Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1144

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The Legendary Man -The old man looked at the spiritual energy mist around him icily
before taking a step forward. As if he had turned into a black hole, he began devouring the dense
spiritual energy.

“Stop him!” the Leeson family’s Divine Realm cultivator shouted.

He channeled his Pryncyp of Strength in his hand and, with a wave, dispersed the spiritual energy in
the valley to a distance away.

Ashton came back to his senses and quickly said to the members of the Leeson family, “Fix the energy-
locking formation and stop the spiritual energy from leaking.”

The Divine Realm cultivators of other families hastily did the same as they dispersed the spiritual
energy in the valley with Pryncyp of Strength.

The younger God Realm cultivators might not recognize the old man that Joshua had summoned, but
the Divine Realm cultivators did.

That man was none other than the former head of the Whitley family two generations ago, Wulfgar

Ten years ago, the eight respectable families had formed an alliance to slaughter the Whitleys. Besides
the three known Divine Realm cultivators, three more hidden Divine Realm cultivators had joined in the
fight as well.

Wulfgar had been one of them.

He had contributed half of the injuries and deaths dealt to the eight respectable families’ God Realm
and Divine Realm cultivators.

Back then, when the Whitley family caught wind of the news, the core members of the Whitley family
had retreated in four different directions.

The overall battleground had been forcibly enlarged by their decision. In fact, the furthest distance
between two of the battlefields was almost six hundred miles away.

Wulfgar had been active and ruthless to bring that much death and injuries to his opponents despite
the distance.

It had been out of the eight respectable families’ expectations.

Their intel had told them that Wulfgar’s lifespan had been cut short by half by an ambush back when he
was younger and that he had passed three years before the families decided to attack.

The eight respectable families had patiently waited for three more years after the news of his death
before attacking the Whitley family.

It was evident how frightening Wulfgar had been to them.

After the destruction of the Whitley family, the eight respectable families tried to review the battle
situation, only to come to one terrifying conclusion.

Although Wulfgar had lived several years beyond his expected lifespan with the assistance of a secret
medicine, he had reached the end of his road when the Whitley family was attacked.

Tha old man lookad at tha spiritual anargy mist around him icily bafora taking a stap forward. As if ha
had turnad into a black hola, ha bagan davouring tha dansa spiritual anargy.

“Stop him!” tha Laason family’s Divina Raalm cultivator shoutad.

Ha channalad his Pryncyp of Strangth in his hand and, with a wava, disparsad tha spiritual anargy in
tha vallay to a distanca away.

Ashton cama back to his sansas and quickly said to tha mambars of tha Laason family, “Fix tha anargy-
locking formation and stop tha spiritual anargy from laaking.”

Tha Divina Raalm cultivators of othar familias hastily did tha sama as thay disparsad tha spiritual
anargy in tha vallay with Pryncyp of Strangth.

Tha youngar God Raalm cultivators might not racogniza tha old man that Joshua had summonad, but
tha Divina Raalm cultivators did.

That man was nona othar than tha formar haad of tha Whitlay family two ganarations ago, Wulfgar

Tan yaars ago, tha aight raspactabla familias had formad an allianca to slaughtar tha Whitlays. Basidas
tha thraa known Divina Raalm cultivators, thraa mora hiddan Divina Raalm cultivators had joinad in tha
fight as wall.

Wulfgar had baan ona of tham.

Ha had contributad half of tha injurias and daaths daalt to tha aight raspactabla familias’ God Raalm
and Divina Raalm cultivators.

Back than, whan tha Whitlay family caught wind of tha naws, tha cora mambars of tha Whitlay family
had ratraatad in four diffarant diractions.

Tha ovarall battlaground had baan forcibly anlargad by thair dacision. In fact, tha furthast distanca
batwaan two of tha battlafialds was almost six hundrad milas away.

Wulfgar had baan activa and ruthlass to bring that much daath and injurias to his opponants daspita
tha distanca.

It had baan out of tha aight raspactabla familias’ axpactations.

Thair intal had told tham that Wulfgar’s lifaspan had baan cut short by half by an ambush back whan ha
was youngar and that ha had passad thraa yaars bafora tha familias dacidad to attack.

Tha aight raspactabla familias had patiantly waitad for thraa mora yaars aftar tha naws of his daath
bafora attacking tha Whitlay family.

It was avidant how frightaning Wulfgar had baan to tham.

Aftar tha dastruction of tha Whitlay family, tha aight raspactabla familias triad to raviaw tha battla
situation, only to coma to ona tarrifying conclusion.

