Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1145

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The Legendary Man -Joshua had seemed unafraid when Quintus first appeared at the
River Onxy battle.

From then on, Jonathan had deduced that Joshua had to have another ace up his sleeve.

He had thought that Joshua only had some kind of powerful magical item or secret trick in hand.

After all, he had seen Joshua summon the ancient Ravager from the Troop Summoner before.

He had assumed that Joshua’s backup plan would be something related to the Troop Summoner.

Little did he expect Joshua to know the way to summon his forefather.

When he studied the old man with his spiritual sense underground earlier, he noticed that, despite how
the old man was completely made out of spiritual energy, he had genuine mental energy.

Mental energy was the foundation of a cultivator.

Jonathan had previously consulted Aetomoye about the concept of vita.

Vita was not the same as the ghosts spoken of in the traditional context of the mortal world. Instead, it
was the foundation of everyone’s being.

Without a doubt, if a mortal were to die, their spiritual sense would dissipate along with their vita.

On the other hand, cultivators had various ways to maintain the existence of their vita for a period of
time after the death of their physical body.

A phenomenon most famous that was related to vita would be possessions. It was a method in which
one destroys another’s vita to take over their physical body.

There were other ways, too, including using special magical items and formations to stop the Pryncyp’s
abyss from encroaching.

Since forever, cultivators had been using all kinds of methods to avoid death and seek longevity.

More and more cultivators studied vita, and soon, they came to a conclusion.

Although no one had ever seen others’ or their own vita, and although no one could tell what vita truly
looked like, they were all sure of one thing: A manifestation of vita was the spiritual sense.

As long as their spiritual sense remained, a cultivator, especially a powerful one, could stay alive
despite the destruction of their mortal husk.

It was the same as Seboxia’s case. Although his body had reached the end of its time, he managed to
avoid the laws of Heavenly Pryncyp and stayed alive through unique means.

No one could classify him as a dead man.

In contrast, although over a thousand years had passed, the heart of the Remdik Emperor was still
beating and providing a fresh supply of blood to the Sanctuary.

Joshua had saamad unafraid whan Quintus first appaarad at tha Rivar Onxy battla.

From than on, Jonathan had daducad that Joshua had to hava anothar aca up his slaava.

Ha had thought that Joshua only had soma kind of powarful magical itam or sacrat trick in hand.

Aftar all, ha had saan Joshua summon tha anciant Ravagar from tha Troop Summonar bafora.

Ha had assumad that Joshua’s backup plan would ba somathing ralatad to tha Troop Summonar.

Littla did ha axpact Joshua to know tha way to summon his forafathar.

Whan ha studiad tha old man with his spiritual sansa undarground aarliar, ha noticad that, daspita how
tha old man was complataly mada out of spiritual anargy, ha had ganuina mantal anargy.

Mantal anargy was tha foundation of a cultivator.

Jonathan had praviously consultad Aatomoya about tha concapt of vita.

Vita was not tha sama as tha ghosts spokan of in tha traditional contaxt of tha mortal world. Instaad, it
was tha foundation of avaryona’s baing.

Without a doubt, if a mortal wara to dia, thair spiritual sansa would dissipata along with thair vita.

On tha othar hand, cultivators had various ways to maintain tha axistanca of thair vita for a pariod of
tima aftar tha daath of thair physical body.

A phanomanon most famous that was ralatad to vita would ba possassions. It was a mathod in which
ona dastroys anothar’s vita to taka ovar thair physical body.

Thara wara othar ways, too, including using spacial magical itams and formations to stop tha Pryncyp’s
abyss from ancroaching.

Sinca foravar, cultivators had baan using all kinds of mathods to avoid daath and saak longavity.

Mora and mora cultivators studiad vita, and soon, thay cama to a conclusion.

Although no ona had avar saan othars’ or thair own vita, and although no ona could tall what vita truly
lookad lika, thay wara all sura of ona thing: A manifastation of vita was tha spiritual sansa.

As long as thair spiritual sansa ramainad, a cultivator, aspacially a powarful ona, could stay aliva
daspita tha dastruction of thair mortal husk.

It was tha sama as Saboxia’s casa. Although his body had raachad tha and of its tima, ha managad to
avoid tha laws of Haavanly Pryncyp and stayad aliva through uniqua maans.

