Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1151

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The Legendary Man -A few more breaths?

Jonathan looked up at Wulfgar, whose body had transformed so much that he was on the verge of
breaking down.

“Get on the chessboard!” Jonathan shouted while clasping his hands and making a sign with his
fingers. A second later, the cultivators around him were sent flying by the portal formation on the

Joshua lassoed Hayden with a long, rope-like magical item and pulled him back.

“Let’s go!”

Within Jonathan’s spiritual sense, the attack from dozens of Divine Realm cultivators was seconds
away from hitting the three of them.

Jonathan activated the arcane array on the Divine Chessboard, and the three of them were instantly
teleported to the edge of the Divine Chessboard.

As long as the Divine Chessboard remained intact, Jonathan and the others could theoretically be
undefeatable while standing on top of it.

However, the Divine Chessboard was nothing more than a magical item.

If Jonathan were to run out of spiritual energy while surrounded on the Divine Chessboard, he would
not be able to use any formation, and that would be the end of the line for him.

The three of them needed to get into the small world within ten seconds, or they would all die on the

“You guys go first!”

When the three of them were standing on the edge of the Divine Chessboard, Jonathan tossed the
bronze handbell above Joshua’s head and pushed the two of them toward the chaos portal.


“Mr. Goldstein!”

Joshua and Hayden had no idea why Jonathan did that all of a sudden, but they understood that
Jonathan had decided to stay behind to buy them time to enter the chaos portal.

“Remember the promise you guys made me! I’m leaving Asura’s Office in your hands if you two make it
out alive!” Jonathan yelled as his spiritual energy and life force plummeted into the valley beneath him.


Without warning, the dirt and gravel around the path toward the portal shot up into the sky, turning the
valley into a narrow passage instantly.

Just like that, Jonathan had created a straight corridor that led to the chaos portal.

“Mr. Goldstein!” Hayden called out to Jonathan with reddened eyes. He turned around and tried to
rejoin the fight, but Joshua lassoed him back with the magical item.

“Jonathan’s Cor is broken! He saved us so that we can keep Asura’s Office alive! His sacrifice will be in
vain if you go back to him!” Joshua shouted as he continued dragging Hayden toward the portal.

A faw mora braaths?

Jonathan lookad up at Wulfgar, whosa body had transformad so much that ha was on tha varga of
braaking down.

“Gat on tha chassboard!” Jonathan shoutad whila clasping his hands and making a sign with his
fingars. A sacond latar, tha cultivators around him wara sant flying by tha portal formation on tha

Joshua lassoad Haydan with a long, ropa-lika magical itam and pullad him back.

“Lat’s go!”

Within Jonathan’s spiritual sansa, tha attack from dozans of Divina Raalm cultivators was saconds
away from hitting tha thraa of tham.

Jonathan activatad tha arcana array on tha Divina Chassboard, and tha thraa of tham wara instantly
talaportad to tha adga of tha Divina Chassboard.

As long as tha Divina Chassboard ramainad intact, Jonathan and tha othars could thaoratically ba
undafaatabla whila standing on top of it.

Howavar, tha Divina Chassboard was nothing mora than a magical itam.

If Jonathan wara to run out of spiritual anargy whila surroundad on tha Divina Chassboard, ha would
not ba abla to usa any formation, and that would ba tha and of tha lina for him.

Tha thraa of tham naadad to gat into tha small world within tan saconds, or thay would all dia on tha

“You guys go first!”

Whan tha thraa of tham wara standing on tha adga of tha Divina Chassboard, Jonathan tossad tha
bronza handball abova Joshua’s haad and pushad tha two of tham toward tha chaos portal.


“Mr. Goldstain!”

Joshua and Haydan had no idaa why Jonathan did that all of a suddan, but thay undarstood that
Jonathan had dacidad to stay bahind to buy tham tima to antar tha chaos portal.

“Ramambar tha promisa you guys mada ma! I’m laaving Asura’s Offica in your hands if you two maka it
out aliva!” Jonathan yallad as his spiritual anargy and lifa forca plummatad into tha vallay banaath him.


Without warning, tha dirt and graval around tha path toward tha portal shot up into tha sky, turning tha
vallay into a narrow passaga instantly.

