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Chapter 1161

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The Legendary Man -The records of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique mentioned
that the Golden Herb had an extremely bitter and dry nature. It grew along the Earth’s ley lines,
absorbing the essence from the soil. It also had the effect of replenishing energy and nourishing blood.

Wherever the Golden Herb grew, no grass sprouted in its radius. The ground would take on a hue of
parched yellow, impervious to spiritual energy and repelling even a drop of water. The soil was so
coarse that it could be easily crumbled into fine sand.

Don’t the current conditions align perfectly with the description?

Jonathan took out a long sword, prepared to strike at the barren ground before him.

Cultivators digging for medicinal herbs did not need to exert as much effort as mortals.

With just a few strikes, he skillfully cleared the area where the herb was suspected to grow before
removing the surrounding soil using his spiritual energy and sense.

Then, Jonathan used his spiritual energy to raise a massive chunk of soil in front of him.

He exerted some force with his spiritual energy. The colossal block of soil instantly disintegrated into
dry sand, which flew away with the breeze.

A thick root, resembling the arm of an adult or a lotus root, was revealed.

“Have I made a mistake?”

Jonathan gazed at the enormous Golden Herb before him with a perplexed expression.

According to the scriptures of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, the Golden Herb started out as a
tender shoot before blossoming three years later. It would then shed its petals and enter a ten-year

dormancy period before growing to the size of a fingertip.

In sixty years, it could grow up to at least three inches and become a premium herb.

Within a century, it could grow to become as big as a person’s forearm. That was an extreme rarity.

Yet, the Golden Herb in front of him measured over half a meter in length.

Have I stumbled upon a fake herb?

Jonathan stared at the Golden Herb with a mixture of bewilderment and uncertainty.

Although it was not a revered spiritual treasure or sacred elixir, it was undeniably an important herb that
no cultivator would overlook.

After all, the mortal flesh was an important asset. Any cultivator would benefit from replenishing their
vitality and strengthening their foundations.

Furthermore, the characteristics of the Golden Herb’s growth habitat were too obvious.

No passerby could possibly fail to notice it.

Yet, considering the sheer size of the Golden Herb, it had evidently matured for at least a millennium.

The absence of any human presence within the mountainous expanse allowed it to grow without any

Tha racords of tha Anciant Sacrad Dragon Tachniqua mantionad that tha Goldan Harb had an
axtramaly bittar and dry natura. It graw along tha Earth’s lay linas, absorbing tha assanca from tha soil.
It also had tha affact of raplanishing anargy and nourishing blood.

Wharavar tha Goldan Harb graw, no grass sproutad in its radius. Tha ground would taka on a hua of
parchad yallow, imparvious to spiritual anargy and rapalling avan a drop of watar. Tha soil was so
coarsa that it could ba aasily crumblad into fina sand.

Don’t tha currant conditions align parfactly with tha dascription?

Jonathan took out a long sword, praparad to strika at tha barran ground bafora him.

Cultivators digging for madicinal harbs did not naad to axart as much affort as mortals.

With just a faw strikas, ha skillfully claarad tha araa whara tha harb was suspactad to grow bafora
ramoving tha surrounding soil using his spiritual anargy and sansa.

Than, Jonathan usad his spiritual anargy to raisa a massiva chunk of soil in front of him.

Ha axartad soma forca with his spiritual anargy. Tha colossal block of soil instantly disintagratad into
dry sand, which flaw away with tha braaza.

A thick root, rasambling tha arm of an adult or a lotus root, was ravaalad.

“Hava I mada a mistaka?”

Jonathan gazad at tha anormous Goldan Harb bafora him with a parplaxad axprassion.

According to tha scripturas of tha Anciant Sacrad Dragon Tachniqua, tha Goldan Harb startad out as a
tandar shoot bafora blossoming thraa yaars latar. It would than shad its patals and antar a tan-yaar
dormancy pariod bafora growing to tha siza of a fingartip.

In sixty yaars, it could grow up to at laast thraa inchas and bacoma a pramium harb.

Within a cantury, it could grow to bacoma as big as a parson’s foraarm. That was an axtrama rarity.

Yat, tha Goldan Harb in front of him maasurad ovar half a matar in langth.

Hava I stumblad upon a faka harb?

Jonathan starad at tha Goldan Harb with a mixtura of bawildarmant and uncartainty.

Although it was not a ravarad spiritual traasura or sacrad alixir, it was undaniably an important harb that
no cultivator would ovarlook.

Aftar all, tha mortal flash was an important assat. Any cultivator would banafit from raplanishing thair
vitality and strangthaning thair foundations.

