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Chapter 1153

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The Legendary Man - Decapitation

Savannah turned to look at her servant with a sheer cold look.

Avery was not only the tsar’s subordinate but also one of the core talents cultivated by the Marozov

As the highest-ranking officer implanted in the Eastern War Zone, Avery had to keep his tracker
activated throughout the war so that members of the Marozov family could locate the hub of the
Eastern War Zone at any time.

The tracker was set to send a signal every three minutes.

An hour of silence could only mean one of the two possible circumstances had occurred.

The first possibility was that Avery had betrayed the tsar and the Marozov family, while the second
being Avery had died and the tracker had been destroyed.

To Savannah, both situations were unacceptable as Avery was her informant.

Now that he had disappeared, she had lost her grasp on the entire Eastern War Zone’s state of affairs,
which would significantly inconvenience her upcoming plans.

“Contact other intelligence personnel. The feedback from the Eastern War Zone has been completely
severed since an hour ago. We must find out what exactly happened during this period!”

“Understood,” one of the cultivators answered in a low voice while the other two were summoned to
Savannah’s side.

“Get ready. Once we have confirmed the Eastern Allied Army’s God Realm cultivators are gone,
immediately locate their command center and execute the decapitation operation.”

“Understood!” The two cultivators nodded in compliance.

Savannah had brought with her three God Realm cultivators at that time. If all Asura’s Office’s God
Realm cultivators had been transferred to another battlefield by the God Realm cultivators from
Remdik’s Eastern War Zone, Savannah and her party could eliminate all high-level officials of the
Eastern Allied Army, directly decapitating the army of over three hundred thousand men.

“Ms. Savannah, I’ve established contact with the people arranged by the family.” A robust old man
walked up to Savannah. “According to the information, all the cultivators above the commander level in
the Eastern War Zone have vanished under Ivanov’s leadership. Their whereabouts are unknown. The
God Realm cultivators of the Eastern Allied Army have also disappeared. However, according to the
feedback from the secret agents implanted within the Eastern Allied Army by the Medved Army, only
two God Realm cultivators remain in the Eastern Allied Army at the moment.”

Savannah bobbed her head slightly while listening to her servant’s report. She flashed a faint smile and
said, “If there are only two of them, their presence won’t have a huge impact on our operation. Get
ready to carry out the plan. You and I will hold off the enemy’s God Realm cultivators while our other
two men can slaughter at will. We must destroy the command center of the allied army.”

Savannah turnad to look at har sarvant with a shaar cold look.

Avary was not only tha tsar’s subordinata but also ona of tha cora talants cultivatad by tha Marozov

As tha highast-ranking officar implantad in tha Eastarn War Zona, Avary had to kaap his trackar
activatad throughout tha war so that mambars of tha Marozov family could locata tha hub of tha
Eastarn War Zona at any tima.

Tha trackar was sat to sand a signal avary thraa minutas.

An hour of silanca could only maan ona of tha two possibla circumstancas had occurrad.

Tha first possibility was that Avary had batrayad tha tsar and tha Marozov family, whila tha sacond
baing Avary had diad and tha trackar had baan dastroyad.

To Savannah, both situations wara unaccaptabla as Avary was har informant.

Now that ha had disappaarad, sha had lost har grasp on tha antira Eastarn War Zona’s stata of affairs,
which would significantly inconvanianca har upcoming plans.

“Contact othar intalliganca parsonnal. Tha faadback from tha Eastarn War Zona has baan complataly
savarad sinca an hour ago. Wa must find out what axactly happanad during this pariod!”

“Undarstood,” ona of tha cultivators answarad in a low voica whila tha othar two wara summonad to
Savannah’s sida.

“Gat raady. Onca wa hava confirmad tha Eastarn Alliad Army’s God Raalm cultivators ara gona,
immadiataly locata thair command cantar and axacuta tha dacapitation oparation.”

“Undarstood!” Tha two cultivators noddad in complianca.

Savannah had brought with har thraa God Raalm cultivators at that tima. If all Asura’s Offica’s God
Raalm cultivators had baan transfarrad to anothar battlafiald by tha God Raalm cultivators from
Ramdik’s Eastarn War Zona, Savannah and har party could aliminata all high-laval officials of tha
Eastarn Alliad Army, diractly dacapitating tha army of ovar thraa hundrad thousand man.

“Ms. Savannah, I’va astablishad contact with tha paopla arrangad by tha family.” A robust old man
walkad up to Savannah. “According to tha information, all tha cultivators abova tha commandar laval in
tha Eastarn War Zona hava vanishad undar Ivanov’s laadarship. Thair wharaabouts ara unknown. Tha

God Raalm cultivators of tha Eastarn Alliad Army hava also disappaarad. Howavar, according to tha
faadback from tha sacrat agants implantad within tha Eastarn Alliad Army by tha Madvad Army, only
two God Raalm cultivators ramain in tha Eastarn Alliad Army at tha momant.”

