangerous. Even if it is currently sealed by the formation, you must never
make eye contact with it. If you hadn’t dodged in time just now, your spiritual sense would have already
shattered. You would have become a walking corpse.”

Seboxia’s words startled Jonathan slightly.

Although Jonathan couldn’t be considered a true elite in terms of his cultivation level, he had ventured
far and encountered numerous cultivators from the Divine Realm in the past half year or so.

However, regardless of who he faced, the best his opponents could do was suppress him with their
cultivation level.

It was absolutely impossible for them to kill him with just their gaze.

But if this creature before him possessed such power, just how incredible must its cultivation level be?

Once Jonathan felt slightly calmer, he stood up carefully. However, despite his curiosity, he dared not
look up again.

“You’re finally awake, Seboxia!” Jonathan exclaimed delightedly as his mental projection appeared in
the consciousness field.

Seboxia clasped his hands together and observed Jonathan coldly.

“You’re happy to see me wake up? Aren’t you afraid of dying at my hands?”

“What is there to be afraid of?” Jonathan chuckled. “You still need me to steal the Emperor’s circulatory
system at Mount Enly for you. Before that job is done, I doubt you’ll bear to kill me.”

Seboxia didn’t refute his words. He simply closed his eyes, carefully sensing something.

After a while, his eyes flew open.

“Why can’t I sense the aura of Pryncyp of Life? Where exactly are we?”

He can’t sense the aura of Pryncyp of Life?

Jonathan was taken aback by Seboxia’s question, but he responded quickly, “We are currently in a
large cave several hundred meters underground. Judging from the formation layout around us, it must
be an arcane array set up by an evil cultivator to absorb people’s spiritual essence. This arcane array
can prevent external spiritual energy from entering and probably also isolate the Pryncyp of Strength—”

Jonathan told Seboxia what he speculated, but he was cut off by the latter before he could finish.

“Nonsense! This is not an arcane array for absorbing spiritual essence at all. It is an ancient Demon
Zeal Formation from the West Region. Legend has it that it was specifically used to suppress
demigods! Where the hell have you brought me, Jonathan?”

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