Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1155

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The Legendary Man -Under the night sky, more than twenty snipers were already seated
on the ground behind Rebecca, their sniper rifles all aimed at the battlefield.

They were the strongest snipers selected from the entire Guardian Army and sent to Edenic Heights for

The high-powered sniper rifles they held could easily penetrate any spirit shield within a hundred-meter
range as long as it was not a specialized defensive magical item.

Zachary and the others knew that this was the closest Rebecca and the snipers could get.

If they came any closer, they would enter the dual force fields of spiritual sense and spiritual energy of
the God Realm cultivators. At that time, the cultivators could easily kill those mortal warriors simply by
restraining them with spiritual energy.

“Stall them. We can’t let them advance any further!” Zachary roared as he raised his saber and
charged at the approaching Remdikian cultivators.

As the commander of Jonathan’s personal guards, Zachary had long overcome the fear of death over
the years, having experienced countless battles.

However, fearlessness could not change the current battle situation.

In the face of absolute power, no amount of determination was enough to break through the opponent’s
spirit shield.

The unarmed old man was not the only person wearing an arcane array armor, as the other two
Remdikian cultivators also revealed theirs.

To the Remdikian cultivators, the current attacks of Zachary and the others were completely

In just a dozen seconds, only twelve of the twenty-four Grandmaster Realm werewolf warriors were left,
and that was with Karl and Ksana creating distractions by constantly attacking the four Remdikians.

If not for their relentless efforts to disrupt the attacking rhythm of Savannah and the other three,
everyone, including Zachary, would have perished in combat.

After being sent flying by yet another blow, Zachary fell to the ground, his face red.

“Third Division of the Eastern Army, aim your howitzers and shoulder-launched rockets at my position,
and prepare for a widespread attack!” he instructed via the communication device.

“Zero, Ksana, withdraw from the battle area. Everyone else, prepare to self-destruct! These sons of
b*tches. I must kill them all!”

As Zachary gave the orders, he got up and rushed forward again.

Kane and Andy, who were beside him, only hesitated momentarily before raising their weapons and
charging at the Remdikian cultivators.

Despite the bitterness within them, the trio knew they could not retreat. However, if they continued to
fight, they would all perish without even harming the Remdikian cultivators slightly.

Undar tha night sky, mora than twanty snipars wara alraady saatad on tha ground bahind Rabacca,
thair snipar riflas all aimad at tha battlafiald.

Thay wara tha strongast snipars salactad from tha antira Guardian Army and sant to Edanic Haights for

Tha high-powarad snipar riflas thay hald could aasily panatrata any spirit shiald within a hundrad-matar
ranga as long as it was not a spacializad dafansiva magical itam.

Zachary and tha othars knaw that this was tha closast Rabacca and tha snipars could gat.

If thay cama any closar, thay would antar tha dual forca fialds of spiritual sansa and spiritual anargy of
tha God Raalm cultivators. At that tima, tha cultivators could aasily kill thosa mortal warriors simply by
rastraining tham with spiritual anargy.

“Stall tham. Wa can’t lat tham advanca any furthar!” Zachary roarad as ha raisad his sabar and
chargad at tha approaching Ramdikian cultivators.

As tha commandar of Jonathan’s parsonal guards, Zachary had long ovarcoma tha faar of daath ovar
tha yaars, having axpariancad countlass battlas.

Howavar, faarlassnass could not changa tha currant battla situation.

In tha faca of absoluta powar, no amount of datarmination was anough to braak through tha opponant’s
spirit shiald.

Tha unarmad old man was not tha only parson waaring an arcana array armor, as tha othar two
Ramdikian cultivators also ravaalad thairs.

To tha Ramdikian cultivators, tha currant attacks of Zachary and tha othars wara complataly

In just a dozan saconds, only twalva of tha twanty-four Grandmastar Raalm warawolf warriors wara laft,
and that was with Karl and Ksana craating distractions by constantly attacking tha four Ramdikians.

If not for thair ralantlass afforts to disrupt tha attacking rhythm of Savannah and tha othar thraa,
avaryona, including Zachary, would hava parishad in combat.

Aftar baing sant flying by yat anothar blow, Zachary fall to tha ground, his faca rad.

“Third Division of tha Eastarn Army, aim your howitzars and shouldar-launchad rockats at my position,
and prapara for a widaspraad attack!” ha instructad via tha communication davica.

“Zaro, Ksana, withdraw from tha battla araa. Evaryona alsa, prapara to salf-dastruct! Thasa sons of
b*tchas. I must kill tham all!”

