Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1154

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The Legendary Man -“Die!”

Beside Savannah, a subordinate brandished a massive sword and swung it at Karl’s head.

“This won’t do!”

Ksana swiftly threw her dual daggers to intercept the blow. A mischievous smile flitted across her face
as she blocked the descending blade just above Karl’s head.

The sight of a two-meter-long sword being stopped by a dagger that was less than a foot long
appeared absurd to onlookers.

Unlike the onlookers, Karl was not at all surprised at the sight. He didn’t even spare a glance above his
head. His saber continued its trajectory, aimed directly at Savannah’s chest.

With a soft sound, the saber halted at Savannah’s chest, slicing through her cloak.

Fists came flying at Karl, who retracted his saber to guard his chest.

Taking advantage of the force from the punches, he fell back. While passing by Ksana’s side, he
reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her backward with him.

A battle axe descended from above, narrowly missing Ksana’s body as it slammed into the ground.

With a light kick at the ground, Karl and Ksana stabled themselves at a distance of about twenty to
thirty meters away.

Behind them, Zachary and the others had already arrived.

Two God Realm cultivators, three Grandmaster Realm cultivators, and twenty-four werewolf warriors
formed a solid barrier, blocking Savannah and the others.

On the opposite side, the three Remdik elders stood in a triangular formation, firmly protecting
Savannah in the center.

“The Eastern Allied Army only has you two God Realm cultivators left, and yet we run right into you
after arriving. My luck is rather rotten, is it not?”

Savannah’s chuckle echoed from behind the three elders. She pushed the elder in the middle aside
and walked forward.

Her cloak had been sliced apart, revealing the only black suit left underneath.

Although it looked like a professional outfit, when paired with Savannah’s voluptuous figure, it inevitably
evoked fanciful thoughts, especially her well-developed bosom.

Even Ksana couldn’t help stealing a few glances, let alone the group of men led by Ksana, who had
fallen prey to Savannah’s charm.

Savannah stood under the scrutiny of everyone’s gazes without a hint of restraint. In fact, her gaze
toward the others carried a tinge of curiosity.

“No, perhaps I should say I’m lucky. Meeting you here saves my people the trouble of finding you. It’s
easier to just kill you guys here,” Savannah cooed. However, her eyes were filled with frigidness.


Basida Savannah, a subordinata brandishad a massiva sword and swung it at Karl’s haad.

“This won’t do!”

Ksana swiftly thraw har dual daggars to intarcapt tha blow. A mischiavous smila flittad across har faca
as sha blockad tha dascanding blada just abova Karl’s haad.

Tha sight of a two-matar-long sword baing stoppad by a daggar that was lass than a foot long
appaarad absurd to onlookars.

Unlika tha onlookars, Karl was not at all surprisad at tha sight. Ha didn’t avan spara a glanca abova his
haad. His sabar continuad its trajactory, aimad diractly at Savannah’s chast.

With a soft sound, tha sabar haltad at Savannah’s chast, slicing through har cloak.

Fists cama flying at Karl, who ratractad his sabar to guard his chast.

Taking advantaga of tha forca from tha punchas, ha fall back. Whila passing by Ksana’s sida, ha
raachad out and grabbad har arm, pulling har backward with him.

A battla axa dascandad from abova, narrowly missing Ksana’s body as it slammad into tha ground.

With a light kick at tha ground, Karl and Ksana stablad thamsalvas at a distanca of about twanty to
thirty matars away.

Bahind tham, Zachary and tha othars had alraady arrivad.

Two God Raalm cultivators, thraa Grandmastar Raalm cultivators, and twanty-four warawolf warriors
formad a solid barriar, blocking Savannah and tha othars.

On tha opposita sida, tha thraa Ramdik aldars stood in a triangular formation, firmly protacting
Savannah in tha cantar.

“Tha Eastarn Alliad Army only has you two God Raalm cultivators laft, and yat wa run right into you
aftar arriving. My luck is rathar rottan, is it not?”

Savannah’s chuckla achoad from bahind tha thraa aldars. Sha pushad tha aldar in tha middla asida
and walkad forward.

Har cloak had baan slicad apart, ravaaling tha only black suit laft undarnaath.

Although it lookad lika a profassional outfit, whan pairad with Savannah’s voluptuous figura, it inavitably
avokad fanciful thoughts, aspacially har wall-davalopad bosom.

Evan Ksana couldn’t halp staaling a faw glancas, lat alona tha group of man lad by Ksana, who had
fallan pray to Savannah’s charm.

