Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1139

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Caleb glared at Jonathan with murderous intent and unleashed his spiritual energy as he spoke, a clear
signal of his intent to kill Jonathan right then and there.

“Tch! You’re asking for it!”

Joshua quickly reacted by placing his hand on the Troop Summoner, channeling his spiritual energy
into the magical item to call forth the spirit warriors.

Calling forth spirit warriors and materializing them required a great amount of spiritual energy.

Hence, the entrance to the small world, where spiritual energy was concentrated, was the perfect
natural battlefield for Joshua.

As soon as the spiritual energy around the area gathered on the Troop Summoner, the cultivators
present began to feel that something was amiss and instantly stopped hurling curses at one another to
focus on Jonathan, Joshua, and Hayden.

Strands of spiritual energy surged forth and ensnared Jonathan, Joshua, and Hayden in place while
Caleb raised his hand and slowly backed away. “I’ve told you, I’m just here to say hello. Jonathan,
Joshua, we, the eight respectable families, have seriously underestimated you. I can’t believe we’ve
allowed you to grow to this extent. But none of that matters now, because you’ll be meeting your
demise soon. You won’t be able to leave this place.”

With that, Caleb slowly turned around and returned to the safe grounds of the Gray family’s base camp.

Meanwhile, Maxton, the Divine Realm cultivator from the Welsh family, activated the Pryncyp of
Strength and attacked Jonathan, Joshua, and Hayden with it.

That trace of Pryncyp was extremely weak as it was just a means to test the trio’s true strength.

However, even so, the Pryncyp of Strength was still a form of power that was one level above spiritual
energy and much stronger. As such, the three felt as though they were being crushed under a massive

The ground sank beneath them, and the plants that were grown by Jonathan’s life force were crushed
into fine powder and scattered by the wind in the blink of an eye.

The crowd turned their attention to the trio and focused their physical energy on them.

News that Jonathan could temporarily possess the power of a Divine Realm cultivator had spread all
over Chanaea through the intelligence network of the eight respectable families, which was the only
reason the crowd had held back.

However, after being probed by Maxton, the trio still showed no signs of having attained the cultivation
level of Divine Realm.

This led the crowd to speculate that Jonathan either never possessed or had lost the power of a Divine
Realm cultivator.

One person who was particularly suspicious of Jonathan was Ivanov from Remdik.

As the only cultivator who had battled Jonathan, Ivanov knew that Jonathan’s Divine Realm power
didn’t come from Jonathan’s own secret techniques but from Seboxia, who resided within him.

However, since Quintus joined the battle, Seboxia’s aura inside Jonathan had completely disappeared.

If that were the case, now would be the best time to capture Jonathan.

Although Ivanov initially wanted Jonathan dead to seek revenge for Antoine’s death, he changed his
mind after discovering that Jonathan held many secrets.

Jonathan rose to fame three years ago, and his rapid progress in cultivation over just three years was

Prior to this, no one knew the source of his power nor the origin of his secret techniques.

There were even rumors circulating in Chanaea that Jonathan might have hailed from a hidden ancient

However, after the truth about Seboxia had been revealed, many of the mysteries surrounding
Jonathan’s cultivation were unlocked.

At that instant, all Ivanov wanted was to capture Jonathan alive.

The conflict between Ivanov’s family and the tsar was already inevitable, so he needed to do everything
he could to strengthen his family’s power, and what would be better than joining hands with an ancient
immortal who had created the world’s largest religion over one thousand and six hundred years ago?

Although Seboxia had rejected his proposal directly when they conversed briefly during the previous
battle, Ivanov believed that capturing Jonathan would be enough to sway the ancient immortal to his

He had no doubt that Seboxia had assisted Jonathan purely to serve her own interests rather than out
of any moral or just reasons.

Ivanov was convinced that his family could provide Seboxia with what Jonathan had to offer, and as
one of the richest families in Remdik, he was confident that he could offer Seboxia at least ten or even
twenty times more than what Jonathan had promised.

He firmly believed that Seboxia only rejected his offer because he failed to meet her conditions and

As he glared down at Jonathan, his spiritual energy surged.

Ivanov would strike and subdue Jonathan as soon as he ensured that Jonathan wouldn’t be able to
summon Seboxia anytime soon.

He didn’t care about the damage he might cause to the small world since he had already informed his
lord to come to this place.

After all, he wouldn’t be able to keep the things he would have obtained from the small world if he
wanted to ingratiate himself with his lordship.

Thus, it would be better for him to focus on convincing Seboxia to join forces with him.

Meanwhile, up on the hill, Jonathan’s calf sank deep into the earth while Joshua and Hayden were
submerged up to their waistlines as Maxton tested their abilities with the Pryncyp.

However, as spiritual energy flowed from Jonathan’s feet, the ground began to lift them up as if it had
come to life.

Without having to move a muscle, the trio soon regained footing on solid ground, causing the crowd to
go on full alert.

Even though it was only a simple technique that allowed its user to move through the earth, soil, or
rock, the technique had been long-lost.

Surprisingly, Jonathan managed to effortlessly control the soil beneath him without even having to form
hand seals.

Setting aside whether Jonathan possessed the power of a Divine Realm cultivator, this move alone
was enough to prove he was one of the best cultivators in the God Realm.

It was also enough to earn him the respect of all the cultivators present.

He dusted off his pants and addressed Maxton, “Stupid old man, what is the meaning of crushing me
with the Pryncyp of Strength? If you’re going to fight me, do it head-on.”

The onlookers watched with delight as Jonathan insulted Maxton, a senior cultivator of the Divine
Realm who had made a name for himself over the past thirty years.

Even Ashton, the patriarch of the Leeson family, had to treat Maxton with respect.

Yet, Jonathan referred to him as a “stupid old man.”

The crowd couldn’t help but stifle their laughter upon hearing the insult, while the Welsh family seethed
with anger.

“Who are you calling a stupid old man?”

“Jonathan, how dare you show such disrespect to Mr. Maxton? Do you have a death wish?”

“I think you guys have a death wish!”

Jonathan mounted a rocket launcher onto his shoulder amidst the taunts.

“How annoying!” Jonathan said coldly before pulling the trigger without hesitation

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