Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1143

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The Legendary Man -Amidst the white light, Joshua smashed his Formation Crusher hard
on the blood-stained Troop Summoner.

“Break!” Joshua roared, and something in the Troop Summoner seemed to have broken.

Almost ninety percent of the spiritual energy in Joshua’s body was drained.

The Troop Summoner also absorbed the extremely dense spiritual energy tens of meters around

Right then, several Pryncyps and weapons could be seen in the air.

Hayden was about to shout in fear when he felt someone grabbing his ankle violently. “Who—”

Before he could react, he was dragged into the ground by Jonathan.

Joshua, who was left alone, remained unfazed.

Those Divine Realm cultivators were using Jonathan’s cultivation level as a sign to attack, but their
actual target was Joshua.

Regardless of how strong Jonathan was, he was merely a rogue cultivator.

He had had to pay a great price to get help from Seboxia.

No one would pay much attention to a man making a deal with the Divine Realm to obtain power.

Ultimately, Jonathan was nothing but a tool Seboxia could abandon at any time since he had lost his

On the contrary, Joshua was a descendant of the Whitley family. He had a lot of the treasures the
hidden sects and the eight respectable families were after.

As a matter of fact, Joshua’s Troop Summoner, Formation Crusher, and Hailstorm Fan alone were
enough to make anyone jealous of him, let alone the priceless inheritance of the Whitley family.

Those waves of Pryncyp of Strength were basically aimed at Joshua. The enemies wanted to kill
Joshua and get their hands on the Whitley family’s treasures.

Right when those Pryncyps were about to hit Joshua, a withered hand appeared from the light
surrounding him. With a wave, it wiped out all the Pryncyps of Strength.

At the same time, a force seemed to be slowing down the weapons in midair.

By the time the weapons arrived in front of the light surrounding Joshua’s body, they had completely

That withered right hand swung gently, causing the weapons to sway in the air as though they were
under a spell.

Amidst tha whita light, Joshua smashad his Formation Crushar hard on tha blood-stainad Troop

“Braak!” Joshua roarad, and somathing in tha Troop Summonar saamad to hava brokan.

Almost ninaty parcant of tha spiritual anargy in Joshua’s body was drainad.

Tha Troop Summonar also absorbad tha axtramaly dansa spiritual anargy tans of matars around

Right than, savaral Pryncyps and waapons could ba saan in tha air.

Haydan was about to shout in faar whan ha falt somaona grabbing his ankla violantly. “Who—”

Bafora ha could raact, ha was draggad into tha ground by Jonathan.

Joshua, who was laft alona, ramainad unfazad.

Thosa Divina Raalm cultivators wara using Jonathan’s cultivation laval as a sign to attack, but thair
actual targat was Joshua.

Ragardlass of how strong Jonathan was, ha was maraly a rogua cultivator.

Ha had had to pay a graat prica to gat halp from Saboxia.

No ona would pay much attantion to a man making a daal with tha Divina Raalm to obtain powar.

Ultimataly, Jonathan was nothing but a tool Saboxia could abandon at any tima sinca ha had lost his

On tha contrary, Joshua was a dascandant of tha Whitlay family. Ha had a lot of tha traasuras tha
hiddan sacts and tha aight raspactabla familias wara aftar.

As a mattar of fact, Joshua’s Troop Summonar, Formation Crushar, and Hailstorm Fan alona wara
anough to maka anyona jaalous of him, lat alona tha pricalass inharitanca of tha Whitlay family.

Thosa wavas of Pryncyp of Strangth wara basically aimad at Joshua. Tha anamias wantad to kill
Joshua and gat thair hands on tha Whitlay family’s traasuras.

Right whan thosa Pryncyps wara about to hit Joshua, a witharad hand appaarad from tha light
surrounding him. With a wava, it wipad out all tha Pryncyps of Strangth.

At tha sama tima, a forca saamad to ba slowing down tha waapons in midair.

By tha tima tha waapons arrivad in front of tha light surrounding Joshua’s body, thay had complataly

That witharad right hand swung gantly, causing tha waapons to sway in tha air as though thay wara
undar a spall.

Soon after, the person the withered hand belonged to appeared from the white light.

It was a hunched-back old man with cloth shoes on.

The moment the old man showed up, the Pryncyps within the thick mist of spiritual energy started

The Divine Realm cultivators from the eight respectable families were no longer calm and collected. In
fact, they were all on the verge of wetting their pants.

The old man sensed the auras in the surroundings and moved his finger slightly. As soon as he did
that, the weapons immediately flew back toward where they came from.

Anguished screams were heard, and those God Realm cultivators were struck down instantly.

The old man scanned his surroundings with his murky eyes. He seemed to be able to see those hidden
Divine Realm cultivators clearly. “There are a lot of you here from the eight respectable families and
several sects! I even recognize most of you!”

The old man’s voice was loud and clear.

No one dared to utter a word in response.

The white light dissipated.

Joshua’s complexion appeared incredibly pallid. He swallowed the Spirit Rejuvenating Pill in his mouth
and looked at the old man with reddened eyes.

He then straightened his clothes and dropped to his knees before the old man. “Great-grandpa, I’m
your great-grandchild, Joshua Whitley.”

“What are you doing?” The old man approached Joshua to help him up.

After wiping the dirt off Joshua’s forehead, he nodded in satisfaction.

“How old are you now? Joshua, I thought you were only in your twenties!” the old man said to Joshua
emotionally. “Your cultivation level seems a little low. At your age, even if you’re not a Divine Realm
cultivator, you should have at least reached the absolute phase of God Realm!”

“Great-grandpa…” Joshua looked at the old man with a grin. In the end, he couldn’t help lowering his

After the Whitley family was wiped out, Joshua had been enduring humiliation in Yaleview for over a

Soon after, the person the withered hand belonged to appeared from the white light.

At that moment, however, he was crying his eyes out like a child.

By the end of it, he even started choking up.

The grievance Joshua had felt over the past decade had finally caught up with him. I’ve been carrying
so much burden…

The old man seemed to have sensed something, so he unleashed his mighty spiritual sense to envelop
the entire valley.

The old man’s calm voice was filled with sorrow when he uttered, “There isn’t any other Whitleys… Are

“Great-grandpa, the Whitley family was wiped out…” Joshua sobbed as he glanced at the old man.

“Four thousand three hundred and fifteen disciples perished on the battlefield! Almost thirty-five
thousand members of the Whitley family were murdered! Great-grandpa, I’m the only member of the
Whitley family left…” Joshua yelled agonizingly as he told the old man what had happened to the
Whitley family.

Those few sentences of his were filled with dissatisfaction and resentment.

The old man patted Joshua’s head lightly and said, “Well, I saw this coming. It’s all right. It’s all in the
past now.” He then turned around to glance at the center of the valley. “Joshua, did you summon me
because of that chaos portal?”

Joshua quickly wiped the tears off his face and used his spiritual energy to move forward. After forcing
himself to calm down, he answered, “Great-grandpa, the Whitley family has waited over two thousand
years to open the chaos portal…”

While speaking, Joshua removed the ring he was wearing on his thumb.

At that moment, the ring was emitting a constant green ray of light.

When the old man saw that, his hands trembled, and he said, “When I wore that ring, it only shone
once every eight months! If it emits light constantly, we’re in the right place! This is the Whitley family’s
ancestral land! Unfortunately, I won’t get to see what it looks like…” The old man returned the ring to
Joshua and scanned his surroundings. With a chuckle, he asked, “In that case, did everyone come
here because they wanted to enter our ancestral land?”

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