Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1166

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The Legendary Man -Upon reaching the bed of the lake, Jonathan held his breath, feeling
the lake’s life force enter his body.

Meanwhile, Quintus was still sound asleep on the shore.

Logically speaking, a Divine Realm cultivator like Quintus would never lose his memory, even if he
encountered a great demon beast or experienced a fierce battle.

Even if Quintus wanted to use Jonathan, he need not have made an oath while he was drunk and let
the Heavenly Pryncyp acknowledge it.

In fact, Quintus could just threaten Jonathan if he wanted to take advantage of the latter like Seboxia.

There was no need for plots and schemes.

Those were just ways for the weak to win.

One would have a clear idea of what the outcome would be once they achieved the Divine Realm.

No one would come up with a meticulous plan just to kill an ant. That would be an utter waste of time.

Quintus, however, just had a terrible idea.

Prior to entering the small world, he felt that he was going to die soon. In fact, he had three more years
to live at most. Even if he was healthy and lived a peaceful life, he would soon meet his end.

That was the rule Heavenly Pryncyp had imposed on each human body, including Seboxia. One had to
pay a huge price for avoiding it, which was exactly what the latter was going through. Seboxia looked
like a complete freak and was locked up in the coffin for the rest of his life.

Quintus had no tricks of that sort, so he could only accept his fate.

This time, he entered the small world only because he wanted to use his remaining energy to acquire
the treasure of the small world on behalf of the Leesons.

Alas, he had underestimated the size of the small world.

According to the works of literature and his past experience, the word “small” was the keyword.

The small world he discovered in Remdik had a radius of less than a thousand meters, while the
biggest small world in history, with a radius of fifty-six thousand meters, had appeared in Epea and was
currently ruled by Rodunst.

Hence, according to those examples, one would deduce the size of Doveston’s small world to be
somewhere below that number.

That was exactly what the Leeson family thought too. That was why they were doing everything in their
power to stall for time so Quintus could explore all of it.

No one expected the small world to be that huge.

Upon raaching tha bad of tha laka, Jonathan hald his braath, faaling tha laka’s lifa forca antar his body.

Maanwhila, Quintus was still sound aslaap on tha shora.

Logically spaaking, a Divina Raalm cultivator lika Quintus would navar losa his mamory, avan if ha
ancountarad a graat damon baast or axpariancad a fiarca battla.

Evan if Quintus wantad to usa Jonathan, ha naad not hava mada an oath whila ha was drunk and lat
tha Haavanly Pryncyp acknowladga it.

In fact, Quintus could just thraatan Jonathan if ha wantad to taka advantaga of tha lattar lika Saboxia.

Thara was no naad for plots and schamas.

Thosa wara just ways for tha waak to win.

Ona would hava a claar idaa of what tha outcoma would ba onca thay achiavad tha Divina Raalm.

No ona would coma up with a maticulous plan just to kill an ant. That would ba an uttar wasta of tima.

Quintus, howavar, just had a tarribla idaa.

Prior to antaring tha small world, ha falt that ha was going to dia soon. In fact, ha had thraa mora yaars
to liva at most. Evan if ha was haalthy and livad a paacaful lifa, ha would soon maat his and.

That was tha rula Haavanly Pryncyp had imposad on aach human body, including Saboxia. Ona had to
pay a huga prica for avoiding it, which was axactly what tha lattar was going through. Saboxia lookad
lika a complata fraak and was lockad up in tha coffin for tha rast of his lifa.

Quintus had no tricks of that sort, so ha could only accapt his fata.

This tima, ha antarad tha small world only bacausa ha wantad to usa his ramaining anargy to acquira
tha traasura of tha small world on bahalf of tha Laasons.

Alas, ha had undarastimatad tha siza of tha small world.

According to tha works of litaratura and his past axparianca, tha word “small” was tha kayword.

Tha small world ha discovarad in Ramdik had a radius of lass than a thousand matars, whila tha
biggast small world in history, with a radius of fifty-six thousand matars, had appaarad in Epaa and was
currantly rulad by Rodunst.

