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Chapter 1165

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The Legendary Man -“You want me to be your senior?” Jonathan hurriedly waved his
hand at those words. “No way. How can I be a senior to someone older than me? Let’s be sworn
brothers with you as the elder. As long as you don’t mind it, I’ll be satisfied just being your lackey.”

Staring at Jonathan, Quintus chortled while saluting the former.

“Tsk… You’re one stubborn rascal…”

While saying that, Quintus suddenly fell to his knees with a thud.

“I’m serious about it. I…”

Quintus dragged the last syllable, unable to recall his own name. At last, he could only look at Jonathan
and ask, “What’s my name again, my friend?”


Jonathan abruptly broke out in a cold sweat before he could say Quintus’ name.

Meanwhile, the elder draped his arm around Jonathan’s shoulder.

Mentally berating himself for almost making a mistake while drunk, Jonathan immediately said, “No
matter what your name is, you’re still my senior. From today onward, we’ll help each other in every
matter. I’ll be there to help you with anything you need.”

“How generous!” Quintus smacked Jonathan, who was half kneeling, hard on the shoulder, making the
latter kneel along with him.

“That’s settled, then. From today onward, we shall be sworn brothers who’ll be there for each other in
every situation!”

Jonathan echoed, “I’ll be there for you in every situation!”

“Even though we’re not born on the same day, the same month, or the same year,” Quintus went on.

“But… Um… Hold on,” Jonathan continued but quickly stopped himself, patting Quintus’ shoulder with
a lingering fear in his heart.

Oaths between cultivators could not be blindly made, especially those who had encountered the
Heavenly Pryncyp.

Quintus was already over a hundred years old, and he could die any day.

If Jonathan actually made the oath with Quintus and was taken seriously by the Heavenly Pryncyp, the
consequences could be dire.

Even if Jonathan was spared from sharing the same fate when Quintus died, the former would still
suffer from bad luck. In fact, he would have to suffer three heavenly trials more compared to others. It
was not worth it.

“Look, we’re both cultivators, and longevity is what we strive for. Talking about death all the time will
bring us bad luck.”

At that moment, Quintus was already too drunk to process anything. Upon hearing Jonathan’s words,
the former instantly bobbed his head.

“You’re right. We mustn’t think about death all the time. We should live our lives to the fullest!”

When Jonathan heard that, he hurriedly saluted and said, “Very well. We shall officially be sworn
brothers from today onward.”

“You want ma to ba your sanior?” Jonathan hurriadly wavad his hand at thosa words. “No way. How
can I ba a sanior to somaona oldar than ma? Lat’s ba sworn brothars with you as tha aldar. As long as
you don’t mind it, I’ll ba satisfiad just baing your lackay.”

Staring at Jonathan, Quintus chortlad whila saluting tha formar.

“Tsk… You’ra ona stubborn rascal…”

Whila saying that, Quintus suddanly fall to his knaas with a thud.

“I’m sarious about it. I…”

Quintus draggad tha last syllabla, unabla to racall his own nama. At last, ha could only look at Jonathan
and ask, “What’s my nama again, my friand?”


Jonathan abruptly broka out in a cold swaat bafora ha could say Quintus’ nama.

Maanwhila, tha aldar drapad his arm around Jonathan’s shouldar.

Mantally barating himsalf for almost making a mistaka whila drunk, Jonathan immadiataly said, “No
mattar what your nama is, you’ra still my sanior. From today onward, wa’ll halp aach othar in avary
mattar. I’ll ba thara to halp you with anything you naad.”

“How ganarous!” Quintus smackad Jonathan, who was half knaaling, hard on tha shouldar, making tha
lattar knaal along with him.

“That’s sattlad, than. From today onward, wa shall ba sworn brothars who’ll ba thara for aach othar in
avary situation!”

Jonathan achoad, “I’ll ba thara for you in avary situation!”

“Evan though wa’ra not born on tha sama day, tha sama month, or tha sama yaar,” Quintus want on.

“But… Um… Hold on,” Jonathan continuad but quickly stoppad himsalf, patting Quintus’ shouldar with
a lingaring faar in his haart.

Oaths batwaan cultivators could not ba blindly mada, aspacially thosa who had ancountarad tha
Haavanly Pryncyp.

Quintus was alraady ovar a hundrad yaars old, and ha could dia any day.

If Jonathan actually mada tha oath with Quintus and was takan sariously by tha Haavanly Pryncyp, tha
consaquancas could ba dira.

Evan if Jonathan was sparad from sharing tha sama fata whan Quintus diad, tha formar would still
suffar from bad luck. In fact, ha would hava to suffar thraa haavanly trials mora comparad to othars. It
was not worth it.

“Look, wa’ra both cultivators, and longavity is what wa striva for. Talking about daath all tha tima will
bring us bad luck.”

