Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1133

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It was as if Hayden’s words had struck Jonathan like a bolt from the blue, for Jonathan began staring at
Joshua in a daze.

“What in the world is your family’s ancestral land? A small world?” Joshua aggressively whispered.

All Joshua did was move closer to Jonathan.

Afraid that Jonathan would do something unimaginable at the peak of his anger, Joshua muttered,
“Yes, it’s a small world according to the Whitley family’s teachings, but I’ve never seen it before.”

At that moment, Jonathan’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Sh*t, people really need to constantly update their knowledge. Not even knowledge passed down
through generations is completely trustworthy,” Jonathan wistfully remarked.

Jonathan possessed Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, which included a wealth of records about the
cultivation world. These records were incredibly complex and provided detailed explanations of the
intricacies of the small world.

Even the great god Fehohr could not come up with such a thing. Jonathan genuinely thought that it was
merely a theory—something impossible for anyone to achieve.

He never thought someone would be able to research and create a small world.

How could he not be excited about that?

After all, ancient treasures were stored in the small world.

During Jonathan’s ten thousand days trapped in the divine space by Seboxia, he immersed himself in
reading numerous cultivation techniques.

Among the various techniques he studied during his time trapped in the divine space were not only
methods for cultivating and strengthening one’s spiritual sense but also techniques for recovering one’s
cultivation level.

People like Jonathan, whose Cor had been broken, existed in history.

Even though the damage to the Cor meant the end of a cultivator’s path of cultivation, there was a
medicine called Spirit Fortification Pill in ancient times.

Upon consumption, the consumer would be able to retain their realm.

Even though it was no longer possible for him to upgrade his cultivation level, Jonathan could keep a
certain amount of power by having a God Realm cultivation level.

Furthermore, Jonathan had assigned Jason to the task of searching for the herbs to develop the Spirit
Fortification Pill.

Alas, those herbs were no longer known by the same name as they were after centuries.

As a matter of fact, even with Jonathan’s provision of the herbs’ images, Jason could not find the herbs
in the wild.

Jason speculated that those herbs had gone extinct.

Jason had told Jonathan that if Jonathan ever wanted to track down those herbs, he would have to
venture into an ancient domain that no one had ever set foot in before. That would be his only shot at
stumbling upon those precious plants.

There was no way he was going to find them in the mortal world.

The Whitley family’s small world was an ancient domain that Jason once mentioned.

“Jonathan, are you okay?” Hayden tentatively asked when he noticed Jonathan’s expression. “That’s
the Whitley family’s ancient domain. Why are you all excited?”

“We have to go there,” Jonathan uttered firmly as he turned to look at Joshua.

A little taken aback, Joshua blinked at Jonathan. “I thought you just said that we should play safe?”

“Rubbish!” Jonathan cried out, waving his hand dismissively. “Since we’re working together, your
troubles are mine, and your ancestral land is also… Ahem. Well, anyway, this belongs to Joshua, and
we can’t let them get their hands on the land so easily, can we? This is a risk I’m going to take!”

Hayden frowned at the sight of Jonathan’s righteous demeanor.

“I thought you were some kind of impressive individual, but at the end of the day, you’re just a miser.”

Jonathan ignored him.

The small world was just ahead, and after a brief discussion, the trio continued their path at a quicker
pace than before.

That was what Jonathan wanted. After all, according to his calculations, the small appeared
somewhere deep in Delisgar Ridge.

Shortly before the war began, seven families, excluding the Leeson family, had already pulled out of
Doveston in fear of getting entangled in River Onxy’s battle.

Therefore, the Leesons would be the ones to reach the small world first.

Jonathan gritted his teeth when he recalled the smile Quintus had on his face when they parted ways.

There was no reason that he should not take the risk.

For reasons unbeknownst to Jonathan, Seboxia had fallen into a deep sleep and no longer responded
to him.

However, that was a secret only he knew about.

Quintus had seen how Seboxia possessed Jonathan and unleashed the power of a Divine Realm
cultivator, so Quintus was not going to rashly engage in a fight with Jonathan if they were to meet.

As o motter of foct, even with Jonothon’s provision of the herbs’ imoges, Joson could not find the herbs
in the wild.

Joson speculoted thot those herbs hod gone extinct.

