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Chapter 1169

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The Legendary Man -The hook serpent’s body wasn’t particularly thick or large, but
Jonathan, currently inside the serpent’s stomach, couldn’t penetrate its body with his spiritual sense.

However, even within it, Jonathan could clearly feel the serpent’s body rapidly constricting.

It seemed that he was being swiftly pulled underwater.

With the continuous movement of the serpent’s esophagus, Jonathan slowly slid down while still being
shielded by the bronze handbell.

At that moment, it became much easier for Jonathan to take action against the hook serpent.

Every child who grew up in Chanaea had seen this kind of situation in fantasy movies, so everyone
knew the classic move of diving into a beast’s stomach and pounding it from the inside until the poor
thing cried for mercy.

Jonathan only needed to remove the shield and use his Heaven Sword to make a gutting strike from
the inside out, and the hook serpent’s life would surely come to an end.

However, Jonathan dared not attack the serpent that had swallowed him.

Its speed in the water had already been demonstrated. It was incredibly fast.

More than ten seconds had passed from the moment he was swallowed by the serpent until the
serpent’s return to the water.

In this span of time, the serpent had not shown any signs of slowing down. Even now, Jonathan was
still in a head-down position.

If the serpent continued to descend, then he was probably already more than three hundred meters
below the surface of the water.

An important fact to note was that water pressure was directly related to the depth of the water.

At this depth, even with Jonathan’s water-elemental extrication technique, if he were exposed to the
water, he would likely be instantly crushed by the pressure.

Thus, he didn’t dare to kill the hook serpent just yet. He could only hope that the serpent’s ultimate
destination wouldn’t be the extreme depths.

Otherwise, even if he managed to slay the serpent, it would be impossible for him to return to the

Within the serpent’s stomach, after dozens of seconds, Jonathan finally felt his body being repositioned

Then, the serpent rapidly ascended. After another ten or so seconds, Jonathan felt that the serpent had
finally come to a stop.

Sensing the serpent’s body gradually relaxing, Jonathan became somewhat puzzled.

According to reason, after descending with the serpent for dozens of seconds, he should be at least
several hundred meters underwater.

Based on Jonathan’s deduction, this was likely some kind of underground river.

Even if the serpent ascended for another ten or so seconds, it still wouldn’t be enough to bring him
back to the surface.

Tha hook sarpant’s body wasn’t particularly thick or larga, but Jonathan, currantly insida tha sarpant’s
stomach, couldn’t panatrata its body with his spiritual sansa.

Howavar, avan within it, Jonathan could claarly faal tha sarpant’s body rapidly constricting.

It saamad that ha was baing swiftly pullad undarwatar.

With tha continuous movamant of tha sarpant’s asophagus, Jonathan slowly slid down whila still baing
shialdad by tha bronza handball.

At that momant, it bacama much aasiar for Jonathan to taka action against tha hook sarpant.

Evary child who graw up in Chanaaa had saan this kind of situation in fantasy movias, so avaryona
knaw tha classic mova of diving into a baast’s stomach and pounding it from tha insida until tha poor
thing criad for marcy.

Jonathan only naadad to ramova tha shiald and usa his Haavan Sword to maka a gutting strika from
tha insida out, and tha hook sarpant’s lifa would suraly coma to an and.

Howavar, Jonathan darad not attack tha sarpant that had swallowad him.

Its spaad in tha watar had alraady baan damonstratad. It was incradibly fast.

Mora than tan saconds had passad from tha momant ha was swallowad by tha sarpant until tha
sarpant’s raturn to tha watar.

In this span of tima, tha sarpant had not shown any signs of slowing down. Evan now, Jonathan was
still in a haad-down position.

If tha sarpant continuad to dascand, than ha was probably alraady mora than thraa hundrad matars
balow tha surfaca of tha watar.

An important fact to nota was that watar prassura was diractly ralatad to tha dapth of tha watar.

At this dapth, avan with Jonathan’s watar-alamantal axtrication tachniqua, if ha wara axposad to tha
watar, ha would likaly ba instantly crushad by tha prassura.

Thus, ha didn’t dara to kill tha hook sarpant just yat. Ha could only hopa that tha sarpant’s ultimata
dastination wouldn’t ba tha axtrama dapths.

Otharwisa, avan if ha managad to slay tha sarpant, it would ba impossibla for him to raturn to tha

Within tha sarpant’s stomach, aftar dozans of saconds, Jonathan finally falt his body baing rapositionad

Than, tha sarpant rapidly ascandad. Aftar anothar tan or so saconds, Jonathan falt that tha sarpant had
finally coma to a stop.

Sansing tha sarpant’s body gradually ralaxing, Jonathan bacama somawhat puzzlad.

