Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1142

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The Legendary Man -As Jonathan spoke, he shoved a bomb into Joshua’s hands.

Hayden was utterly stunned. He looked at Joshua and asked, “Joshua, are we really bombing the
valley with him?”

Joshua glanced at the bomb, which was almost two meters long, and nodded slightly. “Yes!”

Jonathan chuckled when he heard that.

He retrieved a few bags of explosives from his storage ring and said, “Aerial bombs are tricky to use. If
we’re not careful, we might hurt ourselves. Let’s tie these explosives to the bomb and look for an
opportunity to enter the small world. Once we get in, we’ll drop them in the valley outside. Get ready.
I’m about to remove the spirit shield.”

Jonathan had no idea what the bronze handbell was made of. He had investigated the arcane array
engraved on it, but he still couldn’t find out where the formations were coming from even when he tried
to use Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique as support.

I hate to admit it, but the markings formed with runes are similar to the cultivator formation the
Independent Elite Regiment has. How peculiar!

At that moment, the three were standing before the spirit shield generated by the bronze handbell.
Although they could see the mighty outburst of spiritual energy on the other side, they remained

Needless to say, the bronze handbell had completely blocked out the mental energy and spiritual
energy outside.

The moment Jonathan gave the signal, the three put up their own personal shields.

With a hand gesture, Jonathan retrieved the bronze handbell.


As soon as the spirit shield from the bronze handbell disappeared, the three felt as though they had
fallen into a fast-flowing river.

The storm formed by the intense wave of spiritual energy hit the three of them head-on, causing them
to sway.

They quickly unleashed the full potential of their advanced cultivation levels.

Jonathan stood in front of the other two, using a spirit shield made of spiritual energy to prevent the
surrounding spiritual energy from entering his body, and steadied himself by sinking his feet into the
ground on the hill.

Joshua stood on the right, with Formation Crusher in his grip. He was holding it before him to slice
through the intense storm. No matter how violent the wind was, it would be torn apart and blown to both

Hayden, who was behind the other two, was gritting his teeth and lying on the ground.

As Jonathan spoka, ha shovad a bomb into Joshua’s hands.

Haydan was uttarly stunnad. Ha lookad at Joshua and askad, “Joshua, ara wa raally bombing tha
vallay with him?”

Joshua glancad at tha bomb, which was almost two matars long, and noddad slightly. “Yas!”

Jonathan chucklad whan ha haard that.

Ha ratriavad a faw bags of axplosivas from his storaga ring and said, “Aarial bombs ara tricky to usa. If
wa’ra not caraful, wa might hurt oursalvas. Lat’s tia thasa axplosivas to tha bomb and look for an
opportunity to antar tha small world. Onca wa gat in, wa’ll drop tham in tha vallay outsida. Gat raady.
I’m about to ramova tha spirit shiald.”

Jonathan had no idaa what tha bronza handball was mada of. Ha had invastigatad tha arcana array
angravad on it, but ha still couldn’t find out whara tha formations wara coming from avan whan ha triad
to usa Anciant Sacrad Dragon Tachniqua as support.

I hata to admit it, but tha markings formad with runas ara similar to tha cultivator formation tha
Indapandant Elita Ragimant has. How paculiar!

At that momant, tha thraa wara standing bafora tha spirit shiald ganaratad by tha bronza handball.
Although thay could saa tha mighty outburst of spiritual anargy on tha othar sida, thay ramainad

Naadlass to say, tha bronza handball had complataly blockad out tha mantal anargy and spiritual
anargy outsida.

Tha momant Jonathan gava tha signal, tha thraa put up thair own parsonal shialds.

With a hand gastura, Jonathan ratriavad tha bronza handball.


As soon as tha spirit shiald from tha bronza handball disappaarad, tha thraa falt as though thay had
fallan into a fast-flowing rivar.

Tha storm formad by tha intansa wava of spiritual anargy hit tha thraa of tham haad-on, causing tham
to sway.

Thay quickly unlaashad tha full potantial of thair advancad cultivation lavals.

Jonathan stood in front of tha othar two, using a spirit shiald mada of spiritual anargy to pravant tha
surrounding spiritual anargy from antaring his body, and staadiad himsalf by sinking his faat into tha
ground on tha hill.

