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Chapter 1170

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The Legendary Man -Jonathan walked to the edge of the lotus platform and looked down.

The place where he had landed on after getting out of the hook serpent’s belly was a stone platform
about thirty to forty meters long.

Now that Jonathan was standing at a high point, he could clearly see the outline of the stone platform
and confirm that it had the shape of a lotus leaf.

The five huge stone lotuses were surrounding a giant pit hundreds of meters in diameter and of
unknown depth. However, the pit was filled to the brim with bones.

Upon seeing it, Jonathan felt profoundly shocked, but he wasn’t alarmed or frightened.

Although the bones in the pit were so decayed that it was almost impossible to find a complete
skeleton, judging from the skulls, they were obviously human remains!

A person’s bone remains would hardly take up much space, so how many lives were sacrificed to fill
this massive pit of hundreds of meters in diameter with bones?

Not to mention that the depth of the pit was unknown. The bones on the top layer were already too
innumerable to count.

Stone-carved lotuses, countless bones…

Jonathan turned his head to look at the enormous runes engraved on the distant cave walls. He felt as
if a large hand was tightly gripping his throat, suffocating him.

Although Jonathan couldn’t find a corresponding reference from the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique,
it was highly possible that this was a place for soul-sealing.

Previously, Jonathan had slain Ryan, a practitioner of evil cultivation, in Summerbank.

From him, Jonathan obtained a book of evil cultivation methods that detailed a way to accelerate
cultivation by using human vitality and spiritual energy.

It was an extremely dangerous act for an evil cultivator to kill higher-level cultivators for their own

However, killing mortals or low-level cultivators was not enough, especially when they needed a large
amount of vitality to achieve a breakthrough.

Hunting down low-level cultivators was simply insufficient to meet their cultivation needs.

Therefore, those evil cultivators adept in formations invented a cruel arcane array that could gather
human vitality and spiritual energy from hundreds of captured individuals.

Many evil cultivators used this method to rapidly absorb a large amount of vitality and spiritual energy
to achieve breakthroughs.

However, using such a cruel method that sacrificed living people would also generate a large amount of
malevolent aura.

The intensity of this malevolent aura was so strong that it could affect Heavenly Pryncyp. When
surrounded by the malevolent aura, an evil cultivator would find themselves with bad luck as it corroded
their true nature.

The purpose of the enormous runes on the distant mountain walls was to suppress and trap the
malevolent aura, thereby preventing it from influencing Heavenly Pryncyp.

The reason this ritual ground was located several hundred meters below ground was also to minimize
the influence on Heavenly Pryncyp.

This place is an evil cultivator’s lair!

But which evil cultivator would require slaughtering tens of thousands of humans to achieve a

The vitality and resentment would be so intense that even a demigod would find it hard to bear with…

Jonathan looked at the bones below him expressionlessly in a daze.

It wasn’t until the glow of the illuminating flare slowly faded that Jonathan regained his senses in the

Not far away, the hook serpent’s hisses had become weak and feeble.

Jonathan waved his hand and released several fireballs, directing them to float around him as he
stepped toward the direction of the hook serpent.

“You brought me to a death trap, but now you will die here. Why bother?”

Jonathan spoke calmly as he stood before the hook serpent, which was now sprawled on the ground

Upon seeing Jonathan, the hook serpent tried to lift its head multiple times but failed.

After Jonathan had cut the hook serpent nearly in half from the inside, causing its internal organs to
rupture completely, he seized the opportunity to pin it to the ground. With its constant struggling, it had
lost a large amount of blood.

There was simply no way that the ancient beast could survive.

The hook serpent seemed to understand its predicament at that moment. After flicking its tongue
several times, it slowly opened its large jaw with its remaining strength and spat out a pointy egg that

was half a person’s height in front of Jonathan.

As Jonathan observed the slimy serpent egg warily, a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes.

“Where have you been hiding this thing? I didn’t see this when you swallowed me earlier!”

The hook serpent’s gaze was filled with reluctance, but with one last flick, it pushed the egg toward
Jonathan’s feet.

“For me?”

Jonathan used his spiritual energy to lift the egg in the air between himself and the hook serpent.

After the hook serpent took one last glance at its egg longingly, it gradually closed its eyes.

It was a dying request for Jonathan to look after its egg.

Even though the hook serpent was a fierce beast, its death made Jonathan feel incredibly heavy-

Perhaps it was wrong for the hook serpent to want to devour him, but from the hook serpent’s
perspective, it was merely hunting for prey as usual.

“Don’t worry. I will cherish this serpent egg.”


A pleasant sizzling sound filled the air as Jonathan stood beside a huge hot plate and carefully spread
the egg white on top of the hot plate with a broadsword.

By his feet were the broken remnants of the serpent egg.

Jonathan hummed as he carefully controlled the heat with his spiritual energy. Then, he took out some
beef stew seasoning from his storage ring and sprinkled it on the hot plate.

After that, he cut off a piece of the fried serpent egg with his broadsword and stuffed it into his mouth.

For some reason, the hook serpent egg didn’t have a foul taste. Instead, it carried a unique aroma.

With just a single bite, a large amount of pure spiritual energy contained within it flowed into Jonathan’s
stomach. He could feel the nourishing warmth of it surging through his limbs.

Jonathan finished eating the hook serpent egg completely after half an hour.

Leaning against the lotus platform, he idly picked his teeth with a magical needle.

Earlier, Jonathan had spent several hours exploring the surroundings of the abyss.

The only exit was a stone door that was several meters tall.

That stone gate acted as a restraining barrier, keeping the icy underground river outside and blocking
the view completely.

When Jonathan tried to reach his hand beyond the restraining barrier, he didn’t encounter any

However, the moment his hand crossed the restraining barrier, he felt a sharp jab of pain which felt as if
his fingers were being crushed. He quickly retracted his hand.

Since that place was most likely a site where evil cultivators practiced, it was reasonable that such an
exit existed.

Furthermore, the last thing evil cultivators who required human sacrifices would fear was the terrifying
water pressure outside.

However, Jonathan couldn’t say the same. He had to find another way out.

Leaning on the lotus platform, Jonathan tried to search for a method to escape within the Ancient
Sacred Dragon Technique.

At that moment, a rustling sound slowly emanated from above Jonathan’s head.

Jonathan glanced at the pitch-black darkness above. Although he couldn’t see the dome of the vast
cave clearly, he had an inexplicable hunch that something in the dark was silently locking eyes with

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