Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1138

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No Loose Ends

The restless members of the other forces were slightly taken aback after listening to Ashton’s words.

They suddenly understood why all the other factions that had reached that place before them chose to
wait instead of joining forces to forcefully break through the arcane array and enter the small world.

Of all the various forces present, only the Leeson family had two Divine Realm cultivators.

Once a fight broke out, the only way to suppress the Leeson family’s two powerful cultivators was if
multiple Divine Realm cultivators joined forces.

Otherwise, the two Divine Realm cultivators from the Leeson family could effortlessly subdue any
forces that tried to force their way in, and that was precisely where the problem lay.

All the major forces there harbored their own intentions, so who would truly go all-out to oppose the
Leeson family, benefiting others ultimately?

Not to mention having to face the risk of dying, even if they managed to defeat the two experts from the
Leeson family, consuming their Pryncyp and spiritual energy in the process, they might fall behind and
end up in a passive state. If that happened, other forces in their prime would seize that opportunity to
enter the small world from them.

Therefore, no one wanted to step up and be the sacrificial lamb.

Evidently, Caleb didn’t anticipate Ashton to provide him with such a despicable response, rendering
him momentarily at a loss for words.

He ruminated on Ashton’s speech and realized the Leeson family’s approach was flawless, as all the
other respectable families and sects harbored their own thoughts. No one will ever volunteer to be the

first to stand up against the Leeson family.

Unable to come up with an effective solution, Caleb gave Ashton a thumbs-up and said, “The Leeson
family is indeed shameless!”

Ashton merely waved his hand casually. “Thank you for the compliment.”

Right after he uttered those words, the entire valley erupted into a cacophony of cursing.

As a result, no one dared to break the formation now. Everyone was infuriated by Ashton’s smug mien
and began to hurl profanities.

Usually, those God Realm cultivators upheld a high and mighty appearance and carried an air of virtue
and prestige.

However, at that moment, they behaved no different from shrews swearing on the streets, cursing at
members of the Leeson family unreservedly.

That was actually within expectations too. When showing up around the younger generations of their
families on regular days, those God Realm cultivators had to maintain their image as elders, but at that
instant, the parties deployed by the various forces there consisted of merely Divine Realm and God
Realm cultivators.

Hence, God Realm cultivators were considered the lowest-level existence in that crowd, so they didn’t
bother keeping up the pretense. After all, they couldn’t possibly allow their Divine Realm elders to
handle the cussing.

Naturally, members of the Leeson family didn’t stay idle either. Although they only had a few God
Realm cultivators among their group, they were the real locals there, and the two hundred-plus
Grandmasters trailing behind weren’t mute.

Moreover, once those Grandmasters noticed the God Realm cultivators disregarding their status and
image, they immediately dropped their manners, too.

Subsequently, the most impressive cursing battle of the century began as even the lowest-ranked
participants were at least Grandmasters.

Over four hundred cultivators, who were capable of establishing their own sects and dominating a
region, used foul language to greet one another’s family members.

No one could imagine how absurd such a scene was.

The only ones not taking part were the eight cultivators from Remdik and Jonathan and his party.

Hayden sat cross-legged on the hillside, holding a bag of nuts while witnessing the show cheerfully.

He would even praise someone’s creativity or ruthlessness in cussing from time to time whenever he
heard some amusing remarks.

At that moment, he was overjoyed, learning all the novel and innovative ways to berate others.

“Hayden, don’t be too smug,” Jonathan reminded Hayden at the sight of him taking out his phone to
take photos and record videos of the scene. “Although I can temporarily acquire the power of a Divine
Realm cultivator, that ability comes at a cost. If any of those people really target us, we’ll be in great

“Mr. Goldstein, what are you afraid of? Those idiots are all absorbed in the altercation, so no one will
pay us any attention—”


Before Hayden could finish his sentence, a thud sounded, and the screen of Hayden’s phone was
suddenly filled with the image of a denim jacket.

Looking somewhat bewildered, Hayden leaped a few meters backward and withdrew his knife.

Grinning, Caleb was now standing on the spot where Hayden had sat a moment ago.

“What are you so nervous about? How did the photos turn out? Let me see,” Caleb chirped while
holding the bag of nuts Hayden had tossed away in a panic earlier.

However, Jonathan and his party weren’t in the mood to listen to his pointless remarks.

Although Jonathan had successfully deceived the Divine Realm cultivators’ probing by relying on his
life force, he dared not engage in a fight with others.

None of the Divine Realm cultivators picked on Jonathan and his party because they couldn’t bear the
consequences and future trouble that might arise after Jonathan obtained a Divine Realm cultivator’s
powers, the same way they feared members of the Leeson family.

However, if Jonathan really fought them and failed to display the strength of a Divine Realm cultivator
immediately, he was certain countless people would instantly kill them to seize the inheritance and
magical items.

Jonathan’s aura escalated as his spiritual energy burst forth.

If Caleb chose to attack at that moment, Jonathan would incapacitate him at once and flee with Hayden
and Joshua without hesitation.

That was also why Jonathan decided to rest on a hillside rather than a rocky ridge.

His every move was made with the consideration of preserving their lives.

“Caleb, are you going to fight us?” Jonathan uttered coldly while fixating his physical energy on Caleb.

Hearing that, Caleb quickly waved his hands.

“You’ve misunderstood me, Jonathan. I just came over to greet you.”

He’s here to greet Mr. Goldstein? Listening to Caleb’s reply, Hayden carefully approached Jonathan.
“Mr. Goldstein, do you know him?”

Jonathan shook his head.

“Then why the h*ll does he want to greet you?” Wielding his knife, Hayden stared at Caleb. “Cut to the
chase. What do you want?”

Caleb handed the bag of nuts to Hayden using his spiritual energy.

Then, he gave Jonathan a polite bow and uttered, “We aren’t acquainted, but I’ve been following your
progress for the past two years. As the heir of your family who was driven out of the household due to
being set up by your relative, you’re pretty impressive to have used only three years to establish the
Asura’s Office, which has expanded to become an organization with one point seven million members.
I’ve always wanted to meet with such an accomplished figure like you in person, and I finally get the
chance to have my wish fulfilled today.”

Caleb sounded sincere, but Jonathan was all the more baffled because of that.

“You respectable families have always been lofty beings. I wonder if I should be happy or consider
myself unfortunate to be noticed by you. Now that you’ve seen me, I’d like to ask you how I fare in
person compared to your imagination?”

Caleb took a few steps back after hearing that. He sized up Jonathan before responding cheerily,
“You’re much more easygoing than I imagined. I’ve always assumed you’re the kind of hero who could

kill without hesitation. Nevertheless, I must admit your tactics are formidable. I genuinely feel sorry for
the patriarchs of our respectable families now because someone like you can never be tamed. They
should’ve eliminated you early on to leave no loose ends!”

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