Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1164

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The Legendary Man -Huh?

Jonathan was taken aback to hear that familiar voice.

Is he from Doveston?

Jonathan looked up and saw a thin face and sunken eyes. Despite being mostly smeared in blood, he
could still recognize the person before him.

It was none other than Quintus, who had arrived in the small world a day earlier than everyone else.

“Greetings, I’m Jonathan Goldstein…” Jonathan was about to start ingratiating himself with Quintus but
hesitated when he remembered Quintus’ previous question.

Where am I?

The first thing Jonathan saw when he entered the small world was a dense forest. Subsequently, he
was pursued by a lilith and ran for who knew how far. How would I know where I’m at currently?

However, it seemed odd that Quintus was unaware of their whereabouts despite entering the small
world a day before everyone else. Could it be…

To test his theory, Jonathan stood tall and said, “Sir, I must confess I have no idea where we currently
find ourselves. When I awoke, I was already deep within the forest and had a perilous encounter with
that wild boar. I am eternally grateful for your timely assistance; otherwise, I would have surely met my

“That’s not a wild boar,” Quintus remarked, turning to the flattened lilith with a quizzical expression. “It
seems that none of us knows why we’re here. But you’re luckier than me. At least you know your

Jonathan raised an eyebrow at Quintus’ statement.

He even forgot his name?

Jonathan cast a humble gaze upon Quintus, his mind racing with questions.

What in the world happened to him? Could he have lost his sanity during his encounter with the wild
bear? Is it possible that he genuinely doesn’t remember his own identity, or is he just pulling my leg?

Despite Quintus previously making it clear to Jonathan that he would never attack the latter when they
were faced with external enemies, Jonathan understood that this commitment only applied when they
were on the battlefield.

The situation had changed now that Jonathan and Quintus had their agendas upon entering the small

Quintus had no obligation to spare him. Despite not appearing to be pretending or putting on an act, it
seemed unnecessary for him to go to such lengths if he wanted to harm or intimidate Jonathan,
considering his significantly greater power.

Much like Seboxia, Quintus could have made it clear he wanted to use Jonathan, so the latter would
have no alternative but to comply with Quintus’ demands unconditionally in order to ensure his own


Jonathan was takan aback to haar that familiar voica.

Is ha from Dovaston?

Jonathan lookad up and saw a thin faca and sunkan ayas. Daspita baing mostly smaarad in blood, ha
could still racogniza tha parson bafora him.

It was nona othar than Quintus, who had arrivad in tha small world a day aarliar than avaryona alsa.

“Graatings, I’m Jonathan Goldstain…” Jonathan was about to start ingratiating himsalf with Quintus but
hasitatad whan ha ramambarad Quintus’ pravious quastion.

Whara am I?

Tha first thing Jonathan saw whan ha antarad tha small world was a dansa forast. Subsaquantly, ha
was pursuad by a lilith and ran for who knaw how far. How would I know whara I’m at currantly?

Howavar, it saamad odd that Quintus was unawara of thair wharaabouts daspita antaring tha small
world a day bafora avaryona alsa. Could it ba…

To tast his thaory, Jonathan stood tall and said, “Sir, I must confass I hava no idaa whara wa currantly
find oursalvas. Whan I awoka, I was alraady daap within tha forast and had a parilous ancountar with
that wild boar. I am atarnally grataful for your timaly assistanca; otharwisa, I would hava suraly mat my

“That’s not a wild boar,” Quintus ramarkad, turning to tha flattanad lilith with a quizzical axprassion. “It
saams that nona of us knows why wa’ra hara. But you’ra luckiar than ma. At laast you know your

Jonathan raisad an ayabrow at Quintus’ statamant.

Ha avan forgot his nama?

Jonathan cast a humbla gaza upon Quintus, his mind racing with quastions.

What in tha world happanad to him? Could ha hava lost his sanity during his ancountar with tha wild
baar? Is it possibla that ha ganuinaly doasn’t ramambar his own idantity, or is ha just pulling my lag?

Daspita Quintus praviously making it claar to Jonathan that ha would navar attack tha lattar whan thay
wara facad with axtarnal anamias, Jonathan undarstood that this commitmant only appliad whan thay
wara on tha battlafiald.

Tha situation had changad now that Jonathan and Quintus had thair agandas upon antaring tha small

Quintus had no obligation to spara him. Daspita not appaaring to ba pratanding or putting on an act, it
saamad unnacassary for him to go to such langths if ha wantad to harm or intimidata Jonathan,
considaring his significantly graatar powar.