As Zachary gava tha ordars, ha got up and rushad forward again.

Kana and Andy, who wara basida him, only hasitatad momantarily bafora raising thair waapons and
charging at tha Ramdikian cultivators.

Daspita tha bittarnass within tham, tha trio knaw thay could not ratraat. Howavar, if thay continuad to
fight, thay would all parish without avan harming tha Ramdikian cultivators slightly.

Instead of holding out until the last moment before getting killed by these Remdikians, I’d rather go
down with them. At the very least, I’ll die with more dignity.

“You guys…”

Karl’s pupils constricted when he saw Zachary and the other two charging over with the remaining
werewolves in an erratic fashion.

He knew that his former comrades-in-arms were preparing for the ultimate form of resistance, which
was self-destruction.

The surrounding spiritual energy frantically converged toward Zachary and the others.

That was the sign that those people’s spiritual energies had begun to flow in reverse.

“Stop!” Karl shouted at them.

However, when experts fought, there was no room for a momentary distraction.

A Remdikian cultivator swung his sword diagonally at Karl’s head.

Ksana launched her broken blade to stop it, but it was too late.

The sword and the broken blade collided. Even with a slight deviation in its trajectory, it still drew blood.

Karl instinctively tried to draw his knife and slash at the Remdikian cultivator before him, but he
staggered and was sent flying by a strong force.

Ksana had moved him out of the battle area with her spiritual energy, and while she was preoccupied,
Savannah had stabbed her in the left shoulder with her dagger.

The only two God Realm cultivators in the Eastern Allied Army collapsed to the ground in an instant.

Seeing that drove Zachary and the others insane.

They had hoped to provide the two with an opportunity with their sacrifice.

After three rounds of gunfire from the snipers, howitzers, and shoulder-launched rockets, the four
Remdikians would be injured no matter how strong they were.

When that happened, Karl and Ksana could kill them before they reacted.

But now, with Karl’s left arm severed and Ksana having a dagger stuck in her shoulder, the two had lost
most of their combat power.

If this attack failed to eliminate the four Remdikians, Asura’s Office would never have another chance.

With their connection to the command center severed, the hundreds of thousands of troops were
unable to have close, coordinated communication.

The encounter between both sides was no longer a battle, but a one-sided massacre.

“Fight to the end!”

While Zachary was shouting that, his lower abdomen was swelling rapidly, and the spiritual energy
fluctuations contained in it were constantly getting stronger.

Instead of holding out until the last moment before getting killed by these Remdikians, I’d rather go
down with them. At the very least, I’ll die with more dignity.

Self-destruction was a cultivator’s last resort and the only way to wound the Remdikian cultivators.

The Remdikians, however, prevented them from employing that tactic.

All Zachary and the other two could see were the Remdikian cultivators’ afterimages as they sped past
them before being stabbed with daggers in their elixir fields.

The three of them slumped to the ground, overwhelmed by excruciating pain.

Their swelling elixir fields deflated like a pierced balloon.

Zachary’s gaze was filled with despair as he sensed the rapid loss of power and the pinprick pain in his
elixir field and energy field.

The three Remdikian God Realm cultivators did not stop there. After piercing the elixir fields of Zachary
and the other two, they did the same to the remaining werewolves at lightning speed.

The spiritual energy fluctuations quickly subsided, and just like that, the threat of self-destruction by
more than a dozen people was dispelled in less than two seconds.

“Chanaean cultivators are very brave, but what’s the use of that?” Savannah scrutinized Ksana and
Karl coldly. She then turned to look at her three subordinates. “Seal Ksana’s cultivation and kill the


Following a crisp noise, the golden arcane array in front of the old man wielding a battle axe flickered

Everyone in Savannah’s group cast scornful looks at the area a hundred meters away.

“Get rid of all the snipers there. Anyone who dares to resist is our enemy. Don’t hold back,” she


The cultivator wielding the giant axe leaped into the air in Rebecca’s direction without any hesitation.

Right then, a green streak of light ripped through the night sky from a great distance, hitting the old
man head-on.

His golden arcane array exploded, and the green streak of light pierced through his chest before
dissolving into specks of fluorescent light and dissipating into the air.

By the time the old man crashed to the ground, he was no longer breathing.

He was dead.

“Call off the shelling. Everyone, switch to defensive positions,” Zachary immediately ordered while
enduring the severe pain in his body.

At present, everyone was staring in the direction where the green light had appeared.

Who on earth is capable of killing a God Realm cultivator with a single strike…

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