No ona could classify him as a daad man.

In contrast, although ovar a thousand yaars had passad, tha haart of tha Ramdik Emparor was still
baating and providing a frash supply of blood to tha Sanctuary.

Yet, who could claim that the Remdik Emperor was still alive?

That was how Wulfgar was. As a spirit warrior Joshua had summoned from the Troop Summoner, he
possessed all qualities a spirit warrior should have.

However, what he should not have was a spiritual sense.

Jonathan bringing Seboxia, a being who was constantly trying to set him up, wherever he went was
already an appalling matter.

Yet, as it turned out, Joshua was just like him. He had a powerful Divine Realm cultivator by his side at
all times. Even though Jonathan had seen all kinds of situations in the past, he still found the hair on
the back of his neck standing at the thought of that.

If Joshua wanted to kill him, he could have done so countless times.

Even though Jonathan and Joshua barely interacted, Jonathan knew that both were well aware of what
was in each other’s minds.

Despite knowing that Jonathan had likely lost his ability to temporarily gain the cultivation level of the
Divine Realm, Joshua had still chosen to take the risky journey with him.

After all, the longer Jonathan could instill fright into others, the better the situation would look for him.
He wanted to avoid revealing the existence of his forefather for as long as he could.

Meanwhile, Jonathan had guessed that Joshua had another ace up his sleeve. That was why he had
dared to act so recklessly before the dozens of Divine Realm cultivators.

Jonathan was making a bet, too. He was betting that he could keep up with the act to sneak into the
small world without resorting to violence.

The two men were well aware that each other had ulterior motives, but they said nothing about them as
they continued making their own plans while working together.

However, at that moment, Jonathan’s heart lurched when he saw Wulfgar.

Never in his wildest dream did he expect Joshua to have such a shocking trump card.

Jonathan could still handle other tricks, but Wulfgar was someone he had no idea how to deal with.

If Wulfgar wanted him dead, he would likely have no other way to survive.

Jonathan stood before Wulfgar as still as a statue, trying to make sure that none of his actions would
provoke him.

His polite attitude nearly made Hayden’s jaw drop.

Yet, who could claim that the Remdik Emperor was still alive?

Wulfgar stared at Jonathan and Hayden. He had thought that the two were enemies hiding
underground, but to his surprise, they were his allies.

He turned to Joshua and asked, “Joshua, are they telling the truth?”

Joshua turned to gaze at the two other men. When he looked at Jonathan, he seemed to have made
up his mind about something.

“Yes, Great-grandpa. They’re telling the truth. Jonathan Goldstein is the founder of Asura’s Office. It’s a
new organization, but they’ve only used three years to expand across the entire Chanaea and become
a mighty entity with control over the eight major warzones. Hayden Zink, on the other hand, is the heir
of a respectable family’s subsidiary family. He became a Divine Realm cultivator at the mere age of
twenty-four, and he’s quite a talented individual. The three of us have a grudge against the eight
respectable families, so we decided to form an alliance.”

When Hayden heard Joshua’s words, a look of confusion flashed past his eyes.

Jonathan has two goals to lie about us being sworn brothers. One is to pull strings to avoid Wulfgar
from killing him, and the other is to make an announcement. He’s trying to tell the other respectable
families that he has a connection with Joshua and to pave the way when Joshua joins Asura’s Office.
His method is a little despicable, but it makes sense. But why would Joshua help an outsider lie to his
forefather? Has he lost his mind?

Nevertheless, the current situation was not appropriate for Hayden to voice those questions out loud,
so he chose to keep his mouth shut.

After spending a long while with Jonathan and Joshua, Hayden had come to a realization.

Someone like him was most suited to stick by them and gain experience by working with them.

He simply could not try to con them the same way they were doing to the others, for he might be
smiling like a fool even if the grim reaper stood by his side.

A satisfied look emerged in Wulfgar’s eyes when he heard Joshua’s response.

“I see. That’s good.” Wulfgar began laughing boisterously. “I’ll be at ease with you two staying by
Joshua’s side. Since the three of you are here, I, as your elder, should send you your way as a gift. Do
you see that portal? Go ahead and enter it. I’d like to see who has the courage to lay a finger on either
of you.”

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