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Chapter 1132

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With their identities confirmed, the subsequent meeting between the three individuals went much

Jonathan activated his technique and soon met up with Hayden and Joshua.

Once they both regained their balance, they parted their lips to speak almost simultaneously.

“Why are you here?”

“The spiritual energy tide is what you’ve been looking for, right?”

The trio froze once those words were out of Jonathan and Hayden’s mouths.

“What spiritual energy tide?”

Hayden turned to look at Jonathan in confusion.

Joshua was baffled as well.

“Jonathan, you sensed the spiritual energy tide?”

“You didn’t?” Jonathan blurted out, equally bamboozled.

In Jonathan’s estimation, the origin of the spiritual energy tide was the very thing that Joshua had been
searching for. However, it became clear that the reality was quite different from what he had

“What… does that spiritual energy tide feel like?” Hayden asked, curiously turning to face Jonathan.

Jonathan extended his hand to gather a gentle ball of spiritual energy. With a light push, the spiritual
energy dispersed and washed over Hayden’s body.

Hayden could only blink in a daze at Jonathan.

“Is this a spiritual energy tide? Isn’t it just a spiritual energy fluctuation?”

Jonathan nodded before staring at his hands blankly.

“If we were to expand the range of this spiritual energy fluctuation to hundreds of miles, it would
transform into a spiritual energy tide. Did you not sense it earlier?”

“I didn’t…” said Hayden with a shake of his head before he turned to Joshua. “Joshua, did you?”

Joshua shook his head again. “I really didn’t.”

At that, Jonathan became perplexed.

Logically speaking, considering the vast extent of the spiritual energy tide, even if Hayden and Joshua
were uncertain about its nature, they should have been able to sense something.

Still, Jonathan was not going to dwell on the matter for too long.

“Let’s set aside this perplexing matter for now,” Jonathan replied. “I’ve come here specifically to see
you. While I may not know the exact purpose of your visit to Delisgar Ridge, I presume that the eight
respectable families have already deduced your intentions. I don’t want to witness you willingly walk off
a cliff. Remember, you can only exact your revenge if you stay alive.”

Upon hearing Jonathan’s words, Joshua smiled.

“Tell me, Jonathan, what plan do you have?”

Meanwhile, Hayden was watching them as if he was a child listening to two adults speaking.

While Hayden could still be considered naive, Joshua and Jonathan were far from the definition of that.

Their words were weighted, and even Jonathan himself was tired out by the conversation.

After staring at Joshua for dozens of seconds, Jonathan let out a sigh.

“F*ck, who said that it’s easier to talk to smart people? Aren’t you tired of having to use your brain all
the time?”

With a small smile, Joshua answered, “Right back at you.”

At that, Jonathan finally decided to tell Joshua everything that was on his mind.

Jonathan understood that being overly calculative when dealing with someone like Joshua might
undermine the trust they had built between them.

It would be better for him to openly share every detail of his plan with Joshua instead.

In the meantime, Hayden was looking at Jonathan as if the latter had grown a second head.

The several possible outcomes of River Onxy’s battle. The set up of Yaleview Army and the eight
respectable families. The upgrade to the cultivation level of Asura’s Office’s members. The
reinstatement of Joshua as the ultimate commander-in-chief to establish a new order.

Despite the lack of detailed plans and the presence of numerous variables, the magnitude and
formidable nature of Jonathan’s strategy were evident in his thoughts.

Jonathan, despite not having reached Divine Realm, was tactfully manipulating Chanaea as if it were a
chess piece on his board. His actions had far-reaching implications, extending their influence even to
neighboring countries such as the West Region, Remdik, Merania, Jetroina, and beyond.

On the other hand, the most pressing matter for him was the fate of the Zink family, which was
ultimately resolved with the intervention of Hades, a Grandmaster Realm cultivator.

Are there no ordinary people in Asura’s Office? How insane and intelligent does one have to be to plan
all these?

Unlike Hayden, who was gaping in surprise, Joshua was contemplating the matter.