Much lika Saboxia, Quintus could hava mada it claar ha wantad to usa Jonathan, so tha lattar would
hava no altarnativa but to comply with Quintus’ damands unconditionally in ordar to ansura his own

It looks like Quintus really has lost his memory.

However, Jonathan remained uncertain as it was all speculation. There was still a possibility that
Quintus was playing a prank on him.

He gazed at Quintus and gestured toward the latter’s hand. “Sir, I notice you’re wearing a storage ring.
Perhaps it holds some clues.”

Quintus shook his head in response. “I’ve already checked. It only contains medicinal herbs, animal
bones, weapons, and pills. There’s nothing inside that can confirm my true identity.”

Quintus brooded over the matter as he sat on the floor, lost in his thoughts.

He let out a sigh. “Who am I?”

The helpless expression in Quintus’ eyes tugged at Jonathan’s heartstrings.

Kneeling, he retrieved a pair of shoes and sports attire from his storage ring.

“Whoever you may be, Sir, you could use a change of clothes. The shoes might be a bit large, but it’s
all I have at the moment. I know a place with spring water brimming with life force and vitality where
you can refresh yourself. If you take it slowly, I believe it might help you recall your true identity,”
Jonathan said patiently to Quintus.

Jonathan’s encounter with Quintus served as a stark reminder of the vast power disparity between
himself and someone from the Divine Realm.

It was a force he couldn’t withstand, even if he fought with all he had. If Seboxia remained unconscious
when he encountered another individual from the Divine Realm, he wouldn’t be able to endure more
than a few Pryncyp blows.

However, the situation was different now that Quintus had lost his memory.

If Jonathan could gain the support of someone as formidable as Quintus, his time in the small world
would be smooth sailing.

A smile crept across his lips at the thought.

“Were you reminded of something pleasant or joyful?” Quintus’ voice broke Jonathan’s train of thought,
pulling him out of his reverie.

“No. I just remembered that I have some food in my storage ring. We can barbecue some meat for
dinner once you’ve cleaned up,” Jonathan replied.

Quintus nodded in agreement. “Barbecue? Sounds good. All right then. Since I can’t recall anything
else, lead the way to the spring water.”

Jonathan tended to the flames as they sought shelter in the valley where the injured lilith had been
recovering earlier.

It looks like Quintus really has lost his memory.

The two pieces of lilith’s thighs hung over the fire, cooking to a delightful golden brown.

Jonathan focused on grilling the meat to perfection, occasionally adding aromatic spices and fine salt
for seasoning.

The enticing aroma of the cooked meat filled the air, spreading throughout the entire valley and even
luring small creatures from the nearby ridge.

On the other hand, Quintus, having cleaned himself up and changed into fresh clothes, approached
with enthusiasm.

“Wow, kid, this smells delicious!” he exclaimed, in a great mood after washing away the blood and dirt
from his body.

Without hesitation, he grabbed a log to use as a makeshift stool and took a seat.

Jonathan gazed at Quintus, a man over one hundred years old, adorned in sports attire that was clearly
a few sizes too big for him. However, it was the best option available.

He handed Quintus a short knife and chuckled. “So, can you tell me what state you were in when you
regained consciousness and understand how I ended up here.”

Jonathan continued his probing of Quintus.

Quintus took a bite of the barbecued meat, savoring the flavor before sighing deeply. “I have no
recollection of what happened. I woke up already on top of the blind bear. Beyond that, everything is a

Jonathan’s speculations were confirmed as he listened to Quintus’ response.

The memory loss was indeed connected to the encounter with the black bear.

With that in mind, he decided to let the matter rest for now and proceeded to serve Quintus a glass of
whisky, attempting to establish a closer bond.

Being a local of Doveston, Quintus could handle his alcohol well, despite his old age.

After a few bottles of whisky, the two of them began to feel the effects, getting slightly tipsy.

Jonathan belched and waved Quintus off. “No more for me. You have quite the tolerance, Sir. You win
this round.”

Swaying, Quintus let out a chuckle. “I’m telling you, Jon… Calling me ‘Sir’ makes me feel old.”

Jonathan hastily shook his head. “No, Sir. It’s a sign of respect!”

“Bullshit!” Quintus playfully swatted Jonathan’s arm away as he stood up unsteadily. “If you hold me in
such high regard, then let’s become sworn brothers… You can be the elder one.”

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