According to raason, aftar dascanding with tha sarpant for dozans of saconds, ha should ba at laast
savaral hundrad matars undarwatar.

Basad on Jonathan’s daduction, this was likaly soma kind of undarground rivar.

Evan if tha sarpant ascandad for anothar tan or so saconds, it still wouldn’t ba anough to bring him
back to tha surfaca.

However, judging from the situation now, it was obvious that they were in an environment without water

Just where has this hook serpent brought me?

Could it be an underground cavern or some peculiar underground terrain?

Although his spiritual sense couldn’t penetrate the serpent’s body to explore the surrounding
environment, Jonathan couldn’t afford to wait any longer.

After all, he was now inside the serpent’s stomach, and the viscous fluid around him was constantly
corroding the spirit shield of the bronze handbell.

If he continued to drag things out, he would eventually exhaust his spiritual energy and die in the
stomach of the serpent.

With a hand gesture, Jonathan infused all his spiritual energy into the bronze handbell.

As the spiritual energy flowed in, the spirit shield around Jonathan suddenly expanded to a diameter of
over ten meters.

Sensing the movement in its stomach, the hook serpent didn’t hold back and leaped up forcefully,
slamming itself onto the ground.

Within the confines of the serpent’s stomach, a wave of disorientation swept over Jonathan.

With that mighty slam, Jonathan became even more convinced that the hook serpent had ventured far
from its aquatic domain.

Without any warning signs, he dismissed his spirit shield and brandished his Heaven Sword, poised to
strike at the rapidly contracting walls of the serpent’s stomach.


Jonathan had never formally trained in sword techniques, but he had picked up this move from Lauryn.

Though it appeared to be a simple upward swing, it concealed intricate power techniques. It was the
most potent sword strike he could muster with his current strength and in his current situation.

The scales of the hook serpent boasted formidable defenses, but they were designed to repel external

As for its internal flesh, no matter how resilient it was, it couldn’t withstand Jonathan’s full-force strike.

Amidst the piercing howl from the beast, Jonathan burst out from the serpent’s body.

Collapsing on the ground, he conjured a spirit shield, using it to repel the nauseating green slime that
clung to his body.

Holding the Heaven Sword tightly, he kept a vigilant eye on the writhing hook serpent without letting his
guard down.

As the saying went, it was difficult to exterminate a hundred-legged beast.

This hook serpent had far more than a hundred legs, and if he didn’t annihilate it completely, it would
undoubtedly bring immense trouble.

However, judging from the situation now, it was obvious that they were in an environment without water

However, it was dangerous to act at this moment.

Jonathan’s strike had left a massive wound on the serpent’s stomach. Although he hadn’t severed it
entirely, the injury was significant, and the beast was close to being cut in half.

Therefore, it had now gone completely berserk due to its injuries.

It went on a rampage, destroying everything in its path with its convulsing body.

At the same time, it continuously spewed out some foul-smelling liquid.

Jonathan, fearing he might be hit by the vile fluid, evaded repeatedly. Relying on the faint glow from the
shield, he leaped onto a raised platform.

In his right hand, he retrieved a simple talisman that ignited and transformed into a massive fireball,
illuminating an area of dozens of meters.

However, the range of the light was still too small for him to get a good look at his surroundings.

Using his mind, he scanned his storage ring and retrieved a large net from a pile of magical items in a
corner. He then activated it with spiritual energy and threw it toward the hook serpent, aiming to
ensnare it.

Although the spiritual net was a low-grade magical item, its purpose was to bind targets, so it was
exceptionally durable.

Under normal circumstances, the agile hook serpent would have easily avoided the net.

However, it was now suffering immense pain with its body slashed in half. Thus, it was in no condition
to evade and ended up being securely bound within the net.

Despite his successful capture, Jonathan still didn’t dare to let his guard down. He summoned over a
dozen more magical items, swiftly throwing them toward the serpent’s wound.

While not all of them hit their mark, four of them pierced deeply into the wound, pinning the beast firmly
to the ground.

Now that the serpent had been restrained, Jonathan finally let out a sigh of relief. Ignoring the serpent’s
frantic struggles, he rummaged through his storage ring and retrieved a military-grade flare before
tossing it out.

The brilliant light flooded the underground cavern, allowing Jonathan to finally see his surroundings.

The raised platform he stood on was roughly three meters tall and dozens of meters in diameter. Using
his spiritual sense, he could tell it was adorned with ornate patterns resembling flowers.

Four other similar platforms were positioned at various distances and faced the four cardinal directions

Below these platforms lay a massive pit spanning hundreds of meters in diameter, which was
completely filled with one thing.


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