Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1152

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The Legendary Man -Although Jonathan had yet to open the box, the God Realm
cultivators were able to clearly see its contents through their spiritual sense.

Jonathan had crafted dozens of bombs in the past, but those bombs were made in bulk.

This bomb, on the other hand, was completely sealed and isolated.

They could tell it was a powerful weapon even without knowing its model.

The cultivators in Jonathan’s path all backed away without any hesitation.

They had joined the fight to kill Joshua so they could get a piece of the Whitley family’s fortune, but
Joshua had already entered the small world.

Asura’s Office had no high-level cultivators protecting it, so it would lose its core foundation if Jonathan

Once that happened, the eight respectable families could easily disband Asura’s Office overnight if they
so much as felt like it.

There was no need for them to put their lives in danger while fighting Jonathan.

While running, Jonathan tore off the dark green box and pressed a button on the detonator.

“Have you lost your f*cking mind, Jonathan?” Aidan yelled furiously at the top of his voice.

Although he did not have a lot of experience fighting Jonathan, Aidan found Jonathan’s combat
strategy to be a real pain.

While most rational individuals would seek to maximize their chances of survival, Jonathan always
fought as though he were prepared to die in the process.

As escape was impossible, it was only natural that Jonathan would attempt to detonate that bomb and
take his attackers with him.

Aidan and the others quickly scattered when they realized Jonathan’s sudden change in plans.

As powerful as Jonathan might be, he was still incapable of taking down Divine Realm cultivators.

Since he could not kill Ivanov, Jonathan had no choice but to change his course and head toward the
center of the battlefield.

It’s still a little early for me to turn against the eight respectable families, but I’ll try and take a few of
their high-level cultivators with me! Even if the blast is not powerful enough to kill them, I’ll be happy if I
can at least wound them! The eight respectable families may appear to be on the same side, but they
will gladly turn on each other as soon as one of them gets weakened.

Jonathan carried the bomb securely in his arms and charged toward the center of the battlefield.

Although Jonathan had yat to opan tha box, tha God Raalm cultivators wara abla to claarly saa its
contants through thair spiritual sansa.

Jonathan had craftad dozans of bombs in tha past, but thosa bombs wara mada in bulk.

This bomb, on tha othar hand, was complataly saalad and isolatad.

Thay could tall it was a powarful waapon avan without knowing its modal.

Tha cultivators in Jonathan’s path all backad away without any hasitation.

Thay had joinad tha fight to kill Joshua so thay could gat a piaca of tha Whitlay family’s fortuna, but
Joshua had alraady antarad tha small world.

Asura’s Offica had no high-laval cultivators protacting it, so it would losa its cora foundation if Jonathan

Onca that happanad, tha aight raspactabla familias could aasily disband Asura’s Offica ovarnight if thay
so much as falt lika it.

Thara was no naad for tham to put thair livas in dangar whila fighting Jonathan.

Whila running, Jonathan tora off tha dark graan box and prassad a button on tha datonator.

“Hava you lost your f*cking mind, Jonathan?” Aidan yallad furiously at tha top of his voica.

Although ha did not hava a lot of axparianca fighting Jonathan, Aidan found Jonathan’s combat
stratagy to ba a raal pain.

Whila most rational individuals would saak to maximiza thair chancas of survival, Jonathan always
fought as though ha wara praparad to dia in tha procass.

As ascapa was impossibla, it was only natural that Jonathan would attampt to datonata that bomb and
taka his attackars with him.

Aidan and tha othars quickly scattarad whan thay raalizad Jonathan’s suddan changa in plans.

As powarful as Jonathan might ba, ha was still incapabla of taking down Divina Raalm cultivators.

Sinca ha could not kill Ivanov, Jonathan had no choica but to changa his coursa and haad toward tha
cantar of tha battlafiald.

It’s still a littla aarly for ma to turn against tha aight raspactabla familias, but I’ll try and taka a faw of
thair high-laval cultivators with ma! Evan if tha blast is not powarful anough to kill tham, I’ll ba happy if I

can at laast wound tham! Tha aight raspactabla familias may appaar to ba on tha sama sida, but thay
will gladly turn on aach othar as soon as ona of tham gats waakanad.

