Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1136

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No sooner had Jonathan spoken than a powerful life force gushed out of his body.

On the slope right beneath his feet, plants began to grow at a furious pace, covering an area of multiple
square meters as if it was the height of summer.

Watching the scene unfold before them, Winston and his men raised their weapons in an attempt to
shield Ashton.

At the same time, Ivanov’s Pryncyp of Strength began to massively concentrate around his body as he
prepared to strike.

All of them had seen how Seboxia unleashed Pryncyp of Life before. Her every move fueling the
growth of all living things was the epitome of Pryncyp of Life.

Consequently, when Jonathan displayed a similar miracle, everyone couldn’t help but be on their toes.

Nonetheless, Ivanov gave Jonathan a curious look. Even though Jonathan was manipulating his life
force, he had yet to gather any Pryncyp at all.

Ivanov was also unable to sense Seboxia’s presence or the movement of Pryncyp on Jonathan’s body,
a fact worthy of being suspicious about.

Nevertheless, Jonathan flashed a faint smile at Ivanov when he noticed the latter’s curious gaze.

The look he gave the latter was devoid of anxiety or fear. Instead, it carried a hint of provocation.

That look alone was enough to make Ivanov decide against probing Jonathan’s intentions any further.

Regardless of who was in control of Jonathan’s body at that moment, an agreement to collaborate
definitely existed between Seboxia and Jonathan.

Forcing them into action would result in the Leeson family interfering.

Although the eight respectable families might not be on good terms with Jonathan, Ivanov didn’t forget
the fact that he and his men were Remdikians still.

It would be detrimental to his interest if his opponents decided to turn against foreigners.

Finally, he chose to stay silent upon deliberating on the matter.

I have to bear with this until they send reinforcements. After my family’s multiple attempts at pledging
their allegiance were rejected, I’m sure this small world is good enough to make them waver.

At that moment, Seboxia was still in deep slumber. Jonathan had fueled the growth of living things
beneath his feet just to make his enemies think otherwise.

To his surprise, his little trick worked. Little did he expect the Leeson family and Ivanov to be deceived
into falling silent and allowing the three of them to stay and wait.

Due to the existence of the chaos portal to the small world, their surroundings were brimming with
spiritual energy.

With that, the group waited from noon till the evening. During that period, members of the other seven
respectable families gradually arrived one after another.

On top of that, followers of many hidden sects also gathered there. The small valley and its surrounding
slopes were soon crowded.

It was then that the Grandmaster Realm cultivators withdrew to the rear of their respective camps.

At that moment, all the cultivators gathered around the small world’s entrance were at least of God
Realm level. Other than Jonathan’s group, every other faction had at least one Divine Realm cultivator

in the lead.

It went without saying that this applied to the seven respectable families, including the Leesons who
were based in Doveston.

As for the other six respectable families, all of them had a Divine Realm cultivator leading five to eight
God Realm cultivators, many of which were familiar faces to Jonathan.

Kathleen, Eva, Sirius, and Xavion, representatives of the respectable families were all there.

Accompanying them were the Divine Realm cultivators of their respective families, making for a
magnificent sight.

The seven respectable families aside, the six hidden sects had also shown up one by one.

They were none other than Fantasy Sword Sect, Guardian Spirit Sect, Blazing Sun Sect, Heavenly
Summit Sect, Warrior Spirit Sect, and Star Valley Sect.

Despite Jonathan’s vast intelligence network, he had never heard of these sects before.

On the other hand, Hayden, a member of a subsidiary family, recognized one or two of them, while
Joshua knew about all of them.

He went on to explain that there were not many sects left in Chanaea; only fifteen remained as of now.

Obviously, that information was dated back to when the Whitley family was still the head of the nine
respectable families.

Now that ten years had passed, Joshua had no idea if the fifteen sects still existed or if there were any
newly formed hidden sects.

Taking the Phoebus Sect of Summerbank as an example, three generations of the sect perished at the
hands of Jonathan by chance.

Consequently, the sect’s legacy was naturally ended by him.

When Jonathan asked Joshua about the Phoebus Sect, he was surprised to receive an affirmative

Phoebus Sect was indeed one of the fifteen sects. Ten years ago, they were led by a Divine Realm
cultivator and wielded significant influence in Harfush.

For some unknown reason, the sect fell from grace and was reduced to working as mercenaries by the
time Jonathan encountered Vladimir and Sofus.

Nevertheless, such incidents were not unheard of in the world of cultivators. Even the all-powerful
Whitley family was decimated in just a few days, let alone a small hidden sect.

Yet, in spite of the fact that hidden sects were weaker than respectable families, their respective
strengths had helped them survive till the present day.

Some were focused on making pills; others on spells and swordsmanship.

Wherever their specialties lay, such skills formed the foundation of the hidden sects, which even the
respectable families couldn’t match.

At that moment, each of the six major sects that showed up was led by a Divine Realm cultivator with
three God Realm cultivators behind them. It was as if they had all agreed on such a combination before

Moreover, the six sects were currently huddled together as if they were ready to team up against

After all, there was no way an individual sect could compare to the respectable families. However, the
combined strength of six Divine Realm cultivators would strike fear into any single faction.

Eventually, the seven respectable families, Remdikian forces, and six major sects were all present.

In total, they consisted of eighteen Divine Realm cultivators and a hundred and thirty God Realm
cultivators. It was similar in scale to the powerful allied forces that took down the Whitley family ten
years ago.

Even if the Leeson family’s two hundred Grandmaster Realm cultivators were not taken into account,
such a formidable group of cultivators was more than capable of laying waste to an entire nation.

By the time sunset arrived, someone finally couldn’t resist speaking.

“Ashton, you asked us to wait till everyone is gathered before we enter the small world. Now that we
have spent all day here, how long more do we have to wait?”

The one who spoke was Morris of the Welsh family. He was left in charge of the family’s external affairs
ever since Jonathan killed Cody.

Unfortunately, the Welsh family’s cultivation methods had left them a little slow in the head.

As Morris was only a representative, Ashton, as the head of the family, would naturally ignore him.

Instead, it fell upon Winston, who was of equivalent status, to answer, “Just do as you’re told and stop

As soon as Winston spoke, a plump old man from the Welsh family who was clad in a robe let out a

Without any warning, a stone spike pierced through the ground below Winston and headed for his

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