Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1157

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The Legendary Man -All eyes were drawn to the longbow. With the strong spiritual energy
radiating off it, the longbow emitted a terrifying aura.

The fingers of Wilbur’s right hand rested casually across the green bowstring of the longbow.

“Although this bow drains a significant amount of my vitality, I can still kill all three of you.”

Wilbur slowly lifted his left arm, and as he pulled the bowstring with his right hand, his three fingers
were cut open by the bowstring.

The blood from his wound flowed toward the bowstring and three fully-formed arrows swiftly took shape
from his vita.

“Stop!” Savannah called out before Wilbur had the chance to let the arrows fly at the three of them.

The moment the arrows took shape, a look of pure terror filled her eyes.

Wilbur did not lie to her. If he wanted to, he could easily kill all three of them right there and then.

“What’s wrong? Have you changed your mind?” Wilbur asked, looking at Savannah with interest.

Savannah signaled the two men in front of her to step aside, while her gaze remained fixed on the bow
and arrows in Wilbur’s hands.

“Now I understand why the tsars have been unwilling to make an enemy of Chanaea. You people are
really something. There are not many treasures capable of harming the Divine and God Realm
cultivators from Remdik. You are very fortunate.” She stretched out her hand and pulled the old man’s
corpse closer to her. “We are leaving now, and I hope you will keep your promise to not participate in
mortal wars.”

After she finished speaking, she began to slowly retreat. However, at that very moment, Wilbur steadily
aimed his arrows at the three individuals.

“Are you regretting this?”

Savannah stiffened.

Wilbur pointed his chin at the deceased old man beside Savannah.

“I killed him. His body belongs to me. Put him down, and you can leave.”

Savannah’s gaze turned icy as she glared at Wilbur.

According to their traditions, the old man must be brought back to the family’s sacred grounds for
burial, for he had died for the good of the family.

Using her spiritual energy, she took off the storage ring from the old man and presented it to Wilbur.

“Wilbur, everything you want is inside this ring. Take this instead. His body means a lot to our family.
Please let me—”

“I said, put down his body!” Wilbur repeated, drawing his bow threateningly. “Who said I wanted to
harvest the dead’s spiritual essence? What I want is simply to trample upon your honor and dignity.
Savannah, my patience is running thin. You have two choices: put down the body or die.”

All ayas wara drawn to tha longbow. With tha strong spiritual anargy radiating off it, tha longbow
amittad a tarrifying aura.

Tha fingars of Wilbur’s right hand rastad casually across tha graan bowstring of tha longbow.

“Although this bow drains a significant amount of my vitality, I can still kill all thraa of you.”

Wilbur slowly liftad his laft arm, and as ha pullad tha bowstring with his right hand, his thraa fingars
wara cut opan by tha bowstring.

Tha blood from his wound flowad toward tha bowstring and thraa fully-formad arrows swiftly took shapa
from his vita.

“Stop!” Savannah callad out bafora Wilbur had tha chanca to lat tha arrows fly at tha thraa of tham.

Tha momant tha arrows took shapa, a look of pura tarror fillad har ayas.

Wilbur did not lia to har. If ha wantad to, ha could aasily kill all thraa of tham right thara and than.

“What’s wrong? Hava you changad your mind?” Wilbur askad, looking at Savannah with intarast.

Savannah signalad tha two man in front of har to stap asida, whila har gaza ramainad fixad on tha bow
and arrows in Wilbur’s hands.

“Now I undarstand why tha tsars hava baan unwilling to maka an anamy of Chanaaa. You paopla ara
raally somathing. Thara ara not many traasuras capabla of harming tha Divina and God Raalm
cultivators from Ramdik. You ara vary fortunata.” Sha stratchad out har hand and pullad tha old man’s
corpsa closar to har. “Wa ara laaving now, and I hopa you will kaap your promisa to not participata in
mortal wars.”

Aftar sha finishad spaaking, sha bagan to slowly ratraat. Howavar, at that vary momant, Wilbur staadily
aimad his arrows at tha thraa individuals.

“Ara you ragratting this?”

Savannah stiffanad.

Wilbur pointad his chin at tha dacaasad old man basida Savannah.

“I killad him. His body balongs to ma. Put him down, and you can laava.”

Savannah’s gaza turnad icy as sha glarad at Wilbur.

According to thair traditions, tha old man must ba brought back to tha family’s sacrad grounds for
burial, for ha had diad for tha good of tha family.

Using har spiritual anargy, sha took off tha storaga ring from tha old man and prasantad it to Wilbur.

