Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1134

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Joshua automatically ignored Hayden’s money-grubbing demeanor and frowned in Doveston’s

“Judging from the current spiritual energy fluctuations, it’s an extremely regular spiritual energy tide.
According to the analysis after the appearance of other small worlds, even though a small world’s
chaos portal would emit spiritual energy to its surroundings, it should be continuous and stable. This
kind of rhythmic surge of spiritual energy usually occurs only when an energy-locking formation is set
up at the entrance of a small world. Besides, this energy-locking formation was put together in haste.
Hence it couldn’t completely lock the spiritual energy, causing the energy to overflow after saturation,
resulting in the current circumstances. It seems like someone has already begun to target the small
world.” Joshua’s voice was laced with a hint of concern. After all, the small world has been the root of
the Whitley family for dozens of generations. If it were to be razed by others, I’d be too ashamed to
face my ancestors.

Jonathan gazed at Joshua and said, “I reckon it must be the Leeson family’s doing. After sensing the
spiritual energy tide, Quintus immediately rushed over.”

Hayden chimed in, “It must be the Leeson family. Before running into you, Joshua and I encountered
the Leeson family’s party. Five God Realm cultivators and at least a hundred Grandmasters were
hurrying over. I’m afraid our trip this time will be filled with hardships.”

As he spoke, Hayden shifted his attention to Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, if you hadn’t come over, Joshua
and I would probably just be coming here to court death. Where’s that other personality of yours, the
one in Divine Realm? Summon him, and let’s charge forward. I’d like to see who dares to stop us.”


Taking in Hayden’s arrogant manner, Jonathan contemplated whether he should knock Hayden down a
peg. Hayden’s fearlessness can raise doubts in our opponents, but it seems to me Hayden is clearly

trying to provoke our enemies. If we really get into a fight, I fear we may be biting off more than we can

Standing at one side, Joshua continued staring at the duo composedly. “Jonathan, since you want to
enter the small world, do you have any plans? Let’s hear them. After all, we’ll be confronting the
respectable families head-on this time, and the three of us are all wanted dead by the respectable

Right after Joshua uttered those words, Jonathan and Hayden were slightly taken aback. Nevertheless,
they soon realized that was indeed the case.

Jonathan, the founder of Asura’s Office, had taken it upon himself to overthrow the order established
by the eight respectable families and now posed a significant threat to them.

Joshua, the last member of the Whitley family, bore his clan’s deep grudge against the Eight Great
Families. Moreover, he was also the possessor of three ultimate magical items, namely the Formation
Crusher, Hailstorm Fan, and Troop Summoner.

He was someone the respectable families had never given up on trying to locate and hunt down for
over a decade.

As for Hayden, even though he wasn’t as notorious as Jonathan and Joshua, he was the first heir of a
subsidiary family in nearly a hundred years who had the guts to resist the respectable families.

Because of that reason alone, the eight respectable families wouldn’t spare any member of the Zink

After all, there were only eight respectable families but many more subsidiary families.

If they noticed there were no consequences for betraying the respectable families, countless more
might emulate what Hayden did.

For the sake of punishing Hayden and making him an example to show the other subsidiary families
the repercussions, the respectable families would never let him off the hook.

In the past, the trio had always steered clear of the respectable families and did their best to conceal
themselves, but now they had formed a team to confront the respectable families.

Their courage was indeed commendable.

Feeling at a loss, Hayden lit a cigarette for himself. “How the h*ll did I end up with you two?”

“Consider yourself lucky for teaming up with us. Otherwise, you’d already be long dead,” Jonathan
teased. Then, he turned to look in Doveston’s direction. “Let’s storm over directly. Our opponent is just
a Divine Realm cultivator, isn’t it? I’d like to see what that old man, Quintus, can do to me!”

Jonathan spoke with confidence, prompting Hayden, beside him, to feel pumped as well upon hearing
the speech.

Joshua, on the other hand, seemed to have thought of something. He discreetly withdrew Troop
Summoner and wielded it.

Inexplicably, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that Jonathan was somewhat unreliable.

Nonetheless, he didn’t need to focus too much on engaging the respectable families in a conflict. All he
had to do was find an opportunity to enter the small world, following the method passed down by his
ancestor to gain the preemptive opportunity.

Although there were many precious objects inside the small world, what Joshua wanted to find was
actually the Whitley family’s true inheritance.

Meanwhile, on the valley outside the small world’s chaos portal, the Leeson family’s cultivators had all
gathered there, guarding the surrounding area.

On the opposite mountain, Ivanov from Remdik was no longer alone as Aidan and the others stood on
both his sides vigilantly.

Joshuo, the lost member of the Whitley fomily, bore his clon’s deep grudge ogoinst the Eight Greot
Fomilies. Moreover, he wos olso the possessor of three ultimote mogicol items, nomely the Formotion
Crusher, Hoilstorm Fon, ond Troop Summoner.