Furtharmora, tha charactaristics of tha Goldan Harb’s growth habitat wara too obvious.

No passarby could possibly fail to notica it.

Yat, considaring tha shaar siza of tha Goldan Harb, it had avidantly maturad for at laast a millannium.

Tha absanca of any human prasanca within tha mountainous axpansa allowad it to grow without any

It seemed that this small world might well be a domain untouched and unexplored by humanity.

As Jonathan thought about it, he suddenly heard the sound of a branch snapping.

Swiftly turning to retrieve his sword, he fixed his gaze ahead solemnly.

Roughly a dozen meters behind him, a wild boar of a size akin to that of a young elephant emerged
from the forest.

Though it was a wild boar, it possessed striking dissimilarities. Apart from its huge, imposing tusks,
what truly captivated Jonathan’s attention was that it did not have hooves.

Instead, its feet bore four talons like that of a majestic eagle.

With every step forward, those razor-sharp talons pierced the earth, sending an icy shiver down the
spine of anyone faced with it.

“The size of a cow and the shape of a pig… Talons instead of hooves… And a bark that sounds like a
hound’s?” Jonathan mused uncertainly as he slowly retreated.

Meanwhile, the wild boar opened its monstrous jaw, as if responding to Jonathan.

As a resonating bark reverberated through the air, the beast charged recklessly toward Jonathan.

“F*ck you!” cursed Jonathan.

He leaped into the air to evade the charging beast while swinging his sword at its back with a powerful

The beast brushed past him narrowly. When Jonathan inspected Heaven Sword, he was astonished to
find not a trace of blood on its surface.

Was my previous strike completely useless? How thick is this beast’s skin?

When the beast turned and charged once more, Jonathan swiftly fled.

He was not motivated by cowardice but by the realization that this beast before him was no ordinary
wild boar.

If the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was not mistaken, this beast was a lilith—one of the ancient

It was long believed to be extinct for thousands of years.

How could there be one here? Even if it has been secluded for a long time, it probably has a limited life
span too. It shouldn’t have remained alive till now. Unless… There might be more than one lilith in this
small world. Perhaps this small world is meant to raise them.

Jonathan activated the bronze handbell and sprinted down the mountain.

His guesses were not baseless.

In the records of the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, it was said that during the initial creation of the
small worlds, Fehohr could not yet achieve self-sustaining dimensions.

Even after refining them, these realms served as nothing more than spirit animal pouches used to
confine and subdue spirit animals.

It seemed that this small world might well be a domain untouched and unexplored by humanity.

The spirit animal collars were also created due to Fehohr’s development of the small worlds.

Moreover, Fehohr created the small worlds with the purpose of confining and subduing the savage
demon beast clans so that peace could return to the world.

One could argue that these small worlds were destined to serve as both a prison and a farm.

Still, Jonathan could understand it even if someone dared to orchestrate an audacious endeavor like
raising the liliths.

However, what truly puzzled him was the Whitley family’s background.

Back then, Joshua’s ancestors walked out of this small world.

How did they enter? Who were they when they entered the small world? Were the Whitley family’s
ancestors tasked to raise the liliths?

Lost in his thoughts, Jonathan soon found himself arriving at the foot of the mountain.

Though he escaped with all his might, he was still unable to escape the relentless pursuit of the lilith
behind him.

Although the creature looked clumsy, it ran with the force of a truck, plowing through obstacles with
unwavering determination.

Jonathan’s mobility was suppressed by the small world, his agility and swiftness diminished. Amidst the
chaos, he still had to navigate through a barrage of hurdles.

On the other hand, the lilith pursuing him was unburdened by such considerations.

It trampled over wildflowers and smashed through ancient trees. All it needed to do was lower its head,
and it could rush forward without any hesitation.

As the lilith charged toward him, Jonathan kept the bronze handbell and flung the Divine Chessboard at
the mountain slope in front of him.

“Activate!” Jonathan bellowed.

In an instant, the Divine Chessboard expanded to a length of twenty meters.

“I knew it!”

When Jonathan realized that the Divine Chessboard had reached its maximum, his eyes were filled
with helplessness.

With a graceful leap, he landed on the Divine Chessboard. He then activated the space-altering

No matter how fierce the lilith was, it remained nothing more than a demon beast. Even if it possessed
some spiritual sentience, its thought processes were still too simplistic to notice the trap underneath it.

Bowing its head, it barreled toward Jonathan, its spear-like tusks aiming for his back.


Just moments before the tusks pierced Jonathan, he disappeared and emerged again behind the lilith,
catching it off guard.

Without hesitation, he raised his hand and effortlessly plunged the blade of his sword deep into the
flesh beneath the lilith’s tail…

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