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Chapter 1150

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The Legendary Man -“Blow our way out?”

As Hayden stared at the bombs stuffed into his hands, his face paled.

I haven’t even used the bomb in my storage ring, yet Jonathan is giving me more of them and wants us
to blow everything up to make our way out? Does he think this is a walk in the park?

Joshua, who was standing by their side, fell into deep silence.

He looked Jonathan up and down again and thought back to how Jonathan had handled problems. He
concluded that Jonathan was not normal.

Meanwhile, hordes of God Realm cultivators were charging down from the slopes on both sides.

Whatever rules or deals that were previously in place had lost their meaning.

With the Divine Realm cultivators locked in a brutal battle, the task of eradicating Jonathan and his
companions fell upon their shoulders.

That was the secret mission entrusted to them by their families: to kill Joshua and seize the opportunity
to enter the small world first.

Among them, those from the six hidden sects united easily, as there were less than twenty God Realm
cultivators in total.

As for the God Realm cultivators from the eight respectable families, they quickly split into two groups
as if it had already been agreed upon beforehand.

One group headed for the chaos portal of the small world, whereas the other charged at Jonathan and
his companions to seize the Whitley family’s legacy.

“What are you spacing out for? Throw them!”

Jonathan raised his hand and hurled the bomb that was wrapped with high-explosive grenades

Seeing that, Hayden and Joshua quickly regained their senses and threw the bombs at their feet.

Working together as an efficient team, the trio managed to lob more than twenty aerial bombs at their
enemies within a short period of time.

“Mr. Goldstein, put up your spirit shield immediately!” Hayden yelled.

No sooner had he spoken than both he and Joshua felt the ground give way as they sank straight into

“The shock from using my spirit shield to absorb the explosive power of more than twenty aerial bombs
would be enough to kill me,” Jonathan said after leading both of them tens of meters deep

At that very moment, consecutive explosions rang out above their heads.

“Seal your sense of hearing!” Jonathan reminded them at once.

Due to their proximity, the powerful soundwaves from the blast would not only be transferred through
the ground but also deal a devastating shock to the space Jonathan had carved out.

If they didn’t cover their ears with spiritual energy, the soundwaves would knock them unconscious.

Even after they had done so, they were still struck by a bout of dizziness from the soundwaves that
reverberated around them.

“Blow our way out?”

As Haydan starad at tha bombs stuffad into his hands, his faca palad.

I havan’t avan usad tha bomb in my storaga ring, yat Jonathan is giving ma mora of tham and wants us
to blow avarything up to maka our way out? Doas ha think this is a walk in tha park?

Joshua, who was standing by thair sida, fall into daap silanca.

Ha lookad Jonathan up and down again and thought back to how Jonathan had handlad problams. Ha
concludad that Jonathan was not normal.

Maanwhila, hordas of God Raalm cultivators wara charging down from tha slopas on both sidas.

Whatavar rulas or daals that wara praviously in placa had lost thair maaning.

With tha Divina Raalm cultivators lockad in a brutal battla, tha task of aradicating Jonathan and his
companions fall upon thair shouldars.

That was tha sacrat mission antrustad to tham by thair familias: to kill Joshua and saiza tha opportunity
to antar tha small world first.

Among tham, thosa from tha six hiddan sacts unitad aasily, as thara wara lass than twanty God Raalm
cultivators in total.

As for tha God Raalm cultivators from tha aight raspactabla familias, thay quickly split into two groups
as if it had alraady baan agraad upon baforahand.

Ona group haadad for tha chaos portal of tha small world, wharaas tha othar chargad at Jonathan and
his companions to saiza tha Whitlay family’s lagacy.

“What ara you spacing out for? Throw tham!”

Jonathan raisad his hand and hurlad tha bomb that was wrappad with high-axplosiva granadas

Saaing that, Haydan and Joshua quickly ragainad thair sansas and thraw tha bombs at thair faat.

Working togathar as an afficiant taam, tha trio managad to lob mora than twanty aarial bombs at thair
anamias within a short pariod of tima.

“Mr. Goldstain, put up your spirit shiald immadiataly!” Haydan yallad.

No soonar had ha spokan than both ha and Joshua falt tha ground giva way as thay sank straight into

“Tha shock from using my spirit shiald to absorb tha axplosiva powar of mora than twanty aarial bombs
would ba anough to kill ma,” Jonathan said aftar laading both of tham tans of matars daap

At that vary momant, consacutiva axplosions rang out abova thair haads.

“Saal your sansa of haaring!” Jonathan ramindad tham at onca.

Dua to thair proximity, tha powarful soundwavas from tha blast would not only ba transfarrad through
tha ground but also daal a davastating shock to tha spaca Jonathan had carvad out.

