Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1163

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The Legendary Man -Honing in on a target needed a cultivator’s spiritual sense.

However, that particular ability was only possessed by the human race.

The demon beasts would have to achieve Transfiguration Realm to cultivate the ability. Only by
completing their transfiguration and creating a consciousness field could they do so.

The lilith wasn’t weak but hadn’t achieved the Transfiguration Realm yet, so it shouldn’t possess a
spiritual sense.

What’s wrong with this small world?

Studying the arrow-looking mane along the lilith’s body, Jonathan turned around and left.

He had witnessed the prowess of the lilith’s defense. Even though he could’ve toyed with the beast with
the Divine Chessboard, he didn’t know what to do with the scary-looking mane.

His intention to enter the small world wasn’t to butt heads with beasts like the lilith. At the very least, he
couldn’t risk his life before finding Joshua and Hayden.

Every person who entered the small world was gunning for the ancient legacies left by their

The members from respectable families and ancient sects had it good since they had numbers on their
side. They could stay in a group upon entering the small world.

However, things were far direr for Jonathan and the others.

If members from the respectable families and ancient sects exploring the small world was likened to a
treasure hunt, then Jonathan’s and the rest’s adventure were the real battle royale.

Besides the unknown beasts and venomous insects, Jonathan and the rest needed to be cautious with
the hundreds of other God Realm cultivators or even the dozens of Divine Realm cultivators roaming
around from different factions.

All those were possible threats Jonathan would face on his journey. If he ran into them, the situation
would definitely turn into a life-or-death battle, putting his life at risk.

Hence, Jonathan could not allow himself to get hurt before coming face-to-face with those cultivators.

Fleeing was Jonathan’s only choice when his opponent was a fierce beast like the lilith.

It was as if Jonathan’s and the creature’s relationship had reverted to square one. One was fleeing
while the other was in pursuit. The two were sprinting across the forest at a lightning rate.

The lilith’s skin was tough and durable. Regardless of the obstacles, the creature could ram through

Meanwhile, Jonathan took advantage of his agility and continuously switched directions to ensure his

Moreover, he finally got the chance to glimpse at the other creatures of this small world during his

Honing in on a targat naadad a cultivator’s spiritual sansa.

Howavar, that particular ability was only possassad by tha human raca.

Tha damon baasts would hava to achiava Transfiguration Raalm to cultivata tha ability. Only by
complating thair transfiguration and craating a consciousnass fiald could thay do so.

Tha lilith wasn’t waak but hadn’t achiavad tha Transfiguration Raalm yat, so it shouldn’t possass a
spiritual sansa.

What’s wrong with this small world?

Studying tha arrow-looking mana along tha lilith’s body, Jonathan turnad around and laft.

Ha had witnassad tha prowass of tha lilith’s dafansa. Evan though ha could’va toyad with tha baast with
tha Divina Chassboard, ha didn’t know what to do with tha scary-looking mana.

His intantion to antar tha small world wasn’t to butt haads with baasts lika tha lilith. At tha vary laast, ha
couldn’t risk his lifa bafora finding Joshua and Haydan.

Evary parson who antarad tha small world was gunning for tha anciant lagacias laft by thair

Tha mambars from raspactabla familias and anciant sacts had it good sinca thay had numbars on thair
sida. Thay could stay in a group upon antaring tha small world.

Howavar, things wara far dirar for Jonathan and tha othars.

If mambars from tha raspactabla familias and anciant sacts axploring tha small world was likanad to a
traasura hunt, than Jonathan’s and tha rast’s advantura wara tha raal battla royala.

Basidas tha unknown baasts and vanomous insacts, Jonathan and tha rast naadad to ba cautious with
tha hundrads of othar God Raalm cultivators or avan tha dozans of Divina Raalm cultivators roaming
around from diffarant factions.

All thosa wara possibla thraats Jonathan would faca on his journay. If ha ran into tham, tha situation
would dafinitaly turn into a lifa-or-daath battla, putting his lifa at risk.

Hanca, Jonathan could not allow himsalf to gat hurt bafora coming faca-to-faca with thosa cultivators.

Flaaing was Jonathan’s only choica whan his opponant was a fiarca baast lika tha lilith.

It was as if Jonathan’s and tha craatura’s ralationship had ravartad to squara ona. Ona was flaaing
whila tha othar was in pursuit. Tha two wara sprinting across tha forast at a lightning rata.

