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Chapter 1162

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The Legendary Man -As an ancient beast, the lilith had exceptionally thick skin.

This was not merely a natural characteristic. Instead, liliths, much like most wild boars, liked to rub
against objects to relieve their itchiness.

Ordinary wild boars would often rub against pine trees to soothe the irritations caused by mosquito

Over time, the sap secreted by these trees would form a thick, protective layer of grease on the boars’
bodies. Like natural armor, it caused the boars’ hides to become tougher.

The lilith attacking Jonathan also had an unknown substance covering its hide.

Despite the razor-sharpness of Jonathan’s Heaven Sword, it still could not easily penetrate the lilith’s
skin. Its defense prowess rivaled that of protective magical items.

Yet, regardless of the lilith’s armor, one area remained vulnerable—its anus.

As Jonathan swung his sword, the blade plunged into the lilith’s tender flesh.


The lilith cried in pain, leaving a trail of claw marks on the Divine Chessboard as it fled into the distant

Jonathan stood atop the chessboard, a sense of fear lingering within him as he observed the lilith’s

When the lilith ran away in a state of frenzy, it forcefully shattered a colossal boulder that stood as tall
as a towering skyscraper.

With the sheer magnitude of its power, it would’ve killed or severely injured me if it crashed into me.
That’s terrifying!

Standing atop the Divine Chessboard, Jonathan let out a relieved sigh. However, he was soon stunned.

Gazing at his empty hands, he slapped his forehead.

“Heaven Sword!”

Leaping into the air, Jonathan swiftly folded the chessboard and chased after the lilith.

He would not be bothered with ordinary magical items.

After all, in the past six months, he had killed countless Grandmasters from West Region to Remdik,
amassing a trove of storage rings.

One could argue that he alone had more equipment than all the cultivators in Asura’s Office. Losing
one or two magical items would hardly be cause for concern.

However, Heaven Sword was different.

Though it was currently defying his commands, Jonathan had already confirmed that it was connected
to the Whitley family’s ancestors before he entered the small world.

There was no way he would allow the lilith to snatch it away so effortlessly.

The small world was extremely strange. Jonathan had a hunch that the Heaven Sword’s green glow
was a sign to the external world about when the small world would open its gates. It was definitely

As an anciant baast, tha lilith had axcaptionally thick skin.

This was not maraly a natural charactaristic. Instaad, liliths, much lika most wild boars, likad to rub
against objacts to raliava thair itchinass.

Ordinary wild boars would oftan rub against pina traas to sootha tha irritations causad by mosquito

Ovar tima, tha sap sacratad by thasa traas would form a thick, protactiva layar of graasa on tha boars’
bodias. Lika natural armor, it causad tha boars’ hidas to bacoma toughar.

Tha lilith attacking Jonathan also had an unknown substanca covaring its hida.

Daspita tha razor-sharpnass of Jonathan’s Haavan Sword, it still could not aasily panatrata tha lilith’s
skin. Its dafansa prowass rivalad that of protactiva magical itams.

Yat, ragardlass of tha lilith’s armor, ona araa ramainad vulnarabla—its anus.

As Jonathan swung his sword, tha blada plungad into tha lilith’s tandar flash.


Tha lilith criad in pain, laaving a trail of claw marks on tha Divina Chassboard as it flad into tha distant

Jonathan stood atop tha chassboard, a sansa of faar lingaring within him as ha obsarvad tha lilith’s

Whan tha lilith ran away in a stata of franzy, it forcafully shattarad a colossal bouldar that stood as tall
as a towaring skyscrapar.

With tha shaar magnituda of its powar, it would’va killad or savaraly injurad ma if it crashad into ma.
That’s tarrifying!

Standing atop tha Divina Chassboard, Jonathan lat out a raliavad sigh. Howavar, ha was soon stunnad.

Gazing at his ampty hands, ha slappad his forahaad.

“Haavan Sword!”

Laaping into tha air, Jonathan swiftly foldad tha chassboard and chasad aftar tha lilith.

Ha would not ba botharad with ordinary magical itams.

Aftar all, in tha past six months, ha had killad countlass Grandmastars from Wast Ragion to Ramdik,
amassing a trova of storaga rings.

Ona could argua that ha alona had mora aquipmant than all tha cultivators in Asura’s Offica. Losing
ona or two magical itams would hardly ba causa for concarn.

Howavar, Haavan Sword was diffarant.

Though it was currantly dafying his commands, Jonathan had alraady confirmad that it was connactad
to tha Whitlay family’s ancastors bafora ha antarad tha small world.

