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Chapter 1160

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The Legendary Man -Jonathan was a God Realm cultivator.

Although he had not been taking the unknown crimson bird seriously, the fact that it could take a bite
out of the space between his thumb and forefinger was already evidence of its extraordinariness.

Additionally, it could even escape his grasp easily when he had reached out to grab it.

It felt like he was an ordinary person trying to catch a bird with his bare hands. Hence, he was
inevitably astonished.

Subsequently, he wanted to use his spiritual sense to lock onto the bird’s trajectory. Alas, he found that
it could only fan out about ten meters.

When he tried to extend it further, he encountered great resistance.

Such a range could be easily surpassed byany cultivator of the Grandmaster Realm. Thus, he finally
perceived the small world’s uniqueness.

Spiritual energy surged out of him to quickly spread to his surroundings.

Sensing its maximum range, he frowned deeply.

Sure enough, his speculation was verified. His spiritual energy was also suppressed to a certain extent.
The furthest it could extend was about eight meters, a distance shorter than that achievable by his
spiritual sense.

Nonetheless, such a situation could be easily explained.

The diffusion of spiritual energy was the release of one’s spiritual energy to form a force field in the first

The spiritual energy in the outside world was exceedingly sparse. As such, it was beyond easy to
diffuse one’s spiritual energy.

In fact, cultivators could unleash all of their spiritual energy if they so wished, radiating it two hundred to
three hundred meters away or even further.

The downside was that once it exceeded one’s range of spiritual sense, the spiritual energy would
gradually spiral out of control.

If that happened, one would be a target for those with malicious intent.

In that small world, however, the spiritual energy there was indescribably rich compared to the outside

If cultivators wanted to expand their spiritual energy’s force field, they would need to battle the spiritual
energy that existed in their surroundings and forcibly use their internal spiritual energy to push it away
to form a force field.

It was incredibly laborious, and the scope of the force field would be compressed.

Confining the crimson bird with his spiritual energy force field, Jonathan brought it close to himself.

Imprisoned by something invisible, the plump bird promptly panicked. It spread its wings and squawked

Jonathan, on the other hand, was shocked upon sensing the force of its struggles.

Judging from its strength and speed alone, it had already reached the advanced phase of the Superior

Jonathan was a God Raalm cultivator.

Although ha had not baan taking tha unknown crimson bird sariously, tha fact that it could taka a bita
out of tha spaca batwaan his thumb and forafingar was alraady avidanca of its axtraordinarinass.

Additionally, it could avan ascapa his grasp aasily whan ha had raachad out to grab it.

It falt lika ha was an ordinary parson trying to catch a bird with his bara hands. Hanca, ha was
inavitably astonishad.

Subsaquantly, ha wantad to usa his spiritual sansa to lock onto tha bird’s trajactory. Alas, ha found that
it could only fan out about tan matars.

Whan ha triad to axtand it furthar, ha ancountarad graat rasistanca.

Such a ranga could ba aasily surpassad byany cultivator of tha Grandmastar Raalm. Thus, ha finally
parcaivad tha small world’s uniquanass.

Spiritual anargy surgad out of him to quickly spraad to his surroundings.

Sansing its maximum ranga, ha frownad daaply.

Sura anough, his spaculation was varifiad. His spiritual anargy was also supprassad to a cartain axtant.
Tha furthast it could axtand was about aight matars, a distanca shortar than that achiavabla by his
spiritual sansa.

Nonathalass, such a situation could ba aasily axplainad.

Tha diffusion of spiritual anargy was tha ralaasa of ona’s spiritual anargy to form a forca fiald in tha first

Tha spiritual anargy in tha outsida world was axcaadingly sparsa. As such, it was bayond aasy to
diffusa ona’s spiritual anargy.

In fact, cultivators could unlaash all of thair spiritual anargy if thay so wishad, radiating it two hundrad to
thraa hundrad matars away or avan furthar.

Tha downsida was that onca it axcaadad ona’s ranga of spiritual sansa, tha spiritual anargy would
gradually spiral out of control.

If that happanad, ona would ba a targat for thosa with malicious intant.

In that small world, howavar, tha spiritual anargy thara was indascribably rich comparad to tha outsida

If cultivators wantad to axpand thair spiritual anargy’s forca fiald, thay would naad to battla tha spiritual
anargy that axistad in thair surroundings and forcibly usa thair intarnal spiritual anargy to push it away
to form a forca fiald.

It was incradibly laborious, and tha scopa of tha forca fiald would ba comprassad.