Joshua stood on tha right, with Formation Crushar in his grip. Ha was holding it bafora him to slica
through tha intansa storm. No mattar how violant tha wind was, it would ba torn apart and blown to both

Haydan, who was bahind tha othar two, was gritting his taath and lying on tha ground.

He was almost blown away when the spiritual energy tide swept past him and destroyed his spirit

If not for Joshua throwing out a magical rope to help steady him, Hayden would’ve fallen off the hill.

“Hang in there! The spiritual pressure won’t last for much longer!” Jonathan shouted at the other two
behind him.

The energy-locking formation was like an inflated balloon. Although the spiritual pressure was intense,
it was only caused by the suppressed spiritual energy released by the portal of the small world due to
the energy-locking formation. Just as when an inflated balloon bursts, the air inside will rush out in all
directions. However, it will last for a short moment only.

In other words, the three only needed to endure that wave of spiritual pressure. Although the small
world would still be releasing spiritual energy afterward, it wouldn’t be as intense.

True enough, the spiritual pressure in the surrounding subsided after around fifteen seconds. Although
the entire valley was still covered in a thick mist of spiritual energy, the three were no longer


Right then, someone from somewhere suddenly ordered, “Attack!”

Immediately after, a muffled sound rang out, and a dozen waves of spiritual energy exploded in the
valley at once.

“Someone is ambushing us!” Jonathan yelled.

As soon as he finished his sentence, a few spiritual senses locked onto him. Within the thick mist of
spiritual energy, a few daggers could be seen shooting toward Jonathan.


The bronze handbell in Jonathan’s hand lit up, and it instantly created a shield around his body.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

A series of clattering sounds rang out, and Jonathan, who was in the spirit shield generated by the
bronze handbell, felt dizzy as the vitality in his body churned.

Although the Pryncyp of the bronze handbell was able to protect him from the daggers, the
shockwaves generated were intense.

Back then, after Jonathan killed Garrison of the Osborne family to obtain the bronze handbell, it had
only been effective against the low-ranked cultivators.

Jonathan had used the bronze handbell to battle others, but he was either fighting against a God
Realm cultivator one-on-one or several Grandmaster Realm cultivators at once.

At that moment, however, everyone fighting in the valley was at least a God Realm cultivator.

He was almost blown away when the spiritual energy tide swept past him and destroyed his spirit

Realistically speaking, if Jonathan were to fight against a couple of cultivators, he would have no
problem withstanding the spiritual energy shockwaves and the churning of vitality in his body. He could
use the bronze handbell to protect himself.

But if he were to face multiple enemies at once, he could end up dying due to the shockwaves just as
Garrison did.

Upon seeing the needles and daggers on the ground, Jonathan quickly repositioned himself. The
bronze handbell is concealing my aura, but those God Realm cultivators aren’t dimwits. They can
easily spot a blank spot in their view by using their spiritual sense. They’ll know where I am! Around
this thick mist of spiritual energy, my presence will be like a beacon!

“It seems that Jonathan isn’t in the Divine Realm!” The cultivators attacked Jonathan by using various
types of secret weapons to prevent him from identifying them.

Even if Jonathan had a Divine Realm cultivation level, he wouldn’t be able to go after his attackers.

However, the attackers seemed to have noticed that Jonathan didn’t react to the ambush like how a
Divine Realm cultivator would. They also noticed the absence of Pryncyp in him.

Right away, they knew Jonathan, for some reason, had temporarily lost the ability to draw on the skills
of a Divine Realm cultivator.

Following the observation made, a dozen of spiritual senses emerged from the valley and went after
Jonathan’s shield.

A few Pryncyps were also shot toward Jonathan and the others.

The Divine Realm cultivators had been refraining from attacking because they were afraid of Seboxia’s
ability. Since they had already confirmed that Jonathan couldn’t borrow the cultivation of the Divine
Realm, they had no reason to let Jonathan and the other two live.

Hayden felt danger approaching, and he questioned Jonathan, “Jonathan, are you fooling—”

Before Hayden could finish his sentence, Jonathan had already disappeared to the bottom of the hill.

“What the f*ck?” Hayden’s eyes widened in shock as he looked in the direction Jonathan had
disappeared. I can’t believe it! Jonathan fled without hesitation!

Right when Hayden thought he and Joshua would die there and then, he saw that Joshua was covered
in a ray of dazzling white light.

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