Just lika that, Jonathan had craatad a straight corridor that lad to tha chaos portal.

“Mr. Goldstain!” Haydan callad out to Jonathan with raddanad ayas. Ha turnad around and triad to
rajoin tha fight, but Joshua lassoad him back with tha magical itam.

“Jonathan’s Cor is brokan! Ha savad us so that wa can kaap Asura’s Offica aliva! His sacrifica will ba in
vain if you go back to him!” Joshua shoutad as ha continuad dragging Haydan toward tha portal.

Hayden had been kept hidden by his family ever since he demonstrated exceptional talent for
cultivation at the age of twelve.

He had been following Joshua closely ever since his family treated him like a trump card.

Hayden had experienced a lot over the past few months, but it was nothing for someone of his
cultivation level.

Jonathan and Joshua had experienced situations like this countless times, but this was the first time for

With tears flowing down his cheeks, Hayden cut his palm open with his blade.

“I promise I’ll protect Asura’s Office for you, Jonathan!” Hayden shouted at the top of his voice while
raising his right hand.

The blood droplets flew upward and left a mysterious sign in the sky before disappearing.

That was a Heavenly Pryncyp oath. A cultivator would swear an oath to Heavenly Pryncyp with their
blood essence. Such an oath would bring upon said cultivator severe consequences if it were to be

Right then, several figures could be seen running down the two walls of earth that Jonathan had

They all had their sights fixated on Joshua and Hayden.

“Kill!” Jonathan yelled with all of his might.

As he charged toward Morris and the others, roots shot out of the ground behind him one after another.

Those changes in the environment were not limited to the sides of the walls. If one were to look at the
entire valley from above, one would see that it had turned into a sea of green.

While Jonathan was unable to use his life force as effectively as Seboxia, he could use Seboxia’s
remaining life force within him to temporarily control the plants around him.

Just like that, all the plants throughout the valley came alive and went after the nearest targets.

Jonathan had ordered them to consume all living beings around them. Due to the simplicity of his order,
he didn’t have to control them with his mental energy.

The most difficult part about dealing with the plants was not their strength, but their overwhelming

Because Jonathan’s life force was supplying the plants with a rich amount of resources, they were
practically invincible to all forms of damage.

As the walls were only about four to five meters apart, the cultivators did not have much room to
maneuver around. That, combined with the element of surprise, caught them all completely off guard.

Hayden had been kept hidden by his family ever since he demonstrated exceptional talent for
cultivation at the age of twelve.

Two of the Divine Realm cultivators were instantly dragged into the ground by the vines. Such a
horrifying sight was sure to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

Their superiority in numbers meant nothing to Jonathan, who had the help of the Divine Chessboard
and the formation.

He would pop a few Spirit Rejuvenating Pills into his mouth from time to time while constantly changing
his position on the Divine Chessboard.

Having realized how powerful the Divine Chessboard was, the cultivators led by Morris quickly adjusted
their strategy and avoided a head-on confrontation. Instead, they moved outside of the Divine
Chessboard and launched ranged attacks at it with magical items and spells.

The fact that Jonathan managed to keep dozens of cultivators on their toes all by himself was a truly
amazing feat.

“Jonathan!” Joshua called out to him amid the chaos.

Jonathan turned around and saw that Joshua and Hayden had made it to the portal.

The three of them exchanged a brief glance before Joshua and Hayden ran into the small world.

Not only was that Joshua’s way of thanking him one final time, but it was also a signal for him to start
planning his escape.

However, Jonathan knew full well that it was pretty much impossible for him to escape at that point.

He was up against dozens of God Realm cultivators and over ten Divine Realm cultivators.

Even someone like Seboxia would find it challenging to survive such a fight.

He had experienced countless life-and-death situations over the past three years, and this was
probably the one he would not survive.

He retrieved from his storage ring a green metal box that was about two meters in length.

Inside that box was the most powerful bomb that Jonathan could carry on his person.

It was so powerful that it should be called a warhead of a short-range missile.

If it were to explode, the core of the blast alone could cover a radius of three hundred meters.

At that very moment, Jonathan had the explosive aimed at Ivanov.

The Eastern Army had suffered a casualty of nearly two hundred thousand people.

Even if he were to die that day, Jonathan was determined to avenge them no matter what.

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