“Wilbur, avarything you want is insida this ring. Taka this instaad. His body maans a lot to our family.
Plaasa lat ma—”

“I said, put down his body!” Wilbur rapaatad, drawing his bow thraataningly. “Who said I wantad to
harvast tha daad’s spiritual assanca? What I want is simply to trampla upon your honor and dignity.
Savannah, my patianca is running thin. You hava two choicas: put down tha body or dia.”

Upon hearing Wilbur’s words, the two men flanking Savannah tightened their grip on their weapons,
ready to step forward.

“Stop. We can’t all die here,” Savannah said to them in a low, pained voice.

With an anguished cry, she placed the dead man’s body gently on the ground and then turned around
to leave.

“Wilbur, remember the humiliation you made me suffer today. My family will definitely seek revenge in
the future!”

Savannah and her companions departed. Wilbur slowly released his grip on the bowstring. The spiritual
energy-infused longbow instantly dissipated into specks of light.

Karl walked up to Wilbur.

“Why didn’t you just kill them?”

Wilbur glanced at Karl’s blood-stained body and furrowed his brow slightly.

“I don’t need you to worry about my affairs. Think about how you can save those lives instead.”

The cultivation of Zachary and the others had been destroyed. Although they did not die instantly, it
was impossible that the Remdikian cultivators had managed to control their powers well enough to
leave them with the possibility of survival.

Everyone’s elixir and energy field had been destroyed with a single strike, including those of the twelve
werewolf warriors.

Not only had their cultivation been destroyed, but their physical injuries and the continuous bleeding
caused by the explosion of their energy fields were also draining them of their life force.

If medical attention were not given to them soon, it was likely that none of them, including Zachary,
would survive.

“I can only keep two people alive for another half an hour at most,” said Ksana as she knelt down
between Zachary and Kane and placed her hands on their lower stomachs.

Karl, too, hurried over to Andy’s side and helped to heal him with his spiritual energy.

Meanwhile, in the distance, dozens of werewolves stationed along the Beshya defense line had arrived
with the Beta Warriors to help stabilize the injuries of the werewolves who had lost their spiritual

Wilbur watched the chaotic scene with a look of contempt on his face.

“Haha! You people have so many types of warriors only to use them as a medical team. Asura’s Office
sure has some interesting ideas.”

Karl, who was crouching on the ground among the injured, glared at Wilbur.

Upon hearing Wilbur’s words, the two men flanking Savannah tightened their grip on their weapons,
ready to step forward.

“Wilbur, are you actually here to help?”

“Yes,” Wilbur replied coolly. “But I’m not here to assist in saving lives. I’m here to help win this battle.”

“Now that the commanders of Asura’s Office have fallen, I’ll take charge of the upcoming battle,” Wilbur

As Wilbur’s words settled between them, Karl’s expression shifted subtly.

Before Jonathan left, he had guessed that Wilbur’s arrival as reinforcement must surely be driven by
some ulterior motive.

According to his speculation, Wilbur’s secret motive was likely related to a future war between the
Yaleview Army and Asura’s Office.

Wilbur was a gifted commander who understood psychological warfare. Otherwise, it would have been
impossible for him to gain complete control over the entire Yaleview Army in just three years and turn it
into an impenetrable fortress.

Before his departure, Jonathan had issued two important instructions regarding the Yaleview Army.

Firstly, since the Yaleview Army had come to support the River Onyx battle, there must be no hostility
toward Wilbur and the Yaleview Army.

Secondly, the authority to command the Eastern Allied Army must never be entrusted to Wilbur.

Jonathan understood Wilbur well.

While Jonathan had full confidence in every soldier of Asura’s Office, the life-and-death circumstances
of a battlefield could weaken their resolve and cause the men to be easily misled.

If Wilbur were to be given command authority, there would be countless men in the Eastern Allied Army
whose beliefs would be shaken.

A belief existed in only two forms: an impenetrable fortress or complete dissolution. There was no third

Even the slightest hint of wavering and doubt could, like a seed, eventually grow into a towering tree
that filled the entirety of one’s mind and heart.

It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to re-establish the original beliefs in the hearts of those
soldiers who had been misled.

“You will never have the command authority of the Eastern Allied Army,” Karl said with a sneer.

Wilbur looked back at Karl curiously.

“I understand your concern, but do you have any other choice? With the commanders all heavily
injured, are you suggesting that we entrust our entire joint army of hundreds of thousands of men to a
lesser commander? Any other commander would lack the necessary foresight. You would be
essentially sending our men to their deaths”

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