Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1167

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The Legendary Man -The Beast From The Pond

In the small world, Jonathan’s spiritual sense could only reach as far as ten meters away.

The extent of his spiritual sense applied only through the air without any obstruction.

Once he was in the water, the distance became shorter. In fact, his spiritual sense could only stretch to
a distance of two meters when it came into contact with mud.

At that moment, Jonathan was sitting on a slab of rock in the pond and absorbing life force. His spiritual
sense could only reach an area of no more than five meters away.

However, Jonathan was not anxious. After all, he was a God Realm cultivator, and his senses were
extremely sharp after all the training he had.

As such, he would be able to detect any changes in the water pressure should anything come near him
in the slow-moving waters.

Unfortunately, Jonathan was unable to detect the two globes of faint light that were approaching him.

Gradually, the two balls of light rose slowly from the bottom of the pond.

The creature finally revealed itself in the gentle light that was seeping through the water.

It turned out that they were not two balls of lights the size of basketballs. They were huge, round eyes.

Those gigantic eyes belonged to a massive demon beast with a body that resembled a snake. Both
sides of its face were filled with sharp spikes, and there was a fist-sized hump on top of its face.

Overall, the beast looked like a serpent except for the sides of its body. Dense hook-like feet more than
a meter long covered both sides of its body and made the creature look like a centipede.

At that moment, those long legs were moving slowly in the water. The body of the demon beast
stretched all the way from the front of Jonathan to the extreme depths of the pond.

It was impossible to tell how long the demon beast was!

The massive demon beast was swimming in the icy water and looking at Jonathan, who was only a few
meters away.

Jonathan was concentrating so hard on the coffin that he did not detect anything was wrong.

As time went by, he slowly felt that the life force entering his body was actually getting lesser.

He used his spiritual sense to scan his body and found that there was hardly any life force entering his

Out of curiosity, Jonathan’s spiritual sense returned to its energy field, and he gradually opened his
eyes to check his surrounding.

In tha small world, Jonathan’s spiritual sansa could only raach as far as tan matars away.

Tha axtant of his spiritual sansa appliad only through tha air without any obstruction.

Onca ha was in tha watar, tha distanca bacama shortar. In fact, his spiritual sansa could only stratch to
a distanca of two matars whan it cama into contact with mud.

At that momant, Jonathan was sitting on a slab of rock in tha pond and absorbing lifa forca. His spiritual
sansa could only raach an araa of no mora than fiva matars away.

Howavar, Jonathan was not anxious. Aftar all, ha was a God Raalm cultivator, and his sansas wara
axtramaly sharp aftar all tha training ha had.

As such, ha would ba abla to datact any changas in tha watar prassura should anything coma naar him
in tha slow-moving watars.

Unfortunataly, Jonathan was unabla to datact tha two globas of faint light that wara approaching him.

Gradually, tha two balls of light rosa slowly from tha bottom of tha pond.

Tha craatura finally ravaalad itsalf in tha gantla light that was saaping through tha watar.

It turnad out that thay wara not two balls of lights tha siza of baskatballs. Thay wara huga, round ayas.

Thosa gigantic ayas balongad to a massiva damon baast with a body that rasamblad a snaka. Both
sidas of its faca wara fillad with sharp spikas, and thara was a fist-sizad hump on top of its faca.

Ovarall, tha baast lookad lika a sarpant axcapt for tha sidas of its body. Dansa hook-lika faat mora than
a matar long covarad both sidas of its body and mada tha craatura look lika a cantipada.

At that momant, thosa long lags wara moving slowly in tha watar. Tha body of tha damon baast
stratchad all tha way from tha front of Jonathan to tha axtrama dapths of tha pond.

It was impossibla to tall how long tha damon baast was!

Tha massiva damon baast was swimming in tha icy watar and looking at Jonathan, who was only a faw
matars away.

Jonathan was concantrating so hard on tha coffin that ha did not datact anything was wrong.

As tima want by, ha slowly falt that tha lifa forca antaring his body was actually gatting lassar.

