Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1135

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A burst of laughter as loud as thunder rang out, drowning out the shouts and screams of the crowd.

Everyone at the scene immediately looked in the southwest direction and saw three figures leaping
several times between the ridges before landing softly on a hillside between the two parties.

“Jonathan!” Ivanov furrowed his brows when he saw the three approaching men because the leader of
the men was none other than the man he just fought against, Jonathan.

The Leesons, on the other hand, focused on Joshua instead, staring intently at him.

After all, the eight respectable families were still after the treasures Joshua inherited from the Whitley
family. Although there might be many secret treasures hidden in the small world, that’s only an
unproven possibility.

Even though Quintus had already gone into the small world ahead of everyone else, the Leesons still
had no idea if he had found anything.

Hence, they were all tempted when they saw Joshua, who was right before them and possessed
certain treasures they wanted.

If they could kill him and get their hands on the three magical items left behind by the Whitley family,
they could still propel the Leeson family to greater heights even without getting anything from the small

Sensing everyone’s gazes on him, Joshua gradually turned to look in Ashton’s direction.

When their eyes met, they could see the palpable murderous intent in each other’s eyes.

Right then, Winston, who was next to Ashton, uttered flatly, “Ashton, Jonathan is strong enough to fight
a Divine Realm cultivator.”

Winston had already delivered information regarding the previous battle back to his family. As such,
Ashton had surely seen it.

At that moment, Winston was merely reminding his brother about that information upon sensing the
latter’s aura. Ashton’s choice was none of his concern. In fact, even if Ashton were to ask Winston to
attack Jonathan, Winston would not hesitate to do as he was told.

Upon hearing that, Ashton retracted his gaze indifferently and uttered, “I do not care about your
capabilities. Everyone has to wait patiently, including Divine Realm cultivators. No one is allowed to
enter the small world unless everyone from the eight respectable families is present.”

As soon as Ashton finished his sentence, the Leesons instantly pulled out their weapons.

Among those men, there were two Divine Realm cultivators, twelve God Realm cultivators, and two
hundred and twenty Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

Obviously, those men were only a part of the family’s forces.

The overwhelming murderous intent the Leesons were exuding was utterly suffocating, weighing down
on everyone like a humongous mountain.

However, apart from the Leesons, both Aidan and Jonathan’s teams consisted of only God Realm

In other words, the auras of the two Divine Realm cultivators from the Leeson family were the only
ones posing a threat to Jonathan and the rest. The rest of the Leeson family’s cultivators weren’t strong
enough to be a threat.

Aidan then looked at Jonathan, Joshua, and Hayden. “Divine Realm? I don’t know what you did to
temporarily obtain the strength of a Divine Realm cultivator, but I’m sure you must’ve made a great

sacrifice. I wonder how much more you can actually afford to sacrifice.”

Aidan was obviously mocking Jonathan.

Before Jonathan could utter a word in response, Hayden placed his hands on his hips and looked at
Aidan. “What the f*ck did you just say, motherf*cker? Were you not running away from us? You’re
already taking a jibe at us when we’ve just arrived here. You are such a b*tch! Come at us if you dare! I
will show you what I am made of. Motherf*cker…”

All Aidan did was mock Jonathan, and he didn’t expect Hayden, who looked like a refined and elegant
man, to curse out loud like an uncultured barbarian.

Hayden went on spouting vulgarities for over a minute. Not only was Aidan stunned, but even the
Leesons as well as Jonathan and Joshua were left speechless, too.

Moments later, Hayden spat on the ground and ended his “performance” with one last profanity. “D*mn

Seeing how Aidan had fallen completely silent, Hayden scoffed and turned toward Jonathan and
Joshua. “There, I’ve shut him up! If he dares to run his mouth again, I will have another go at him.”

Jonathan and Joshua couldn’t help giving Hayden a thumbs-up out of respect when they saw the
latter’s calm and composed demeanor despite having just yelled at someone.

“Way to go, Hayden!” Jonathan was amused. He then took a deep breath and turned toward the
Leesons. “May I know who is the patriarch of the Leeson family?”

Ashton looked at Jonathan and stood up. “I am Ashton Leeson,” he introduced himself politely.

“I am Jonathan Goldstein,” Jonathan replied with a polite smile. “Mr. Ashton, judging from what I see
here, the Leesons intend to block the entrance to the small world, yes?”

“Oh, no, we won’t do something like that.” Ashton flashed a smile. “We are merely guarding it for the
time being. After all, everyone will get the treasures they are destined to get. Everyone should have a
share of the precious treasures within the small world. Although the Leesons are rather powerful, we
know we cannot have it all to ourselves.”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan could not help but laugh. “You Leesons are an interesting bunch. That’s
what you said, but you’re clearly blocking the entrance now. What is the meaning of this, then?”

“We are waiting for the others.” Ashton chuckled. “Since it is supposed to be shared with everyone
else, it is only fair to wait for everyone to get here. Calm down, Mr. Goldstein. Once everyone from the
eight respectable families and the hidden sects is here, the small world will be opened to the public.
However, I cannot help but wonder if you will still be alive by then, Mr. Goldstein. I’m well aware that
those who are capable of coming here want the three of you dead.”

As Ashton was talking, he focused his energy on Jonathan to examine if the latter was really a Divine
Realm cultivator.

Although the information he received clearly stated that Jonathan’s strength was on par with Ivanov’s
and Quintus’, Ashton thought Aidan’s words made sense. If that is not Jonathan’s real capability, that
means he has to pay a hefty price to maintain his condition. At this moment, Jonathan and the other
two seem to have strong auras, but they do not have the aura of a Divine Realm cultivator.

Ashton wondered if Jonathan was trying to fool everyone present. Hence, he tried to probe into
Jonathan’s true strength.

Jonathan sensed Ashton’s physical energy and unleashed a wave of spiritual sense.

His spiritual sense transformed into a dagger and pierced right through Ashton’s consciousness field.

Jonathan learned this method of attacking with his spiritual sense from Vladimir of Phoebus Sect on
Summerbank Mountain.

Apparently, Ashton didn’t expect him to suddenly take action. Though he didn’t exert his full strength, it
was still enough to make Ashton stagger and grimace in pain.

A Divine Realm cultivator beside Ashton saw what was happening and wanted to counter the attack.
However, Ashton stopped him.

“Mr. Goldstein, I underestimated your courage. I did not expect you to have the balls to attack me under
such circumstances. You are indeed an impressive man,” Ashton sneered.

Jonathan remained unfazed. Staring daggers at the Leesons, he said, “I don’t mind following your
rules, but that doesn’t mean I’m intimidated by you and the other respectable families. The three of us
are entering the small world today, and that’s a fact!”

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