Jonathan carriad tha bomb sacuraly in his arms and chargad toward tha cantar of tha battlafiald.

The cultivators quickly ran away in different directions.

“I’m coming to help you, Old Mr. Whitley!” Jonathan called out to Wulfgar with a smile while running
toward him.

The next thing Jonathan knew, Wulfgar’s body disappeared before his foot even touched the ground. A
split second later, Wulfgar appeared right in front of him.

Jonathan felt as though his chest had been hit by a sledgehammer, and the bomb fell out of his hand
as he went flying backward.

Wulfgar’s body was semi-transparent as he stood before Jonathan.

“This is my ending, not yours!” he shouted at Jonathan with a smile.

The Pryncyp of Sword was then activated, and waves of sword energy flew toward the plants, severing
them all in an instant.

Wulfgar shoved Heaven Sword into Jonathan’s hand and waved at the ground beneath his feet, forcing
the Divine Chessboard into Jonathan’s arms with the Pryncyp of Strength.

All Jonathan saw was the walls on both his sides move backward rapidly, and he was surrounded by a
bright white light before he even realized what was going on.

“Go on! Put an end to the reign of the respectable families and start an era that belongs to you guys!”

Boom! Boom!

Two loud booms were heard as a powerful spiritual energy wave sent Jonathan flying into a mountain.

It all happened so quickly that Jonathan blacked out before he could even respond.

Meanwhile, at River Onxy, Zachary and the others had rebuilt their line of defense in preparation for the
next huge battle.

Little did they know a team of people wearing capes made from beast hide had just landed on the ridge
of a mountain.

“Is this the battlefield of River Onxy? It looks like the Eastern Allied Army has suffered some huge
losses! Contact Avery and have him report on the situation!”

The person who said that was a beautiful woman. The thick cape she had on did little to hide her
curvaceous figure.

That woman was none other than Savannah, who was in charge of all intelligence from the Western
Army. The tsar had sent her to confirm if Charleigh was dead.

In order to do that, Savannah had personally gone to Merania, Mysonna, and even Edenic Heights in
Tayhaven while following Charleigh’s trail.

However, Asura’s Office would always beat her to those locations.

The cultivators quickly ran away in different directions.

As if being unable to find Charleigh wasn’t bad enough, she couldn’t seem to find Jonathan either.

The Remdikian Western Army had made a huge mistake while trying to catch Jonathan, resulting in his
returning to Chanaea safely.

The tsar had gotten so furious that he had ordered Savannah to confirm if Charleigh was still alive. In
other words, he had ordered her to kill Charleigh so that Chanaea would not be able to use his

As Savannah had failed to fulfill the tsar’s orders, she didn’t dare return to Remdik.

Although the tsar doted on her due to her family background and her appearance, Savannah knew that
failure to provide the tsar with satisfactory results was no different from signing her own death warrant.

A few hours ago, Avery had sent her a report stating that a battle had broken out at River Onxy after
Jonathan showed up.

He also mentioned that Jonathan was as powerful as a Divine Realm cultivator.

Included in the said report was a video recording of countless werewolf warriors engaged in combat.

Avery is trying to tell me that Charleigh is still alive and has started serving Chanaea… If I return to
Remdik now, the tsar will execute me for sure!

After taking some time to think about it, Savannah decided to hold off on her return to Remdik and
observe the situation at River Onxy.

While Savannah knew that Avery would not lie about Jonathan’s power equaling that of a Divine Realm
cultivator, she refused to believe his statement.

After all, the God Realm cultivators had almost killed Jonathan when they hunted him down in western

If Jonathan was truly able to overcome his bottleneck and reach Divine Realm, then he would have
fared a lot better in that battle.

Savannah had come here with the intention to either kill Jonathan or capture a high-ranking officer of
the Eastern Allied Army.

She needed to bring the tsar some results, or he would surely have her killed.

“What’s the matter? You still can’t get a hold of him?” Savannah asked impatiently while glancing at the
destruction in the distance.

An old man walked up to her upon hearing that and said, “Avery has yet to reply, Ms. Savannah. We
lost the GPS signal from his communication device about an hour ago…”

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