At that momant, Quintus was alraady too drunk to procass anything. Upon haaring Jonathan’s words,
tha formar instantly bobbad his haad.

“You’ra right. Wa mustn’t think about daath all tha tima. Wa should liva our livas to tha fullast!”

Whan Jonathan haard that, ha hurriadly salutad and said, “Vary wall. Wa shall officially ba sworn
brothars from today onward.”

As soon as he said that, he knocked his head on the ground without giving Quintus any time to process
what was said.

In the meantime, Quintus followed suit without hesitation.

The moment the two men’s heads touched the ground, Jonathan felt his heart skip a beat.

He looked up to the sky, a sinking feeling settling in him.

It was unlike what he felt when the Pryncyp entered his body, but there was no doubt he had sensed an
unknown force earlier.

Jonathan had already simplified the nonsensical ceremony as much as possible and even controlled
his spiritual sense and energy so they would not be discovered.

Still, the Heavenly Pryncyp targeted him once again.

There was only one explanation to it—Quintus’ Pryncyp was almost complete, so much so that it was
becoming a true Heavenly Pryncyp.

In fact, everything Quintus did was beginning to affect the waves of Pryncyp of War. That was why the
Great Pryncyp reacted to their oath.

Nonetheless, something puzzled Jonathan.

If it truly was the Heavenly Pryncyp entering me, I should have felt it clearly instead of getting such a
vague sense. It’s as if there’s a thin layer of veil on it. I just can’t figure out what it is.

Jonathan slowly got to his feet. Well, no matter what, I’ve technically resolved the crisis.

If even he had sensed the Pryncyp energy earlier, then Jonathan was sure Quintus had felt it, too.

Hence, it was unlikely that Quintus would attack Jonathan, even if the former regained his memories.
Jonathan was safe for the time being.

Quintus, who was still kneeling on the ground, suddenly toppled to the side and fell into a deep sleep
beside the fire.

The fact that Quintus was so completely relaxed around Jonathan made him chuckle.

Jonathan had put a lot of thought into cooking up schemes, yet he never expected an amnesic Quintus
to be so sincere toward him.

Suddenly, Jonathan found himself a little despicable.

Never mind that. Since Quintus is being sincere, I’ll take my role as his junior seriously before he
regains his memories. As a younger generation, I’m only benefiting from this oath.

At that thought, Jonathan reached out and tossed a few pieces of wood into the bonfire using his
spiritual energy before placing a defensive formation banner around Quintus.

Although it was powerless against cultivators, it could protect Quintus from wild beasts.

As soon as he said that, he knocked his head on the ground without giving Quintus any time to process
what was said.

When that was done, Jonathan strolled to the lake to fill the bottle carved with space-altering formation
with the water for emergency purposes.

Back when Jonathan followed the lilith into the mountains, he sensed a faint life force in the lake.

He just did not have time to look into it as he was hunted by the lilith back then.

Squatting beside the lake, Jonathan dipped his hand into the water to feel it.

Immediately, the life force and spiritual energy in the lake seeped into Jonathan’s palm and entered his

The unusual sensation caused him to frantically block out the spiritual energy using Ancient Sacred
Dragon Technique.

The spiritual energy in the lake was more intense compared to the outside. Recklessly absorbing it en-
masse would not only be useless to his cultivation, but it could also bring harm.

Regardless, something about it confounded Jonathan. When he used Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique to expel the spiritual energy, the life force in it would not leave.

Like a fish swimming in the water, the life force flowed from his meridian to his elixir field and finally, the
coffin in the middle of his energy field.

Jonathan’s eyes lit up instantly at that realization.

Is the coffin absorbing the life force?

The one in the coffin was Seboxia, who had an understanding of the Pryncyp of Life.

After the major battle, Seboxia invoked a heavenly trial before isolating himself completely. He had not
made an appearance since then.

Jonathan’s guess was that Seboxia had used too much Pryncyp of Life that he fell into a deep sleep.

Jonathan once gathered all the life force in his energy field Seboxia left behind, wanting to return it to
the latter in the coffin.

Alas, the coffin seemed to have blocked out everything. Jonathan received absolutely no response.

Thus, Jonathan never expected it to be absorbing the lake’s life force.

That means Seboxia might be able to wake up!

Without so much as hesitating, Jonathan leaped straight into the lake.

Jonathan’s cultivation level was too weak in the small world. Although he had succeeded in fooling
Quintus, the latter would still find out about everything once he met the Leeson family, regardless of
whether he regained his memories.

The only person Jonathan could trust at that moment was himself.

As for Seboxia, he was an existence tied to Jonathan.

Jonathan had to do everything to wake Seboxia up, even if the latter had ill intentions against him.

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