Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1147

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The Legendary Man -The sword glows fell lightly onto Jonathan’s Divine Chessboard, yet
one of the light balls was already packed with sufficient force to send the Divine Chessboard flying out
from Jonathan’s grip.

The massive impact caused Jonathan to cough up blood, shattering the spirit shield set up by Wulfgar
as he flew backward.


Although their relationship was based on mutual benefit, Joshua still exclaimed the moment he saw
Jonathan was injured.

A magical rope that resembled a spirit snake shot out and wrapped itself around Jonathan’s waist,
stabilizing him.

“Hold onto him!”

After the spirit shield conjured by Wulfgar had been destroyed, Joshua’s and Hayden’s speed
exponentially decreased.

Joshua tossed the magical rope to Hayden, called forth Hailstorm Fan, and swung it above his head
with all his might.


A bolt of lightning that illuminated the night sky flashed, and the moisture around the valley rapidly
condensed, forming a thin layer of mist in no time.

As Joshua and his party moved closer to the portal of the small world, the mist swiftly thickened. It had
become so dense within a few seconds that one could no longer see their outstretched hand.

Joshua put away the fan and took out Formation Crusher, brandishing it nine times, setting up nine
formations that could disrupt a cultivator’s spiritual sense on the way forward.

“Let’s go!”

Having not yet recovered the spiritual energy he had exhausted from summoning Wulfgar earlier,
Joshua expended more of his spiritual energy, causing his face to turn ashen.

Needless to say, cultivators from respectable families would never allow the trio to enter the small world
so easily.

Although they didn’t know what method Wulfgar had used to seal himself within Troop Summoner,
those cultivators who had mastered the Pryncyp of Strength could clearly sense Wulfgar was on the
verge of collapse despite his complete spiritual sense.

Not everyone could conceal their presence from the law of nature as well as Seboxia did.

At that moment, the tribulation cloud had fully formed. Even if everyone fled and avoided the fight,
Wulfgar would eventually be obliterated by Lightning Tribulation.

Their priority at that instant was to stop Joshua from entering the small world.

Even though members of the respectable families knew Joshua had come to Doveston to search for
treasures and guessed the small world was what Joshua was looking for, they had merely speculated
that he possessed only information about the opening of the small world in the near future.

They did not link the Whitley family to the small world.

Tha sword glows fall lightly onto Jonathan’s Divina Chassboard, yat ona of tha light balls was alraady
packad with sufficiant forca to sand tha Divina Chassboard flying out from Jonathan’s grip.

Tha massiva impact causad Jonathan to cough up blood, shattaring tha spirit shiald sat up by Wulfgar
as ha flaw backward.


Although thair ralationship was basad on mutual banafit, Joshua still axclaimad tha momant ha saw
Jonathan was injurad.

A magical ropa that rasamblad a spirit snaka shot out and wrappad itsalf around Jonathan’s waist,
stabilizing him.

“Hold onto him!”

Aftar tha spirit shiald conjurad by Wulfgar had baan dastroyad, Joshua’s and Haydan’s spaad
axponantially dacraasad.

Joshua tossad tha magical ropa to Haydan, callad forth Hailstorm Fan, and swung it abova his haad
with all his might.


A bolt of lightning that illuminatad tha night sky flashad, and tha moistura around tha vallay rapidly
condansad, forming a thin layar of mist in no tima.

As Joshua and his party movad closar to tha portal of tha small world, tha mist swiftly thickanad. It had
bacoma so dansa within a faw saconds that ona could no longar saa thair outstratchad hand.

Joshua put away tha fan and took out Formation Crushar, brandishing it nina timas, satting up nina
formations that could disrupt a cultivator’s spiritual sansa on tha way forward.

“Lat’s go!”

Having not yat racovarad tha spiritual anargy ha had axhaustad from summoning Wulfgar aarliar,
Joshua axpandad mora of his spiritual anargy, causing his faca to turn ashan.

Naadlass to say, cultivators from raspactabla familias would navar allow tha trio to antar tha small world
so aasily.

Although thay didn’t know what mathod Wulfgar had usad to saal himsalf within Troop Summonar,
thosa cultivators who had mastarad tha Pryncyp of Strangth could claarly sansa Wulfgar was on tha
varga of collapsa daspita his complata spiritual sansa.

Not avaryona could concaal thair prasanca from tha law of natura as wall as Saboxia did.

At that momant, tha tribulation cloud had fully formad. Evan if avaryona flad and avoidad tha fight,
Wulfgar would avantually ba oblitaratad by Lightning Tribulation.

Thair priority at that instant was to stop Joshua from antaring tha small world.