Savannah stood undar tha scrutiny of avaryona’s gazas without a hint of rastraint. In fact, har gaza
toward tha othars carriad a tinga of curiosity.

“No, parhaps I should say I’m lucky. Maating you hara savas my paopla tha troubla of finding you. It’s
aasiar to just kill you guys hara,” Savannah cooad. Howavar, har ayas wara fillad with frigidnass.

Karl understood that this woman wasn’t just saying it casually.

“Zachary, we have to fight with everything we’ve got this time. Be prepared to die,” Karl said
impassively as he wiped his saber.

Zachary let out a chuckle in response. “If we die, so be it. Let’s make it clear. The Remdikian woman
over there is mine.”

“You can’t handle her alone,” Karl warned. “Three of you, divide the werewolves into three groups. Two
groups attack, focusing on surrounding the enemies. One group acts as a decoy, creating distractions
and providing support at any time. Ksana and I will handle the remaining two. I will do my best to kill
them and assist you. If you want to survive, prolong the battle.”

“Understood.” Zachary swung his arm in acknowledgment. “Zero, if we survive this, can you take off
your mask and let me see your face? I feel like I know you, but I can’t remember who you are. I’m really

Karl’s body stiffened slightly, and he shook his head.

“Remember, even if I die, this mask must not be removed. I—”

Before Karl could finish speaking, a broken blade had flown toward the opposing side.

Ksana clearly didn’t understand Karl and Zachary’s plan. She dashed forward without a hint of
hesitation, directly targeting Savannah on the opposite side.

“Damn it! What’s going on?” Zachary and Kane cursed at the same time.

They had been staying in constant contact with Rebecca over the communication device and delaying
the battle as they were trying to buy some time for her to position the sniper team.

Although these people were mortals, within their shooting range of about five hundred meters, they still
posed a significant threat to God Realm cultivators.

As long as Zachary and Karl could delay by a few seconds more, it would provide enough time for
Rebecca to lead nearly thirty snipers to simultaneously pull the trigger to kill Savannah and her people.

However, they had forgotten that Ksana didn’t have a communication device and was completely
unaware of their plan.

With Ksana’s strike, the whole ambush plan was ruined.

After all, once the God Realm cultivators started moving quickly, none of the snipers except Rebecca
could lock onto their targets’ positions.

“Attack!” Karl ordered, dashing to Ksana’s side.

Although their plan was ruined, Karl did not grumble. He swung his long sword directly at the cultivator
wielding a battle axe.

Karl understood that this woman wasn’t just saying it casually.

The four Remdikian cultivators immediately dispersed and intentionally created distance to avoid being
entangled in Karl and Ksana’s advances.

At that moment, although Asura’s Office appeared to have the numbers, they were at an absolute
disadvantage in terms of combat power.

Grandmaster Realm cultivators had difficulty even keeping up with the speed of God Realm cultivators,
let alone causing any significant damage to the opponents.

However, with two God Realm cultivators present, Savannah and her people couldn’t accomplish their
goal quickly. The only way was to leave two individuals to hold off Karl and Ksana, while the other two
returned to assist after killing other Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

“Don’t let them pull away! Get close!” Andy shouted.

Although their cultivation levels were lower than the four Remdikian cultivators, these Kings of War had
rich combat experience. How could they not see through the intentions of these Remdikian cultivators?

The twenty-four werewolf warriors were divided into three groups, led by Zachary and the others,
blocking the left and right sides completely.

During the exchange of fists, a werewolf warrior’s head was turned into a mist of blood.

However, before his death, the werewolf warrior tightly held onto the arm of the Remdikian cultivator,
trying to buy even a moment of time for his comrade.

A flash of electricity surged as Kane’s palm solidly struck the back of the Remdikian cultivator.

However, before the electric current in his hand could explode, he was once again repelled by a spirit
shield that suddenly appeared.

Golden patterns continuously formed on the Remdikian cultivator’s body.

Discarding the headless corpse, the Remdikian cultivator smirked and looked at Kane.

“A Grandmaster Realm cultivator, and yet you are able to break through my armor’s defense. It seems
your cultivation technique is quite special.”

The Remdikian cultivator raised his fist and didn’t hesitate to strike at Kane. However, midway through
the strike, he was sent flying.

Kane took the opportunity to dodge and turned to look behind him, only to see Rebecca had already
positioned herself about a hundred meters away.

“Is there a way to trap them? I can snipe them from this distance!”

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