Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1141

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The Legendary Man -In a matter of minutes, the plane was already flying past the crowd.

As it neared, it descended quickly from a high altitude. Even the God Realm and Divine Realm
cultivators could clearly explore the situation inside the small private plane using their spiritual senses
when it reached just about a hundred meters above the ground.

There were one Divine Realm cultivator and seven God Realm cultivators. Quite a few people from the
Mallory family had come this time.

As the plane swiftly passed over the crowd in the night sky, eight figures descended rapidly.

Strange cries came from above. Winston and Kathleen could not help but let out a sigh.

As the public affairs representatives for the Hendersons, the Leesons, and the Mallorys, they had the
most interactions with Stellario, the Mallory family’s successor.

They were also aware of the kind of person he was. At that point, the unrestrained shouts from the sky
left them feeling utterly exhausted and helpless.

The eight respectable families, due to Karl’s plot and the intervention of the Yaleview Army and Asura’s
Office, had been forced to split into four camps—the Hendersons, the Leesons, and the Mallorys in one
camp; the Blackwoods, the Grays, and the Welshs in another camp; the Salladays, and the Osbornes.

Even though no one openly mentioned it, the alliance had already been covertly established with the
commencement of the opening of the small world.

That was why the Leesons had to wait for the Mallorys.

After all, the Leesons were the first to discover the entrance to the small world and had gained a head
start by sending Quintus in.

Furthermore, among all the families present, the Leesons had deployed the largest number of God
Realm cultivators, making them an obvious target.

It was even possible that once these families entered the small world, they would specifically target the
Leesons, especially Quintus, who had entered half a day earlier.

Why bother with the arduous search for opportunities when it was much easier to resort to direct
killings and seize treasures?

The Leesons grasped the logic clearly, and the same understanding extended to all the respectable

However, no one would dare utter it aloud, as an unspoken understanding had been reached among

Hayden fixated his gaze on the few figures descending rapidly from the night sky.

The seven members of the Mallory family made an unexpected appearance by gliding down using
parachutes that resembled kites.

After jumping out of the plane, each of the seven figures opened specially crafted parachutes during
their descent and headed straight for the Leeson residence.

“F*ck!” The last remaining individual, who wore a winged flight suit, let out a shout as they plunged into
the distant mountains.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Hayden instinctively closed his eyes as the screams echoed around him.

Jonathan, on the other hand, was a little bewildered.

The figure descending with a wingsuit was none other than Stellario from the Mallory family.

The manner in which he crashed into the forest seemed somewhat overly dramatic.

“Joshua, is this how people with wingsuits land?” Jonathan gave Joshua a skeptical look.

Joshua remained silent and glanced at Jonathan with a look that suggested he was dealing with a fool.

Everyone turned toward the distant forest, and after a while, a limping figure finally emerged from the
edge of the trees. “What are you staring at? What I did was stunt flying!”

While speaking, Stellario flipped his hand and took out a white bottle. He cracked the bottle with his
spiritual energy, revealing dozens of tiny white bugs inside.

He continued to channel his spiritual energy, placing the bugs on his cheeks in front of everyone.

The bugs crawled onto his swollen cheeks and sucked the blood from the wounded area at a rapid

All the onlookers felt goosebumps all over their skin.

Although they knew the Mallorys were experts in manipulating parasites, they could not suppress the
instinctive disgust upon witnessing how Stellario healed the wounds on his face with those bugs.

Stellario, on the contrary, seemed to be quite satisfied with his appearance. When walking past
Jonathan and the others, he even waved enthusiastically at them. Hayden felt so triggered that he was
tempted to teach him a lesson.

With Stellario joining the rest of the Mallorys, the entire group was prepared to take the next course of

The crowd turned their attention to Ashton.

If he dared to pull any tricks, the respectable families would not tolerate it any longer.

Recognizing that his ability to restrain them was waning, Ashton piped up, “Ladies and gentlemen, with
the opening of the small world, the Leesons have assumed the gatekeeper role. As the respectable
families have assembled here, I shall now immediately activate the four formations. However, I must
emphasize one point: The treasures within this small world shall only be acquired by those destined to
possess them. I implore everyone to guard against the influence of greed and refrain from resorting to
violence that endangers our harmonious coexistence.”

Before Ashton could proceed, a voice rang out from the Welsh family camp across the valley. “Damn it!
Are you going to open it or not? The Mallorys have arrived, and we can’t afford any more delays.
Otherwise, Quintus will have thoroughly explored the entire small world before us! If the Leesons intend
to monopolize all the treasures, remember the collective strength of our respectable families against
your three!”

After Morris spoke, more than a hundred God Realm cultivators present drew their weapons and began
channeling their spiritual energy.

Ashton knew that the situation was starting to spiral out of control and that the Leeson family would
become the public enemy if he kept holding them back.

He decisively took out a geomantic compass and tapped it a few times before pressing it hard.

Suddenly, there was a bright light in the valley in front of everyone.

Immediately after, a loud noise rang out, and a surge of spiritual energy erupted and spread in all

The spiritual energy that was trapped in the energy-locking formation then exploded.

This energy materialized into a dense white mist, its tangible form representing the condensed essence
of spiritual energy.

Under such tremendous force, the spiritual shields erected by the Grandmaster Realm cultivators
proved to be feeble as they crumbled without a moment’s respite.

One by one, the Grandmasters were thrust backward.

Jonathan and the other God Realm cultivators exhibited their expertise by swiftly sealing their
meridians, ensuring that they would not inadvertently absorb the overpowering spiritual energy.

The turbulent spiritual energy at that moment was incredibly intense. If absorbed recklessly, the raging
energy would seep into the cultivators’ meridians and cause them to burst.

In that instant of the spiritual explosion, Jonathan had observed it clearly that behind the Leeson family
camp, more than a dozen Grandmasters, who were diligent cultivators, had exploded and turned into
blood mist.

On the hill, Jonathan activated the bronze handbell to shield himself and the other two individuals
beneath it.

Although the bronze handbell could not withstand the Pryncyp, it could still resist the spiritual sense
and spiritual energy. At that moment, the handbell created a safe zone of several meters in radius for
the three of them.

Hayden looked at the happenings outside the zone and said, “Joshua, I can’t believe that small world is
so powerful. Its spiritual energy is just—”

Before Hayden could finish speaking, Jonathan shoved a bomb, taller than a regular person, into his

“M-Mr. Goldstein, what are you doing?” Hayden asked in shock.

With a sinister chuckle, Jonathan held two more bombs in his hands. “These are bombs used by fighter
jets. Stay close to me. Before we enter the small world, we’ll toss these things into the valley. Let’s
obliterate those b*stards into countless pieces!”

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