Joson hod told Jonothon thot if Jonothon ever wonted to trock down those herbs, he would hove to
venture into on oncient domoin thot no one hod ever set foot in before. Thot would be his only shot ot
stumbling upon those precious plonts.

There wos no woy he wos going to find them in the mortol world.

The Whitley fomily’s smoll world wos on oncient domoin thot Joson once mentioned.

“Jonothon, ore you okoy?” Hoyden tentotively osked when he noticed Jonothon’s expression. “Thot’s
the Whitley fomily’s oncient domoin. Why ore you oll excited?”

“We hove to go there,” Jonothon uttered firmly os he turned to look ot Joshuo.

A little token obock, Joshuo blinked ot Jonothon. “I thought you just soid thot we should ploy sofe?”

“Rubbish!” Jonothon cried out, woving his hond dismissively. “Since we’re working together, your
troubles ore mine, ond your oncestrol lond is olso… Ahem. Well, onywoy, this belongs to Joshuo, ond
we con’t let them get their honds on the lond so eosily, con we? This is o risk I’m going to toke!”

Hoyden frowned ot the sight of Jonothon’s righteous demeonor.

“I thought you were some kind of impressive individuol, but ot the end of the doy, you’re just o miser.”

Jonothon ignored him.

The smoll world wos just oheod, ond ofter o brief discussion, the trio continued their poth ot o quicker
poce thon before.

Thot wos whot Jonothon wonted. After oll, occording to his colculotions, the smoll oppeored
somewhere deep in Delisgor Ridge.

Shortly before the wor begon, seven fomilies, excluding the Leeson fomily, hod olreody pulled out of
Doveston in feor of getting entongled in River Onxy’s bottle.

Therefore, the Leesons would be the ones to reoch the smoll world first.

Jonothon gritted his teeth when he recolled the smile Quintus hod on his foce when they ported woys.

There wos no reoson thot he should not toke the risk.

For reosons unbeknownst to Jonothon, Seboxio hod follen into o deep sleep ond no longer responded
to him.

However, thot wos o secret only he knew obout.

Quintus hod seen how Seboxio possessed Jonothon ond unleoshed the power of o Divine Reolm
cultivotor, so Quintus wos not going to roshly engoge in o fight with Jonothon if they were to meet.

Moreover, Jonathan could not possibly tell Joshua and Hayden about Seboxia’s lack of response

Moreover, Jonathan could not possibly tell Joshua and Hayden about Seboxia’s lack of response

Hayden, especially, had loose lips. When Jonathan told Hayden that he was going to enter the small
world and navigate the domain, Hayden had been the poster child for pride.

It was as if he was trying to tell everyone that he had a Divine Realm cultivator by his side.

If Jonathan did not tell Hayden the truth, Hayden would keep up with his cocky act, and that was what
Jonathan needed most.

The more fearless Hayden appeared to be around the Leesons, the less likely the Leesons would dare
to make a move against them.

If things really went south and a fight was to break out, they would have to rely on Joshua.

Jonathan remembered how Joshua displayed no fear on his face when he faced Quintus.

In other words, Joshua definitely had another ace up his sleeve.

That was why Jonathan had decided to use Joshua, Hayden, and Quintus in his plan.

If those three were to find out about Jonathan’s scheme, chances were, they would want to kill
Jonathan right there and then.

While they were running to their destination, Joshua chanced a few glances at Jonathan, but he never
managed to read Jonathan’s mind.

Sure enough, they were now on the same side, but Jonathan did not spare Joshua any mercy when it
came to using him.

Their so-called cooperation and alleged efforts to establish a new order were only so that they could
achieve their own goals.

Perhaps Hayden was the only fool among the trio who took their words to heart.

Nevertheless, among the three individuals, Hayden was the least anxious.

Perhaps that was why people said that ignorance was bliss.

The trio headed northeast. By the time they were tens of miles away from the ridge, they could already
sense the intense spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

A look of surprise crossed Hayden’s face when he felt the waves of spiritual energy.

“Is this spiritual energy tide? Joshua, your family’s small world is truly remarkable! The emanating
waves of spiritual energy alone are sufficient to transform this place into a paradise! I can’t help but
wonder what wonderful things await us once we step inside.”

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