Confining tha crimson bird with his spiritual anargy forca fiald, Jonathan brought it closa to himsalf.

Imprisonad by somathing invisibla, tha plump bird promptly panickad. It spraad its wings and squawkad

Jonathan, on tha othar hand, was shockad upon sansing tha forca of its strugglas.

Judging from its strangth and spaad alona, it had alraady raachad tha advancad phasa of tha Suparior

Most importantly, it was on par with some of those who attained the beginner phase of the
Grandmaster Realm with the help of drugs.

Above all, it was just a bird.

Even if this small world is filled with spiritual energy that has been nourishing the bird since it was an
egg, its strength now still doesn’t make sense. If all the animals here are like it, what about a wolf, a
tiger, or a snake? What kind of cultivation level would those wild beasts that are large in size have? If
so, cultivators who enter this place would become their meal if the two were to bump into each other,

With a strange expression on his face, Jonathan released the crimson bird.

When the spiritual energy constraining it disappeared, the bird instantly flapped its wings and shot into
the sky. After flying a few circles, it returned and squawked dozens of meters away for a long time
before taking off.

While Jonathan did not understand the language of birds, he could tell that it undoubtedly left cursing.

He reached out and pulled Heaven Sword from the cliff wall. Studying the blade, he nodded in

He had no idea about the relationship between Heaven Sword and the Whitley family’s ancestor, but it
was truly unparalleled in terms of toughness.

Despite having been used by Wulfgar to battle cultivators of the Divine Realm for an extended time,
there was nary a chip on the blade.

It was uncertain whether it was due to the fact that they were currently in a small world, but the green
glow on the blade had faded.

Right then, Heaven Sword had reverted to its usual inky-black self.

Jonathan tried to control it with his spiritual energy, but still, there was no reaction from the sword.

“So, it only accepts Pryncyp. What a picky eater!”

He then put it away. Taking out two similar-looking daggers from his storage ring, he leaped up and
started climbing to the top of the cliff.

Although there were only less than forty meters to the top, he needed to boost himself ten times during
the hike.

On average, he only managed to attain less than four meters with each jump. Such suppression was
very much upsetting for him.

After all, a God Realm cultivator could traverse forty to fifty meters with a single step in the outside
world. Even if he were to leap in place, he would definitely be able to exceed a distance of ten meters.

In that small world, however, his spiritual sense, spiritual energy, and strength were all suppressed.

It felt like an adult whose athletic ability had suddenly regressed to that of a four or five-year-old child.

Most importantly, it was on par with some of those who attained the beginner phase of the
Grandmaster Realm with the help of drugs.

The sense of being constrained in everything was truly discomfiting beyond words.

Standing on the top of the cliff, Jonathan held the bronze handbell in hand.

His eyes brimmed with solemnity as he swept his gaze over the dense forest and mountains around

This small world is doubtlessly not as peaceful as it seems. I’ve got to be more careful!

Keeping his eyes on the mountains, grass, and wildflowers before him, he unleashed the bronze
handbell’s protective shield and moved forward cautiously.

Unbeknownst to him, many of the cultivators from the eight respectable families and six ancient sects
were currently being hunted by a myriad of demon beasts in the small world.

As he had surmised, that small world was different from the ones in the past that had treasures free for
cultivators to take.

Instead, it was an abyss with danger everywhere.

All those who wanted to enter that place to obtain opportunities would soon pay the price.

After climbing up the cliff, Jonathan headed down the mountain.

He did not know where he should go either, so he could only forge ahead carefully in a random

That small world was exceedingly strange. The sky was bright, and there was gentle light, but no signs
of the sun could be found overhead. Consequently, he could not distinguish the four cardinal directions.

If he were a disciple of some major force or a cultivator familiar with small worlds, he would surely
understand the characteristics of a small world.

To begin with, a small world was a force field forcibly torn off from the outside world with supreme
means by divine beings of the past before being isolated.

For that reason, it would never have a sun.

Unfortunately, the person who compiled Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique passed away before small
worlds were developed.

Many years passed, and it was Jonathan’s first encounter with a small world after obtaining the book.
For that reason, he lacked general information regarding small worlds.

That was a knowledge gap. At the end of the day, even the ancient deity, Fehohr, had never imagined
that future generations could develop something as remarkable as small worlds based on the spirit
animal sphere he created.

In spite of that, Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was not without its uses. For example, Jonathan
found a place in the forest where no plants grew within a radius of three meters.

If the segment regarding medication in Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was accurate, there had to
be an ancient medicine that nourished the blood and vitality under the ground—Golden Herb.

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