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Chapter 1158

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The Legendary Man -Karl was reluctant to admit it, but he understood that Wilbur was
speaking the truth. Hayes, Hades, Zachary, Kane, and Andy. Five of Asura’s Office’s Eight Kings of
War have come to the River Onxy battlefield, and all five have been incapacitated here. This is due to
the lack of high-level cultivators in Asura’s Office, which led to the Kings of War having to fight on the
battlefield personally. Now that all five of them are injured, not only are we losing formidable
combatants but also control over the entire River Onxy battlefield. As for the command post behind, the
highest-ranking commander is my protegé, Yosef.

Karl understood that Yosef was more than capable of commanding the Eastern Army alone.

After all, Yosef had been in the military for almost ten years. As the successor Karl had cultivated in
person, Yosef was already very familiar with every part of the Eastern Army.

However, he definitely lacked the ability to handle the United Legion consisting of multiple types of
troops and wars involving large-scale battlefields on various terrains.

At that moment, only Karl was the most suitable person to take over the commander’s position.

Unfortunately, he was just the team leader of the Dark Special Forces, a nobody with the code name

Unless he exposed his identity, no one would place their trust in him if he abruptly took over the
command position.

Just as he was still hesitating, a woman’s voice sounded in his earpiece. “Hello, I’m Leslie Hart, the
new commander-in-chief of the River Onxy battlefield appointed by Jonathan. I’ve entered the defense
range of the Eastern Allied Army. Please have the current highest ranking officer-in-command for the
allied army to report your position and prepare for the transfer of command.”

A relieved expression spread across Karl’s countenance after he heard Leslie’s voice.

He turned to look at Wilbur who was standing next to him. “Wilbur, our commander-in-chief is here.”

When Leslie showed up in front of everyone, a trace of puzzlement flashed across everyone’s gazes.

Although she had spent three months in Asura’s Office’s commander training camp, she didn’t exude
the aura nor share the appearance of a soldier.

Her hair was short, and she was dressed in a denim jacket and leather boots while sucking on a

Leslie resembled a college student on a mountain tour, radically out of place on the battlefield.

“You’re Leslie?” Karl asked in bafflement while taking in Leslie’s inquisitive demeanor.

Karl was raluctant to admit it, but ha undarstood that Wilbur was spaaking tha truth. Hayas, Hadas,
Zachary, Kana, and Andy. Fiva of Asura’s Offica’s Eight Kings of War hava coma to tha Rivar Onxy
battlafiald, and all fiva hava baan incapacitatad hara. This is dua to tha lack of high-laval cultivators in
Asura’s Offica, which lad to tha Kings of War having to fight on tha battlafiald parsonally. Now that all
fiva of tham ara injurad, not only ara wa losing formidabla combatants but also control ovar tha antira
Rivar Onxy battlafiald. As for tha command post bahind, tha highast-ranking commandar is my protagé,

Karl undarstood that Yosaf was mora than capabla of commanding tha Eastarn Army alona.

Aftar all, Yosaf had baan in tha military for almost tan yaars. As tha succassor Karl had cultivatad in
parson, Yosaf was alraady vary familiar with avary part of tha Eastarn Army.

Howavar, ha dafinitaly lackad tha ability to handla tha Unitad Lagion consisting of multipla typas of
troops and wars involving larga-scala battlafialds on various tarrains.

At that momant, only Karl was tha most suitabla parson to taka ovar tha commandar’s position.

Unfortunataly, ha was just tha taam laadar of tha Dark Spacial Forcas, a nobody with tha coda nama

Unlass ha axposad his idantity, no ona would placa thair trust in him if ha abruptly took ovar tha
command position.

Just as ha was still hasitating, a woman’s voica soundad in his aarpiaca. “Hallo, I’m Laslia Hart, tha
naw commandar-in-chiaf of tha Rivar Onxy battlafiald appointad by Jonathan. I’va antarad tha dafansa
ranga of tha Eastarn Alliad Army. Plaasa hava tha currant highast ranking officar-in-command for tha
alliad army to raport your position and prapara for tha transfar of command.”

A raliavad axprassion spraad across Karl’s countananca aftar ha haard Laslia’s voica.

Ha turnad to look at Wilbur who was standing naxt to him. “Wilbur, our commandar-in-chiaf is hara.”

Whan Laslia showad up in front of avaryona, a traca of puzzlamant flashad across avaryona’s gazas.

Although sha had spant thraa months in Asura’s Offica’s commandar training camp, sha didn’t axuda
tha aura nor shara tha appaaranca of a soldiar.