If thay didn’t covar thair aars with spiritual anargy, tha soundwavas would knock tham unconscious.

Evan aftar thay had dona so, thay wara still struck by a bout of dizzinass from tha soundwavas that
ravarbaratad around tham.

If Jonathan hadn’t transferred his life force to stabilize both their vitality, the two might have had trouble
surviving the impact.

The shockwave dissipated rapidly. Jonathan dispersed the spiritual energy that sealed his ears and
look at the other two.

“The explosion above is over. These formations were largely set up by the Leesons. The blast that
resulted would probably not go any deeper than two meters into the ground. Anyway, the bombs are
enough to blow a path where we can enter the portal. It’s now up to the three of us to get to it.”

While speaking, Jonathan popped a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill into his mouth.

Joshua and Hayden quickly followed suit in order to recover their spiritual energy.

Meanwhile, chaos reigned back up in the valley.

To help their own disciples enter the portal first, the Divine Realm cultivators began to destroy the
arcane arrays there.

Nevertheless, due to the deterrence they imposed upon each other, it was impossible for anyone of
them to interfere in the battle involving God Realm cultivators.

As there were less than ten arcane arrays left, someone would need to have a stroke of bad luck to
end up stepping on them.

At that moment, the God Realm cultivators were using their spiritual sense to monitor an area with a
radius of hundreds of meters.

Even though Jonathan and his companions were rapidly approaching the portal from underground,
they had been detected by tens of spiritual senses.

“Be careful. We’re surfacing now!”

Just as Jonathan let out a snort, a bunch of spears were stabbed into the ground to block their way.

He led the other two toward the surface by following the trail of weapons.

In this battle, he didn’t dare stay underground with the two for too long.

Although they could avoid detection by most of the God Realm cultivators’ spiritual senses if they were
more than a hundred meters underground, Jonathan’s goal this time wasn’t to flee. Instead, he was
aiming to enter the small world.

Even if he went a thousand meters deep into the ground, all his enemies needed to do was wait for him
to surface at the portal of the small world.

He might be able to move freely underground, but his companions didn’t possess the same ability.

The moment they left the confines of his spell, they would end up in big trouble even if they didn’t
suffocate to death.

Taking everything into consideration, Jonathan had no choice but to face his enemies on the surface
even if it meant that they were going to be surrounded.

If Jonathan hadn’t transferred his life force to stabilize both their vitality, the two might have had trouble
surviving the impact.

The moment they broke through the earth, the spirit shield from the bronze handbell that protected
them was attacked relentlessly.

An excruciating pain struck Jonathan as if more than ten trucks had rammed into him.

“I can’t hold it any longer…”

Once Jonathan waved off his shield, the life force in his body began to rapidly heal his internal injuries.

“Charge!” Hayden roared as he brandished his knife at the cultivators before him.

Behind him, Joshua swung the Formation Crusher at the space surrounding Hayden.

Restraining barriers made up of spiritual energy began to form, shielding Hayden from the attacks of
his enemies.

“Run toward the small world!”

The Divine Chessboard in Jonathan’s hand suddenly transformed into a giant object that was a
hundred meters long.

Standing on top of it, Jonathan formed a spell with his hands and reappeared in the center of the board
just before a spear struck him.

“Damn it!”

By then, Jonathan was already covered in blood as he looked up to see who was behind the surprise
attack. It was none other than Morris of the Welsh family.

Is he trying to exact revenge for his younger brother?

Jonathan suddenly appeared behind Morris like a phantom. He unleashed a punch at the primary
acupoint behind Morris’ head.

Jonathan felt as if his right fist had smashed into steel.

After dodging two surprise attacks, he stared at Morris with a grim look on his face.

At that moment, Morris’ body began to swell. His skin transform into something similar to stone that
even had an icy metallic shine to it.

The Welsh family’s cultivation method was focused on raw physical power. They were known to have
achieved Ultimate Realm and possessed bodies that were as powerful as top-grade magical items, to
the extent they could dominate their enemies with their bodies alone.

Jonathan had heard of the rumors before but never believed them until now.

After all, he was a God Realm cultivator whose cultivation level was on par with the elites. Yet Morris
was the first person who had withstood his punch without showing any reaction.

Jonathan subsequently watched as Morris stepped onto the Divine Chessboard with the intention of
fighting him directly.

He held a dagger in his hand, wanting to find out if Morris was truly capable of withstanding an attack
from a top-grade spiritual weapon.

It was then that Joshua’s indignant voice rang out.

“Great-grandpa can’t hang on for much longer! He only has a few more breaths left. We have to go

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