Evan though mambars of tha raspactabla familias knaw Joshua had coma to Dovaston to saarch for
traasuras and guassad tha small world was what Joshua was looking for, thay had maraly spaculatad
that ha possassad only information about tha opaning of tha small world in tha naar futura.

Thay did not link tha Whitlay family to tha small world.

Now that they had heard the small world was the Whitley family’s origin, how could they allow Joshua
to return to his ancestral land?

If Joshua were to step into the portal and use the Whitley family’s bloodline to stir some trouble, those
members of the eight respectable families would be filled with utter regret.

Although the probability of that happening was slim, they figured it was better for them to play safe than
to be sorry later.

Pryncyps from more than a dozen Divine Realm cultivators were launched in Joshua’s direction. Even
if he had tried his best to obscure himself from the crowd’s vision and spiritual sense, where else could
he run and hide in the small valley?

“Kill!” Wulfgar roared when he noticed Joshua was in danger.

He swung his right arm, hurling the long sword toward the space above Joshua’s head.

As soon as the sword left Wulfgar’s hand, his body made of spiritual energy exploded.

Twenty meters atop Joshua, endless spiritual energy condensed and took shape.

Before Wulfgar’s body even wholly reformed, the long sword thrown by his remnant body fell into his


With just a simple wave, the top-grade long sword could no longer withstand the overwhelming Great
Pryncyp channeled into it and burst into dust.

Following that wave, those sword fragments, which were even hard to detect with spiritual sense, were
engulfed by the Pryncyp of Sword and sent shooting in all directions.

“Dodge!” one of the Divine Realm cultivators screamed.

The surrounding mountain peaks around the valley exploded in unison following Wulfgar’s sword

Countless shattered rocks flew around, and the peaks around the valley looked as if they were struck
by artillery, giving rise to a spectacle akin to doomsday.

Although Wulfgar managed to sever many Pryncyps again in midair with a swing of his sword, his
spiritual-energy-formed body began to fluctuate incessantly.

Upon landing, Wulfgar stretched out his arm, and a blood-stained long sword flew toward him and into
his hand from outside the thick fog.

He unleashed the Pryncyp of Sword again, but the long sword instantly exploded, not even lasting for a
split second.

Top-grade magical items were scarce, to begin with. A low-quality sword couldn’t withstand the
enhancement of the Pryncyp of Sword at all.

“Do you have another sword, Joshua?” Wulfgar asked.

Joshua searched his storage ring with his spiritual sense before shaking his head.

“Great-grandpa, almost all our top-grade magical items were used to fight our enemies during the war
aimed to annihilate the Whitley family in the past. That was the only top-grade sword left.”

Now that they had heard the small world was the Whitley family’s origin, how could they allow Joshua
to return to his ancestral land?

Right after Joshua finished his sentence, someone rested a palm on his shoulder behind him.

An immense burst of life force surged into Joshua’s elixir field and swiftly distributed to the rest of his
body through his meridians.

“Use mine!” Jonathan’s voice rang out as he handed a long sword emanating a faint green glow to

Wulfgar and Joshua were stunned by the sight of the long sword offered by Jonathan.

“What’s the matter?” Jonathan asked in perplexity when he noticed the strange looks on the duo’s

He traced their gazes and rested his on the Heaven Sword he was wielding.

He couldn’t help but frown when he saw the persistent green glow emitted by the sword.

“I don’t know why this sword keeps radiating green light either, but it can definitely hold out against the
enhancement of the Pryncyp of Strength. It’s exceptionally sturdy.”

Wulfgar regarded Jonathan with a peculiar expression before turning to look at Joshua.

Joshua shook his head slightly, expressing his lack of knowledge in that matter.

“Oh? Your sword and Joshua’s ring are emitting the same green glow!” Hayden, standing at one side,
exclaimed in surprise.

Upon hearing that remark, Jonathan immediately fathomed the reason behind Joshua’s and Wulfgar’s

While hiding underground before, he had witnessed with his spiritual sense Joshua showing Wulfgar a

However, even though probing via spiritual sense could precisely etch all the details in that area into
one’s mind, a critical flaw existed: Observation accomplished with spiritual sense couldn’t detect colors.

Jonathan was clueless from the beginning that Joshua’s ring was giving out the same green light as his

He stared at Joshua in a daze.

He didn’t believe there could be such a coincidence in the world. Since the green-glowing ring in
Joshua’s possession was used to determine the opening time of the small world, the Heaven Sword
that glowed in green should also share that function.

As Jonathan harked back to the circumstances when Heaven Sword led him into the illusionary realm
and the blurry figure of that bow-wielder, a bold idea surfaced in his mind. The ring, bow, and sword…
Perhaps these items are all related to the Whitley family and the small world. These artifacts are likely
part of a whole set of magical items and might’ve even been brought out of the small world by one of
the Whitley family’s ancestors.

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