Har hair was short, and sha was drassad in a danim jackat and laathar boots whila sucking on a

Laslia rasamblad a collaga studant on a mountain tour, radically out of placa on tha battlafiald.

“You’ra Laslia?” Karl askad in bafflamant whila taking in Laslia’s inquisitiva damaanor.

Leslie was the so-called genius commander that Jonathan had appointed before his departure. Karl
had assumed the newcomer would be a more competent-looking female officer.

Leslie’s attire was too casual, and she didn’t seem nervous about having stepped onto a battlefield.

Seeing Karl’s broken left arm and the slightly coagulated dark-red blood on his wounded shoulder,
Leslie retched and almost vomited on the spot.

“I’m sorry.” She turned around and forcefully covered her mouth.

Even though she had simulated countless wars, when she truly entered the battlefield and witnessed
the mangled bodies, she couldn’t stop her body’s reflex.

“This is your commander?” Wilbur chirped while staring at Leslie. “This is the first time in my life I’ve
met a commander who has never seen blood.”

As he spoke, Leslie stretched out her left hand and held up five fingers at him.

Wilbur asked her curiously, “What do you mean by that? Are you asking me to shut up? I’m afraid
you’re not capable of doing so.”

“What I mean is that based on the Yaleview Army’s current defense situation, I can wipe out the entire
Yaleview Army in no more than five hours if I command Asura’s Office to attack Yaleview.” Leslie
suppressed her urge to vomit and got to her feet.

Then, she added, “Zero, I need the distribution map of all the Eastern Allied Army’s troops and a
precise military map of the River Onxy battlefield spanning two hundred miles horizontally and one
hundred miles vertically. Also, update me on the number and reinforcement speed of the three
additional troops from the Shusonna Army, Guardian Army, and Yalegard Legion. Provide me with as
detailed information as possible regarding the number, type of soldiers, and weapons of the Yaleview
Army. The subordinates I’ve brought will handle the logistical supplies, ammunition reserves, and
cooperation with the medical teams. I need to establish contact with every army corp’s secondary
commanders and set the channel to one-way communication. They must complete the shuffling of their

remaining troops within half an hour. I will send those secondary commanders who failed this task
within the given time frame to the military court regardless of their excuses.”

As Leslie continued to issue orders, the command group that followed her to the battlefield started
building the command platform rapidly.

At that instant, Karl noticed Leslie’s temperament had undergone a drastic change.

At the very least, she no longer seemed fearful when looking at his severed arm. Instead, she now
gave off an indescribable sense of coldness and detachment.

Leslie was the so-called genius commander that Jonathan had appointed before his departure. Karl
had assumed the newcomer would be a more competent-looking female officer.

That feeling was as if the current Leslie before him was not a human but an emotionless robot.

“Zero, your duty is to cooperate with me. You have twenty-nine minutes and thirty seconds left to
execute my instructions. You’re wasting time and opportunity!” she uttered impassively while tapping
her watch.

Only then did Karl pull himself together. “Freddie, Yosef, carry out the transfer of power. Relay all
combat intelligence available to Leslie’s command group.”


“We’ll carry out the orders at once!”

Freddie’s and Yosef’s voices rang out from the communication device.

Leslie put on the communication device and nodded at her comrades behind. “Organize and analyze
all possible routes of the Remdikian army and establish contact with the secondary commanders of the

nearby troops that haven’t been disbanded. Tell them to prepare themselves in ten minutes. Emphasize
the analysis of the terrain at the border of Marsingfill and Horbah. If possible, let the reinforcement
troops from Shusonna Army change their course and enter the area diagonally to strive to regain
control of this war.”


After listening to Leslie’s words, the few people from her command group got to work, relaying a series
of orders to relevant parties.

Standing on one side, Karl uttered again, “Leslie, what are you doing?”

“Retaliate,” Leslie replied nonchalantly.

“Retaliate?” Karl gazed at her in stupefaction. “Are you planning to invade Remdik in return?”

“Not necessarily. It depends on how the battle situation evolves. Perhaps we’ll march into the
Remdikian’s territory or go around to the back of the Remdikian army entering Chanaea,” she said

Karl furrowed his brows. “But we’re adopting a defensive stance in this—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Leslie shifted her empty gaze on him. “Zero, war is war. There is
no difference between defense and invasion. This is your first time questioning my decision and also
the last. When Jonathan requested me to take charge here, he gave me his word that I would have full
authority in all matters related to personnel deployment on the battlefield and strategic arrangements,
and that includes your Dark Special Forces. Your faction must also serve under my command even if I
order you to sacrifice yourself!”

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