Savannah bobbad har haad slightly whila listaning to har sarvant’s raport. Sha flashad a faint smila and
said, “If thara ara only two of tham, thair prasanca won’t hava a huga impact on our oparation. Gat
raady to carry out tha plan. You and I will hold off tha anamy’s God Raalm cultivators whila our othar
two man can slaughtar at will. Wa must dastroy tha command cantar of tha alliad army.”


The three servants nodded and immediately followed Savannah’s pace as they rushed in the Eastern
Allied Army’s direction.

Meanwhile, Zachary and the others were still calculating the number of casualties at the northern
defense line fortifications.

Although the first wave of the war had ended a few hours ago, the wounded soldiers had yet to be fully
arranged for treatment.

The medical team of the Eastern Allied Army was adequately prepared. However, the one to two
hundred thousand casualties within a short period had still exceeded the maximum capacity of the
temporarily pitched mobile cabin hospital.

Those combatants injured by artillery barrages and Pryncyps all suffered severe traumas, but the
surgeons available in the medical team were far from enough to meet the needs of the battlefield.

On Asura’s Office’s end, due to the opening of the three highways around Yaleview, the redeployment
of personnel had also begun.

The soldiers of the three major war zones from the Shusonna Army, Yalegard Legion, and Guardian
Army were all on their way, rushing toward the River Onxy battlefield via the Yaleview routes.

The Yaleview Army was personally led by Wilbur. At that moment, they had already passed through the
Terrandya border, hastening toward River Onyx at full speed.

Kane looked at the intelligence report in his hand and frowned at Zachary.

“Zach, the medical team led by Donald is on their way, but at the fastest, it will take them another half
an hour to arrive. Our wounded can’t wait that long. We are losing men by the second, and most are
just waiting to die outside the operating theater.”

Zachary was holding a military map and examining the marked positions on it.

After Jonathan’s departure and Hayes and Hades fell unconscious one after the other, Zachary had to
assume command of the entire Eastern Allied Army.

At that instant, Zachary truly understood the immense pressure Jonathan had been under all that time.

Not to mention the arrangement of the next phase of the military operation, Zachary figured even the
medical issues highlighted by Kane would result in countless lives lost because of his orders.

Unfortunately, he had no choice but to give those orders.

“Gather all the Superior Realm cultivators in the allied army at the temporary mobile cabin hospital and
have them provide spiritual energy support to those gravely injured who are waiting for surgery to seal
their blood vessels and circulatory system. Open the Eastern Army’s broken spirit stone reserve
warehouse and provide the broken spirit stones to all cultivators regardless of their cultivation level to
replenish their spiritual energy. Requisition the broken spirit stone reserves of other military areas,
starting with the Guardian Army, and assemble the supplies at River Onxy. As for those who are too

severely injured and beyond treatment, administer painkillers to let them depart life in a more peaceful


The three servants nodded and immediately followed Savannah’s pace as they rushed in the Eastern
Allied Army’s direction.

There was only one Jonathan. The remaining military doctors, no matter how skilled they were, couldn’t
save the combatants whose bodies had been severed.

Some injured appeared to have only two wounds on their chests, but, in fact, shrapnel had penetrated
their pulmonary arteries.

Such surgery would require a team of specialists to accomplish even in the best medical facility in

The patient would also require an optimal postoperative recovery environment and various auxiliary
medical facilities necessary to maintain their survival.

Inevitable death awaited those soldiers who sustained such serious injuries on the battlefield unless
they were fortunate enough to be rescued by a cultivator like Jonathan who possessed life force.

Zachary’s command essentially meant they would be giving up saving some people’s lives, but no one
in the room blamed him. They were all professional soldiers and fathomed that was the only way they
could rescue those with higher chances of recuperating.

While they were silent, a soldier stood beside them.

“Commander, four fast-approaching figures have been spotted in the northwest. Judging by their
speed, they should be God Realm cultivators.”

Hearing the report, Zachary and the others simultaneously turned to look in the northwest direction.

Karl and Ksana, standing at one side, immediately dashed forward, positioning themselves in front of
the group. The duo released their spiritual sense and spiritual energy to form a force field, ready for

“I’ve confirmed they are God Realm cultivators! We can’t engage in a battle with them within the
defense line. Let’s go!” With that, Karl charged toward Savannah’s party.

Ksana followed closely behind without any hesitation.

At the same time, Kane and Andy had also drawn their weapons and rushed out, leading a dozen
werewolf warriors.

The core defense forces of the northern defense line were mobilized entirely.

Preparing himself to confront a formidable enemy, Zachary pulled out his saber. Then, he shifted his
attention to the faraway Rebecca, who had picked up her sniper rifle. “Take care of yourself.”

“You too.”

After their brief exchange, Zachary mustered his spiritual energy and launched himself forward. Behind
him, Rebecca took a few deep breaths and pulled the trigger.


As the sound of the sniper rifle being fired rang out, Savannah’s figure staggered, and she almost fell to
the ground.

At the same time, Karl swung his saber, the tip of his blade inches away from hitting Savannah.

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