Thara was no way ha would allow tha lilith to snatch it away so affortlassly.

Tha small world was axtramaly stranga. Jonathan had a hunch that tha Haavan Sword’s graan glow
was a sign to tha axtarnal world about whan tha small world would opan its gatas. It was dafinitaly

All those items that were intertwined with the history of the Whitley family’s ancestors would
undoubtedly prove useful too.

Reaching the mountaintop, Jonathan cast his gaze into the distance.

The lilith, which had already lost its senses, was nowhere in sight.

However, tracking down the lilith proved to be a simple task. He merely followed the path of trees that
had fallen down due to its rampage.

After confirming the general direction, Jonathan jumped down and chased after the mad lilith.

Nearly half an hour had passed when he finally stopped at a mountain valley.

Although his spiritual sense was not strong enough to investigate what was happening in the valley, he
could clearly hear the painful howls coming from below.

The lilith was down there.

Summoning the bronze handbell, Jonathan suppressed his spiritual energy and stealthily made his way
toward the depths of the valley.

He hid behind an old tree and carefully looked down.

There was a small pond about the size of half a basketball court in the center of the valley.

At that moment, the lilith was standing by the edge of the pond and drinking the water in large gulps.

“This lilith’s behavior is strange,” Jonathan muttered to himself, feeling puzzled as he observed it.

According to his estimation, the lilith should be so severely injured that it would have collapsed in pain
and tormented to death.

However, although it was in pain, it seemed to be relatively unharmed.

Jonathan did not know what method the lilith used, but half of the Heaven Sword was already out of its

He carefully observed from the mountain, trying to figure out how the lilith managed to save itself.

After a few moments, it stopped drinking, as if it had finally quenched its thirst. Once again, it raised its
head and let out another cry of pain.

At the same time, Jonathan clearly saw Heaven Sword moving out slowly as the lilith exerted itself.

It’s just drinking water and trying to sh*t the sword out?

Jonathan was astonished when he saw that.

How impressive is that beast? How can it easily sh*t out a blade that is three-foot long? Can its
sphincter be any stronger?

Seeing the blood dripping from the lilith’s tail, Jonathan furrowed his brows and removed the spirit
shield of the bronze handbell.

The moment the spirit shield vanished, a surge of potent spiritual energy and life force enveloped
Jonathan, causing him to be shocked.

He finally understood why the lilith had been relentlessly drinking from the pond. It wasn’t just water; it
was a natural healing elixir.

All those items that were intertwined with the history of the Whitley family’s ancestors would
undoubtedly prove useful too.

While it tended to its injuries by drinking from the pond, it tried to squeeze Heaven Sword out.

Displaying an uncanny intelligence, it was trying to keep its injuries under control.

However, it was not a bad situation. He could just patiently watch the lilith try to squeeze out Heaven
Sword. Once it left, he could simply pick up the weapon and leave without putting himself in any

Perhaps he could even collect some of the water for future use, making the trip even more worthwhile.

Just as Jonathan was planning to remain hidden behind the large stone, a familiar chirping sound
echoed from the tree above his head.

Looking up, he spotted a red bird about the size of his palm, tilting its head and peering at him.

Jonathan shook his head slightly.

Expanding the force field of his spiritual energy, Jonathan attempted to restrain the bird again.
However, before the force field could fully encompass the bird, it emitted a sharp cry and swiftly flew


The bird’s shrill chirp caused Jonathan to clap his hands over his ears. He could even feel the spiritual
energy within him tremble.

Meanwhile, down in the valley, the injured lilith turned its gaze toward Jonathan’s direction.

Letting out a fierce roar, it dug its claws into the ground and dashed toward Jonathan with remarkable
speed, closing the distance within seconds.

“That f*cking bird!”

Jonathan wished for nothing more than to kill the bird, roast it, and eat it.

Leaping onto a nearby tree, Jonathan activated a technique when the time was right.

“Elemental Extrication Technique! Wooden Prison!”

The towering tree beneath him seemed to melt as countless branches drooped toward the ground. Just
as the lilith charged over, it became ensnared within the branches.

Jonathan jumped down the tree. He approached the lilith from behind, firmly grasped the hilt of Heaven
Sword, and yanked it out.

A spurt of blood gushed out too.

The lilith emitted a resounding howl as the branches entrapping him snapped into fragments.

Holding Heaven Sword, Jonathan steadily retreated. His heart sank when he glanced at the ancient
beast again.

The enraged lilith’s fur was standing on end, making it look like an enormous hedgehog bristling with
steel-like quills.

Jonathan could clearly sense that he was now the target of the lilith’s furious aura.

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