Ha usad his spiritual sansa to scan his body and found that thara was hardly any lifa forca antaring his

Out of curiosity, Jonathan’s spiritual sansa raturnad to its anargy fiald, and ha gradually opanad his
ayas to chack his surrounding.

Whatever was in front of Jonathan scared the daylight out of him, and his hair stood on end.


As Jonathan cursed, he gulped down a mouthful of the icy water.

Because of his shock, Jonathan had forgotten to hold his breath and nearly passed out.

At that moment, he dared not stay there any longer.

Jonathan gave a hard kick, and the rock that he was sitting on broke into pieces. He then shot toward
the surface of the water like a loosed arrow.

In order to absorb the life force of the water quickly, Jonathan had immersed himself at a depth of five
meters in the pond.

Even though his cultivation level had been suppressed in the small world, it would only take him a
second to get out of the pond.

However, just as Jonathan’s head popped out of the water, a dark shadow loomed above him.

That gigantic demon beast actually came charging at him from above rapidly.


After suffering the major blow, Jonathan swallowed a mouthful of water once again.

Jonathan was completely stunned. He was surrounded by countless razor-sharp legs that resembled
sickles and could only use the bronze handbell to protect himself.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The rustling of those creepy long legs could be heard.

Jonathan cowered within the golden spirit shield that was emitted by the bronze handbell and looked all
around him.

Outside the golden shield, dozens of sharp claws kept stabbing at the spirit shield that was protecting

Every stab would cause the bronze handbell to create a backlash for Jonathan.

Even for someone like Jonathan, who had no aversion to dense objects, seeing those long, lush legs
was enough to cause a chill to run down his spine.

Imagined being engulfed by a huge centipede. It would not be a pleasant experience even if the
creature had yet to hurt you.

Furthermore, the beast was now bringing Jonathan to the bottom of the pond.

Not knowing how deep the pond was, Jonathan widened his eyes in shock.

If I really am being taken to the deepest end of the pond, I might not come back up alive.

Even with the protection of the bronze handbell, every attack would still create a backlash for Jonathan.

Whatever was in front of Jonathan scared the daylight out of him, and his hair stood on end.

Although every blow of the beast was only equivalent to that of a Grandmaster Realm’s and unlikely to
cause Jonathan any injury, Jonathan wondered how long he would be able to put up with the relentless

Even Quintus would not be able to withstand such an ordeal.

I’m going all out!

There was a surge of spiritual energy within Jonathan, and the spiritual energy turned into scales and
covered his body quickly.

In less than three breaths, Jonathan had already transformed into a human dragon.

Just then, the demon beast had taken Jonathan into a vast space.

Jonathan looked up and realized that he could barely see the surface of the pond. In fact, it looked as if
it was about to disappear.

Without further hesitation, Jonathan recalled the bronze handbell.

In that instant, dozens of sharp legs came stabbing at his scales.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Those scales that were made using spiritual energy were naturally no match for the protection provided
by the bronze handbell.

If there were only one or two attacks, Jonathan would still have been able to fend them off with his own
Spirit Armor.

However, the attacks coming from the dozens of razor-sharp legs were more than what Jonathan’s
scales could withstand.

Soon, the scales shattered, and the sharp legs stabbed into Jonathan’s body. Bright red blood began to
flow out of his wounds.

Jonathan, on the other hand, was not bothered. With both hands gripping his sword tightly, he launched
toward the demon beast.

Other than the stench of his own blood, Jonathan also felt numb.

He might not know what the creature had done to him, but he suspected that he had been poisoned.

Jonathan slashed the beast in its stomach and caused a wound that was more than a meter long. He
then began to chop those long legs off him.

“Elemental Extrication Technique! Up!”

Following Jonathan’s technique, the water surrounding him began to spin quickly without warning.

A stream of water formed under his feet and brought him upward rapidly.

Jonathan did not expect the technique to come in handy in the small world.

Right behind him, the injured demon beast turned around and followed Jonathan’s trail of blood back to
the surface of the pond…

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