He wos someone the respectoble fomilies hod never given up on trying to locote ond hunt down for
over o decode.

As for Hoyden, even though he wosn’t os notorious os Jonothon ond Joshuo, he wos the first heir of o
subsidiory fomily in neorly o hundred yeors who hod the guts to resist the respectoble fomilies.

Becouse of thot reoson olone, the eight respectoble fomilies wouldn’t spore ony member of the Zink

After oll, there were only eight respectoble fomilies but mony more subsidiory fomilies.

If they noticed there were no consequences for betroying the respectoble fomilies, countless more
might emulote whot Hoyden did.

For the soke of punishing Hoyden ond moking him on exomple to show the other subsidiory fomilies
the repercussions, the respectoble fomilies would never let him off the hook.

In the post, the trio hod olwoys steered cleor of the respectoble fomilies ond did their best to conceol
themselves, but now they hod formed o teom to confront the respectoble fomilies.

Their couroge wos indeed commendoble.

Feeling ot o loss, Hoyden lit o cigorette for himself. “How the h*ll did I end up with you two?”

“Consider yourself lucky for teoming up with us. Otherwise, you’d olreody be long deod,” Jonothon
teosed. Then, he turned to look in Doveston’s direction. “Let’s storm over directly. Our opponent is just
o Divine Reolm cultivotor, isn’t it? I’d like to see whot thot old mon, Quintus, con do to me!”

Jonothon spoke with confidence, prompting Hoyden, beside him, to feel pumped os well upon heoring
the speech.

Joshuo, on the other hond, seemed to hove thought of something. He discreetly withdrew Troop
Summoner ond wielded it.

Inexplicobly, he couldn’t shoke off the feeling thot Jonothon wos somewhot unrelioble.

Nonetheless, he didn’t need to focus too much on engoging the respectoble fomilies in o conflict. All he
hod to do wos find on opportunity to enter the smoll world, following the method possed down by his
oncestor to goin the preemptive opportunity.

Although there were mony precious objects inside the smoll world, whot Joshuo wonted to find wos
octuolly the Whitley fomily’s true inheritonce.

Meonwhile, on the volley outside the smoll world’s choos portol, the Leeson fomily’s cultivotors hod oll
gothered there, guording the surrounding oreo.

On the opposite mountoin, Ivonov from Remdik wos no longer olone os Aidon ond the others stood on
both his sides vigilontly.

Aside from Avery, the commanders of Remdik’s Eastern War Zone were all present there.

Aside from Avery, the commanders of Remdik’s Eastern War Zone were all present there.

Due to the small world’s appearance, Ivanov deployed all the God Realm cultivators there.

At that moment, the war at River Onxy had returned to a conventional scale now that all the high-level
cultivators had withdrawn.

The two factions came to a standstill, staring at one another for half an hour.

Aidan, from Ivanov’s side, finally started to get impatient. “What do you Leesons mean by this? How
long are we supposed to wait? If we continue to drag this out, other forces will soon gather here. How
will that situation benefit you, then?”

Right after Aidan finished his sentence, Winston leaped up.

He swung the billhook in his hand without warning, unleashing a sword energy spanning more than ten
meters. The sword energy tore through the air, crossing hundreds of meters and heading straight for
Aidan’s head.

Facing the ferocious attack, Aidan remained unmoved and swung his right fist.


Spiritual energy scattered, and the sword energy turned into specks of light in midair.

“Winston Leeson, huh? Are you tired of living?” Aidan said through gritted teeth while shaking his wrist.

Winston lowered his hands and stood on the mountain ridge, looking no different from a farmer.
However, his eyes shone with sheer coldness. “Who the h*ll do you think you are to yell at me? Let’s
duel if you’re unwilling to admit defeat. I’ll let you have a taste of my billhook.”

Winston spoke softly, but his voice was filled with utter derision as it was magnified by his spiritual
energy and echoed in the valley.

Listening to those provocative words prompted the Leeson family members’ blood to boil with rage.

“D*mn you! Come on! Let’s fight!”

“B*stard! Why don’t you come get some if you think you’re so tough!”

“These b*stards have been getting under my skin for some time now. Grab your weapons and beat the
cr*p out of them! How dare they act all high and mighty here. Let’s kill them!”

Members of the Leeson family rolled up their sleeves one after the other and were ready to get violent.
Their vehement battle spirit escalated in an instant.

On the opposite side, Vicador and the other God Realm cultivators behind Aidan also got to their feet
and brandished their weapons, ready to fight.

However, just as a chaotic battle was about to break out, a massive surge of spiritual energy rapidly
approached from the southwest direction.

“I’m met with such a lively scene upon arrival. It seems like everyone is quite energetic right now!

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