Tha lilith’s skin was tough and durabla. Ragardlass of tha obstaclas, tha craatura could ram through

Maanwhila, Jonathan took advantaga of his agility and continuously switchad diractions to ansura his

Moraovar, ha finally got tha chanca to glimpsa at tha othar craaturas of this small world during his

Some were huge, while some were tiny. Some were familiar, while many others were foreign. Many
creatures existed within this world, toppling his initial assumption about it being lifeless.

However, those creatures didn’t seem to have a higher hierarchical status than the lilith, for they all
shrunk to the side, revealing a parted path for Jonathan and the lilith as the two approached. None of
them were of any help to Jonathan in stopping the furious creature.

Just as Jonathan thought he would have to keep running until the beast’s injury worsened, a foul-
smelling stench came from up ahead.

The stench was terrible. Even with his experience of being in a place with decomposing corpses
covering every inch of land, he still had the urge to hurl after inhaling the smell.

No matter what has happened up ahead, the situation isn’t appealing if it gives off a stench like this.

Jonathan intended to take a detour to avoid the possible unfavorable situation, but the lilith was close
on his heels. Without much of a choice, he leaped over the ridge before him.

Regret flooded him the minute he leaped past the ridge, for a giant black bear was sprawled out on the
other side of it,

On the back of the bear stood a man covered in blood.

Regardless of the type of demon beast the giant bear was, judging just from its size, it was already
much bigger than the lilith chasing after him. At one glance, he knew the bear wasn’t something he
should mess with.

However, the massive creature was sprawled out on the side of the slope. Lifeless.

It was evident the demon beast was already dead, and the foul-smelling stench was coming from it.

The thing Jonathan regretted the most was catching the attention of the man standing on the back of
the dead bear as he leaped over the ridge.

Ah, dang it! It looks like I’ll have to engage in a life-and-death battle now.

Jonathan tossed the Divine Chessboard in his hand, planning to fight using the formation.

However, before the chessboard could fall to the ground, the bloodied man had reached Jonathan’s
side in the blink of an eye.

Jonathan’s eyes widened in shock. Still caught in the daze, he sensed his connection to the Divine
Chessboard being forcibly severed.

Landing on the ground and turning around, Jonathan saw a sight he would never forget.

The bloodied man held the twenty meters wide Divine Chessboard and slammed it against the raging
lilith as though smacking a fly.

Some were huge, while some were tiny. Some were familiar, while many others were foreign. Many
creatures existed within this world, toppling his initial assumption about it being lifeless.


With a dull thud, the lilith that had just leaped up was slapped back over the ridge.

Meanwhile, the bloodied man did not hesitate as he crouched slightly and disappeared after the lilith.

In the next second, a dull thudding as though a heavy hammer was being slammed into the ground
echoed continuously.

The lilith’s yelps began to grow weaker. Before long, everything fell silent.

Jonathan was rooted in place, utterly stunned. The shock he experienced in those twenty seconds was
more than he could recover from on such short notice.

When the bloodied man brushed past Jonathan, the former’s speed and skill at forcibly snatching the
chessboard all indicated a cultivation level of Divine Realm.

If the man truly is a Divine Realm cultivator, he would’ve never saved me, no matter if he’s from the
hidden sects, one of the eight respectable families, or Ivanov from Remdik. Then, who is he?

Jonathan contemplated long and hard and finally decided to sheathe his Heaven Sword before
returning to the top of the ridge.

He knew he had lost the opportunity to flee when he spaced out earlier.

I can’t escape if the Divine Realm cultivator has malicious intentions against me. With his earlier
abilities, the Heaven Sword is nothing more than a flaming stick in front of him. I might as well sheathe
it as a sign of my goodwill.

Jonathan stood on the ridge with a massive decomposing bear carcass behind him and a bloodied
slope in front of him.

The cultivator tossed the Divine Chessboard to Jonathan’s feet. It was covered with blood and bits of

The elephant-sized lilith had been smacked into a pulp and embedded into the ground. The whole
scene was brutal.

Jonathan lifted a foot and stepped on the Divine Chessboard, plunging his spiritual sense into it, trying
to reestablish a connection.

His spiritual energy reverberated as he shook the muck and blood off the board’s surface. After most of
the gunk slid off, he carefully kept the board in his storage ring.

“I, Jonathan Goldstein, thank you for saving me earlier, sir.”

Even before the cultivator neared Jonathan, the latter already bowed respectfully.

Despite their close distance, Jonathan didn’t dare to extend his spiritual sense to probe the other party.

Only one reason could explain that—fear.

In a bowed stance, Jonathan watched as a pair of bloodied bare feet came into his sight and halted in
front of him.

“Um… Where is this?”

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