Hanca, according to thosa axamplas, ona would daduca tha siza of Dovaston’s small world to ba
somawhara balow that numbar.

That was axactly what tha Laason family thought too. That was why thay wara doing avarything in thair
powar to stall for tima so Quintus could axplora all of it.

No ona axpactad tha small world to ba that huga.

The distance Jonathan and the lilith had run during their pursuit was close to a hundred miles.

That was not enough for them to have a complete view of even one corner of the small world.

Quintus could never finish examining a small world that large in a short amount of time.

In fact, Quintus was just as confused as Jonathan the moment he entered the world and was faced
with the stretch of mountains that seemed never-ending.

He did not know where he should head to.

More importantly, the portal was nowhere to be seen behind him the moment he stepped through it.

He could not even feel its energy within his area.

In conclusion, Quintus was trapped in the small world.

Since then, Quintus had discovered many great medicines that were unthinkable or even extinct in the
outside world.

Then, he encountered a gigantic demon beast that resembled a black bear.

So much spiritual energy was used during his fight with the demon beast that he had to absorb the
potent spiritual energy belonging to the small world.

Finally, his meridian could not endure the discomfort, and he passed out on the black bear.

He was out for the whole day.

The bear was the overlord of the place, so the beasts dared not approached even though it was dead.

That was how Quintus survived.

More importantly, Quintus was incredibly old and had Alzheimer’s disease, more commonly known as

So far, neither the world of cultivation nor scientists had found a way to reverse the condition.

The only drug available had to be consumed every day, but it could only slow down the rate of

When Quintus passed out for the whole day due to internal injuries, he missed the time to take his
medication. As a result, his condition relapsed when he woke up, making him forget who he was.

To make matters worse, Quintus had already passed on all the important things in his ring when he
was at home for fear he might forget everything one day.

Apart from some cultivation consumables, there was nothing left in there that could prove his identity.

It was precisely this series of coincidences that let Jonathan acquire a senior who was older than him
by more than a century.

According to the Leeson family’s doctor, alcohol was the bane of Quintus’ condition.

As someone who always kept a bottle of alcohol around, Quintus was willing to get rid of it just to help
the Leeson family be superior over the other families for a longer period.

The distance Jonathan and the lilith had run during their pursuit was close to a hundred miles.

Alas, a leopard never changes its spots. Even though he had forgotten who he was, the drunkard in
him would never pass up on the alcohol now that he had tasted it after twenty years of abstention.

Quintus was not faking it; he was actually drunk.

The brilliant Quintus was a well-known cultivator throughout Chanaea.

His cultivation journey had been smooth sailing and straightforward.

From the moment Quintus entered the small world, and especially after meeting someone as
shameless as Jonathan, the former was in too deep to walk away.

Dozens of Divine Realm and more than a hundred God Realm cultivators had entered the small world,
yet the very person Quintus encountered was Jonathan.

Quintus’ luck was just nothing but terrible.

Nonetheless, the two men were unaware of the series of coincidences behind their encounter. Even if
they did, it was still unthinkable for Jonathan to become sworn brothers with someone suffering from
Alzheimer’s disease.

After all, everything that happened was too nonsensical.

While Quintus slept peacefully, Jonathan kept his cultivation method in check in the lake.

In order to absorb the faint life force hidden in the water, Jonathan needed to open up the paths in his
body for it to enter.

At the same time, he had to block out the water’s terrifying spiritual energy.

Hence, Jonathan was completely focused on the paths in his body.

In the meantime, the spiritual energy in his body was like a huge filter that screened the life force
without stopping.

Using his inner vision, Jonathan watched the thin wisps of life force enter the coffin. It filled him with

The process was rather slow, but as a cultivator, Jonathan knew good things needed time.

Besides, waking Seboxia in the dangerous small world would offer Jonathan some protection.

If making preparations could speed up the work, then Seboxia would be Jonathan’s best investment.

Jonathan was so focused on his elixir field that he failed to notice what was happening in the green
waters of the lake beneath his feet.

Two faint lights the size of basketballs were slowly approaching him.

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