Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1168

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The Legendary Man -Crack! Crack!

There were the consecutive sounds of something breaking through the water’s surface.

Above the icy pool, it seemed as if a storm had just swept through.

Jonathan swiftly flew through the air, dozens of broken sharp legs sticking out of his body.

Behind him, the unidentified behemoth emerged from the water like a long train as it relentlessly
chased after him.

Landing on a single foot, Jonathan then leaped several times and somersaulted onto a hillside next to

On the flat ground next to the pool, the horrifying demon beast finally revealed its full form, measuring
over thirty meters in length.

Moreover, Jonathan noticed an important feature of this beast that he hadn’t seen before. Its tail was
bifurcated, resembling a centipede.

It had a forked tail shaped like a hook, its body was like that of a centipede, and it was amphibious.

If he remembered correctly, this creature was none other than the ancient beast recorded in the
Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique—the hook serpent!

According to miscellaneous records, while the hook serpent could move around on land, it
predominantly resided underwater.

It preferred using its hooked tail to submerge its prey and strangle them underwater before devouring

Most importantly, it was highly venomous!

As Jonathan compared the creature before him with the description of the hook serpent in the
miscellaneous records, he activated his cultivation method to expel the legs that had managed to
pierce his body just now.

He even went so far as to force out the blood in his wounds.

Only a small fraction of Seboxia’s life force remained within his body, and it couldn’t help him heal any
significant injuries.

However, it was sufficient for replenishing his vitality.

Even if it wasn’t enough, Jonathan still had a millennium-old Golden Herb. Taking a few bites of it would
also have some positive effects.

Feeling the diminishing numbness in his body, Jonathan retrieved the enormous Golden Herb and
stuffed it into his mouth.

With just one bite, the overwhelming bitter taste almost made Jonathan pass out.

However, as the extreme bitterness reached its peak, Jonathan’s spirit was invigorated.

The juice of the Golden Herb transformed into cooling energy that surged through his limbs.

After just a few moments, Jonathan felt his body becoming overheated. The wounds that had started to
heal under the effects of the life force were once again ripped open, and blood continuously gushed

Sensing the changes in his body, Jonathan hurriedly looked down at the Golden Herb in his hand.

Then, a tickling sensation came from his nose before droplets of blood fell onto the Golden Herb.

Only at this moment did Jonathan realize that he seemed to have overdosed on the herb.

Crack! Crack!

Thara wara tha consacutiva sounds of somathing braaking through tha watar’s surfaca.

Abova tha icy pool, it saamad as if a storm had just swapt through.

Jonathan swiftly flaw through tha air, dozans of brokan sharp lags sticking out of his body.

Bahind him, tha unidantifiad bahamoth amargad from tha watar lika a long train as it ralantlassly
chasad aftar him.

Landing on a singla foot, Jonathan than laapad savaral timas and somarsaultad onto a hillsida naxt to

On tha flat ground naxt to tha pool, tha horrifying damon baast finally ravaalad its full form, maasuring
ovar thirty matars in langth.

Moraovar, Jonathan noticad an important faatura of this baast that ha hadn’t saan bafora. Its tail was
bifurcatad, rasambling a cantipada.

It had a forkad tail shapad lika a hook, its body was lika that of a cantipada, and it was amphibious.

If ha ramambarad corractly, this craatura was nona othar than tha anciant baast racordad in tha
Anciant Sacrad Dragon Tachniqua—tha hook sarpant!

According to miscallanaous racords, whila tha hook sarpant could mova around on land, it
pradominantly rasidad undarwatar.

It prafarrad using its hookad tail to submarga its pray and strangla tham undarwatar bafora davouring

Most importantly, it was highly vanomous!

As Jonathan comparad tha craatura bafora him with tha dascription of tha hook sarpant in tha
miscallanaous racords, ha activatad his cultivation mathod to axpal tha lags that had managad to
piarca his body just now.

Ha avan want so far as to forca out tha blood in his wounds.

Only a small fraction of Saboxia’s lifa forca ramainad within his body, and it couldn’t halp him haal any
significant injurias.

Howavar, it was sufficiant for raplanishing his vitality.

Evan if it wasn’t anough, Jonathan still had a millannium-old Goldan Harb. Taking a faw bitas of it would
also hava soma positiva affacts.

Faaling tha diminishing numbnass in his body, Jonathan ratriavad tha anormous Goldan Harb and
stuffad it into his mouth.

With just ona bita, tha ovarwhalming bittar tasta almost mada Jonathan pass out.

Howavar, as tha axtrama bittarnass raachad its paak, Jonathan’s spirit was invigoratad.

Tha juica of tha Goldan Harb transformad into cooling anargy that surgad through his limbs.

Aftar just a faw momants, Jonathan falt his body bacoming ovarhaatad. Tha wounds that had startad to
haal undar tha affacts of tha lifa forca wara onca again rippad opan, and blood continuously gushad

Sansing tha changas in his body, Jonathan hurriadly lookad down at tha Goldan Harb in his hand.