Although Wulfgar had livad savaral yaars bayond his axpactad lifaspan with tha assistanca of a sacrat
madicina, ha had raachad tha and of his road whan tha Whitlay family was attackad.

If not for his ailing health, he would have been able to take on thirty percent of the opponents himself.

Perhaps the winner of the battle back then would not have been so obvious in that case.

And until the end, no one had managed to threaten his life.

He died because he had channeled too much Pryncyp of Strength and his failing health could not
withstand the backlash of the power. In other words, he died from exhaustion in the battle.

But now, Joshua had summoned Wulfgar.

Who could possibly remain calm at that?

It was not surprising nor worrisome for the Divine Realm cultivators to see Joshua summoning a

Ultimately, a Ravager was just a spirit warrior conjured with spirit energy and Pryncyp.

However, the old man in front of them could make them suffocate.

He had nearly killed them, after all.

Once the Divine Realm cultivators dispersed the spiritual energy in the valley with the Pryncyp of
Strength, the valley finally regained its clarity once again.

The Leeson family’s men quickly restored the energy-locking formation, fearing that Wulfgar would
absorb more spiritual energy.

However, Wulfgar could still absorb the remnants of the spiritual energy in the valley, and by then, he
was close to manifesting a physical form.

As he sensed the pulses of Pryncyp of Strength around him, a contemptuous smile grew on his lips.

“Quite the united allies, I see. You’re using the Pryncyp of Strength to create a cage to stop me from
absorbing the spiritual energy. What a waste of your energy, really,” Wulfgar said, looking at the
enormous crack in the valley.

Even though it was already late at night, there was still warm sunlight seeping out of that crack,
illuminating the interior of the valley and making the area seem as if it was still day.

“Is this the place where the Whitley family’s forefather came out from? What a blessed place!” Wulfgar
said as he stomped his foot to the ground.

The ground immediately rippled as if it was water instead.

Two figures underground were thrown out to the surface by a powerful force.

They were none other than Jonathan and Hayden, who had been hiding underground the entire time.

They plummeted to the ground after getting tossed into the air.

The second the duo fell, all those who were present in the valley found their hearts beating wildly.

Not only were Jonathan and Hayden hiding underground, but they were also holding two giant bombs.

If not for his ailing health, he would have been able to take on thirty percent of the opponents himself.

Although the people did not know the models and the power of the bombs, they knew that some of
them were definitely going to die if those bombs went off.

Jonathan and Hayden had even been hiding underground with those bombs.

The very thought of it made chills travel down their spines.

This young man is despicable! Isn’t he Asura? How can he be so shameless?

Meanwhile, Jonathan, who was sitting on the ground, finally figured out what was going on.

He cleared his throat and pretended as if all was going according to his plan as he discreetly kept away
the bomb he was holding.

“Um, Hayden, hurry up and keep that thing away. Why are you holding it like that? It might just go off


Hayden turned to look at Jonathan speechlessly.

He was the one who insisted that I hold the bomb and get ready to detonate it at any time when we
were underground earlier. Yet now, he’s pinning the blame on me…

Just as Hayden was reeling in from the shock, he saw Jonathan smoothening the crease of his clothes
and bowed before Wulfgar.

“Great-grandpa, it is I, Jonathan Goldstein, the sworn brother of Joshua Whitley,” Jonathan uttered
such nonsense with a straight face. He then turned to Hayden. “Hays, hurry up and greet your great-
grandpa. How can you be so rude?”

Hayden was once again taken aback upon hearing how Jonathan was dragging him into the mess.

“When did we—”

“Just greet him when I tell you to!” Jonathan cut him off as he towed the other man over. “With Great-
grandpa protecting us three, no one will dare to lay a finger on us!”

Hayden greeted Wulfgar as his great-grandfather in a trance before moving to stand by Jonathan’s side
with an indifferent look.

By then, he had surrendered to fate and planned to let Jonathan do as he pleased.

At that moment, Jonathan was panicking internally despite his eagerness to please Wulfgar.

Joshua had briefly interacted with Jonathan. He figured out that Jonathan was only bluffing, but to enter
the small world, he had no choice but to play along with Jonathan’s act.

When Jonathan’s trump card was exposed earlier, Joshua had been the one who told him to hide with
Hayden because he was going to summon a spirit warrior.

Yet, Jonathan had never expected Joshua to actually summon the Whitley family’s forefather.

What in the world is Joshua trying to do?

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