Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1137

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The instant Winston sensed something amiss under his feet, he leaped into the air.

Beside him, a Divine Realm cultivator of the Leeson family parted his lips a fraction. A stream of
Pryncyp of Strength shot out and hit the protruding stone spike, shattering it to smithereens.

The Divine Realm cultivator of the Leeson family remarked coldly, “How shameless of you to make a
move against your junior, Maxton!”

Hearing that, Maxton Welsh snickered softly. He slowly got to his feet and cast his gaze in the direction
of the Leeson family’s camp.

“What a joke. We’re all cultivators, so there’s no order of seniority. If I can’t make a move against
someone of a lower cultivation level just because my cultivation level is high, why on earth would I even
bother cultivating?”

While saying that, Maxton clasped his hands, bowing slightly to the left and right as a greeting to the
various forces.

“Nice to meet you all. Initially, the Welsh family didn’t want to be the one to stand out. But I truly can’t
bring myself to agree with what the Leeson family said previously.”

With just those few words, he snagged everyone’s attention.

The crowd trained their gazes on the Welsh family, all curious to know what the elderly man meant by

Maxton turned to the Leeson family, the look in his eyes calm and unruffled like pools of dead water.

“Undeniably, it was the Leeson family who discovered this small world. However, it doesn’t belong to
them. Earlier, the Leeson family declared that only those with true capabilities would possess the
treasures of the earth. But why had you set up a formation and gathered people to keep guard here?
Just now, you claimed it was out of fear that various parties would barge in, creating unnecessary
fighting that would lead to injuries and casualties. This is my question, then—even if we were to enter
together, would we not make a move against each other? I trust you all have the answer inwardly, yes?
Ashton Leeson, are you not guarding this entrance to give that old geezer, Quintus, more time in the
small world to pillage more things? We’ve given you the appropriate respect, but if you continue
insisting on keeping this formation in place, I’d really suspect that the Leeson family is planning to
monopolize the secrets in this small world.”

As soon as his words rang out, all the cultivators cut their gazes at those of the Leeson family.

In the crosshairs of the auras of numerous Divine Realm cultivators, Ashton could not help feeling a
touch suffocated despite being a patriarch who had seen much in life.

He raised his hands and activated a spell. At once, a gentle white light sparked to life and enveloped
him in its protection, blocking off all the Divine Realm cultivators’ prying auras.

Subsequently, he strolled unhurriedly to the front of the Leeson family’s camp under the protection of
two Divine Realm cultivators.

Sweeping his gaze over the Divine Realm cultivators around him, he drawled, “You’re trying to scare
me? Haha… Even if I were to admit that I’m indeed buying time for my uncle to search for treasures in
there, what could you do about it, Maxton? Since you’re all here, you must’ve set your sights on the
secrets within the small world. The Leeson family has promised to wait until everyone has arrived to
collapse the formation, and we’d definitely keep our word. Wait if you’re patient enough. Otherwise, you
may leave.”

Following that, the other forces began cursing.

Among them, a boy’s crisp voice was exceptionally prominent.

“Don’t tell me you think the Leeson family can hold its own against so many people, Mr. Ashton?”

All present were core members of the various forces, cultivators with cultivation levels above God

No matter how talented someone was, he would not be too young by the time he reached such a level.

That voice, however, sounded like a young lad. For that reason, it immediately attracted everyone’s

In the Welsh family’s camp, a young man with glasses who shouldered a bag sat on the edge of a

It was none other than him who voiced that question, and he was Caleb from the Gray family.

Ashton scrutinized Caleb, a flash of solemnity glinting in his eyes.

Of the eight respectable families, the Salladay and Osborne families were the most powerful, while the
Mallory family was the most vicious and the Gray family the most mysterious.

Previously, Karl used Eastern Army as bait to drag the eight respectable families into the mess, luring
them into Remdik’s borders to save his wife and child.

The representatives of seven families gathered back then, with only the Gray family absent from
beginning to end.

When the eight families later hosted a meeting to discuss a plan against Asura’s Office and Yaleview
Army, Caleb showed up late.

Even during the ploy against the Whitley family ten years ago, the Gray family had no part in the plans
and early preparations, merely sending out some cultivators to participate during the execution.

Generally speaking, the Gray family kept a relatively low profile.

They were so inconspicuous that the other seven families would overlook them when considering
issues sometimes.

If the other families were to vote for the safest and least ambitious family among them, the Gray family
would be selected unanimously.

Surprisingly, such a family trait was wholly non-existent when it came to Caleb.

He was only eighteen or nineteen years old, but he was already a God Realm cultivator.

If any other force had such astounding talent among them, they would likely keep him hidden like a
seed, protecting him well and propelling him to Divine Realm.

However, Caleb took on the face of the Gray family, becoming the person in charge of external

He was cold, full of sharp edges, and decisive, seemingly an anomaly of the Gray family in the eyes of

Although Ashton had no idea why the Gray family would allow such a talent to be out and around, there
was one thing he was sure of—Caleb would undoubtedly be a pain in the neck to the other seven
families if he grew up to adulthood.

Unlike rogue cultivators like Jonathan, Wilbur, and Joshua, he had a whole respectable family backing
him up.

Verily, nothing good could come out of such a person with such a background.

Ashton stared at Caleb, who was on the ridge right across from him.

“You’re involving yourself in this mess at too tender an age, Caleb. I believe that many here would like
to kill you before you become a threat in the future.”

Upon hearing that, Caleb scanned his gaze around him before leaping up to stand on the boulder.

“Kill me? Sure! Go ahead if any of you are capable of it!”

He was rather arrogant.

In fact, he was overly haughty to make such a statement in front of a dozen Divine Realm cultivators.

However, he did have the right to be insolent since it was extremely rare for someone under twenty
years of age to become a God Realm cultivator.

No one said anything, but they all committed him to memory.

As for whether they intended to entice him over to their side or finish him off, that remained a mystery.

Caleb sensed the gazes around him, and a smirk curved his lips. He turned to Ashton.

“It looks like you’ve been very much successful in diverting everyone’s attention, Mr. Ashton. That
aside, I love the feeling of being remembered by everyone. But you haven’t given us an answer until
now. When exactly are you planning to collapse this arcane array?”

At that question, Ashton looked around before he started placidly, “Admittedly, he makes much sense.
No matter how strong the Leeson family is, we can’t possibly go up against all of you simultaneously.
However, we can only target a single force and make a move against that family. If the Gray family
really can’t wait, Caleb, you can try making a move. At most, we’ll both suffer devastating losses,

benefitting the others! Anyway, someone from the Leeson family has already entered the small world.
Thus, I can live with the consequences!”

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