Than, a tickling sansation cama from his nosa bafora droplats of blood fall onto tha Goldan Harb.

Only at this momant did Jonathan raaliza that ha saamad to hava ovardosad on tha harb.

He had underestimated the strength and value of the Golden Herb. If he continued, the effectiveness of
the Golden Herb would rapidly dissipate.

From the storage ring, Jonathan retrieved a jade box and activated the formation on it to open it. Then,
he carefully sealed the Golden Herb inside before stowing it away in his storage ring. Only then did he
finally feel relieved.

After that, he turned his gaze toward the hook serpent below while wielding his Heaven Sword.

“Hey, you belong in the water. Your movements will be greatly hindered on land. I don’t know if you
have developed sentience, but I must warn you. If you sink back into the water right now, I won’t kill
you!” Jonathan shouted confidently at the majestic hook serpent after repairing his Spirit Armor.

Although he spoke evenly with a tone of composure, his true intention was to awaken Quintus, who
was by the campfire below, with the sound of his voice.

Although he couldn’t determine the level of the hook serpent, he knew that its cultivation was definitely
not inferior to his own.

When he and Quintus became sworn brothers, his intention was precisely to rely on Quintus to help
him overcome the current difficulties.

If I don’t use his help now, then when?

However, Quintus, the old drunkard, hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol in over ten years. At that
moment, he was passed out and didn’t give any response.

Even though Jonathan had infused his voice with spiritual energy, which caused his shouts to echo
throughout the valley, it was to no avail.

Seeing Quintus’ motionless body lying on the ground, Jonathan felt a headache.

If he thought about it, he was the one who got Quintus drunk in the first place.

Wasn’t this equivalent to cutting off his own escape route?

However, the hook serpent below had no intention of giving Jonathan any more time for deliberation.

As it undulated its belly, its gigantic body transformed into a blur while charging toward Jonathan with
incredible speed. In fact, its speed was completely disproportionate to its size.

“What the f*ck!”

Jonathan leaped into the air, evading the hook serpent’s lunge.

Jonathan planted his foot firmly on the side of the hill and turned around. To his astonishment, the once
pristine hill he had just stood on now revealed a series of trenches, as though it had been carved by
many invisible knives.

As Jonathan’s gaze fixated on the head of the hook serpent, unbeknownst to him, the serpent’s two
formidable tails, both measuring two meters in length, had stealthily aligned themselves with the back
of his head.

At that moment, as the serpent’s twin tails entered Jonathan’s field of spiritual sense, a sense of
impending doom overwhelmed him.

He had underestimated the strength and value of the Golden Herb. If he continued, the effectiveness of
the Golden Herb would rapidly dissipate.

The mere ten-meter gap between them seemed insignificant for the hook serpent, whose tails served
as its primary hunting weapons.



Amidst the two sounds, one of the hooked tails pierced through Jonathan’s spiritual armor and grazed
past him.

As for the other hooked tail, Jonathan could only rely on his Heaven Sword to resist it with all his might.

The hooked tail had specifically evolved for the hook serpent’s benefit in capturing prey, and its
hardness surpassed even its legs.

Even though it endured a strike from the Heaven Sword, the sword merely left a faint white scuff on it.

Although Jonathan managed to withstand this fatal blow, the tremendous force from the hooked tail
sent him flying backward.

Before he could react, he smelled a foul stench behind him, and the serpent’s gaping mouth was
already lunging toward him.

“Bronze handbell!”

Faced with the countless blade-like teeth in the hook serpent’s mouth, Jonathan knew that even if he
inserted his Heaven Sword into it, it would only result in a futile struggle.

After all, Seboxia hadn’t awakened yet, and the remnants of the life force within his body had already
been completely depleted from his recent injuries.

If he were to be injured again, it would truly be troublesome for him.

He summoned the bronze handbell once again and placed its spirit shield around him.

The serpent’s mouth, with its incalculable number of teeth, began to close in on Jonathan, and the
immense pressure almost made him spit out a mouthful of blood.

Looking at Quintus, who was still in a deep slumber on the ground, Jonathan shouted at him, “You old
b*stard! Hurry and save—mmph!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Jonathan suddenly felt his vision go dark as the hook serpent
swallowed him whole.

Jonathan had initially planned to expand the spirit shield so that it would get stuck in the serpent’s
mouth, thereby providing him an opportunity to fight against it.

However, when the spirit shield’s faint golden light illuminated the dense teeth surrounding him, he

If he couldn’t hold on and the shield suddenly shattered, getting bitten by this creature would be no

Cooperating actively with the hook serpent’s swallowing motion, he contracted the range of the spirit
shield and slid down the serpent’s esophagus.

However, just as Jonathan prepared to strike from within the serpent’s stomach, he heard a loud but
muffled thud, followed by violent writhing movements.

Jonathan stared dumbfoundedly at the sticky esophagus outside his protective shield.

Why does it seem like this hook serpent has returned to the water again?

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