“What you seek to utilize is my name. It is crucial to follow the proper protocols to deploy troops to
Yaleview Army. While achieving the unification of all military forces in Chanaea may have its
advantages, the eight respectable families will not allow you to have unrestricted control. In other
words, Asura’s Office development has reached a pivotal moment. The situation at Chanaea no longer
allows any entity to remain stagnant even if you’re not inclined to pursue further development.”

“Tell me, Jonothon, whot plon do you hove?”

Meonwhile, Hoyden wos wotching them os if he wos o child listening to two odults speoking.

While Hoyden could still be considered noive, Joshuo ond Jonothon were for from the definition of thot.

Their words were weighted, ond even Jonothon himself wos tired out by the conversotion.

After storing ot Joshuo for dozens of seconds, Jonothon let out o sigh.

“F*ck, who soid thot it’s eosier to tolk to smort people? Aren’t you tired of hoving to use your broin oll
the time?”

With o smoll smile, Joshuo onswered, “Right bock ot you.”

At thot, Jonothon finolly decided to tell Joshuo everything thot wos on his mind.

Jonothon understood thot being overly colculotive when deoling with someone like Joshuo might
undermine the trust they hod built between them.

It would be better for him to openly shore every detoil of his plon with Joshuo insteod.

In the meontime, Hoyden wos looking ot Jonothon os if the lotter hod grown o second heod.

The severol possible outcomes of River Onxy’s bottle. The set up of Yoleview Army ond the eight
respectoble fomilies. The upgrode to the cultivotion level of Asuro’s Office’s members. The
reinstotement of Joshuo os the ultimote commonder-in-chief to estoblish o new order.

Despite the lock of detoiled plons ond the presence of numerous voriobles, the mognitude ond
formidoble noture of Jonothon’s strotegy were evident in his thoughts.

Jonothon, despite not hoving reoched Divine Reolm, wos toctfully monipuloting Chonoeo os if it were o
chess piece on his boord. His octions hod for-reoching implicotions, extending their influence even to
neighboring countries such os the West Region, Remdik, Meronio, Jetroino, ond beyond.

On the other hond, the most pressing motter for him wos the fote of the Zink fomily, which wos
ultimotely resolved with the intervention of Hodes, o Grondmoster Reolm cultivotor.

Are there no ordinory people in Asuro’s Office? How insone ond intelligent does one hove to be to plon
oll these?

Unlike Hoyden, who wos goping in surprise, Joshuo wos contemploting the motter.

“Whot you seek to utilize is my nome. It is cruciol to follow the proper protocols to deploy troops to
Yoleview Army. While ochieving the unificotion of oll militory forces in Chonoeo moy hove its
odvontoges, the eight respectoble fomilies will not ollow you to hove unrestricted control. In other
words, Asuro’s Office development hos reoched o pivotol moment. The situotion ot Chonoeo no longer
ollows ony entity to remoin stognont even if you’re not inclined to pursue further development.”

A smile grew on Jonathan’s lips as he listened to Joshua’s words.

A smile grew on Jonathan’s lips as he listened to Joshua’s words.

“Joshua, I knew I wasn’t wrong about you. Say, what can I do to make you join Asura’s Office? As long
as you tell me your terms, I’ll try my best to fulfill them.”

Joshua furrowed his brows and mulled over Jonathan’s words.

“I’ll be honest with you, Jonathan. Our goals align when it comes to confronting the eight respectable
families, and I wish to borrow the power of Asura’s Office too. But the best opportunity has yet to
present itself. If I were to join Asura’s Office, it might be targeted by the eight respectable families and
Yaleview Army. Apologies for my direct words, but all of the commanding officers of Asura’s Office will
be in jeopardy if they decide to come after them. There are no drawbacks to us working together right
now. Our opportunities are dwindling. If Asura’s Office falls, it’ll be close to impossible for us to rise
again,” Joshua uttered, voicing his worries.

Jonathan nodded in agreement.

“Yes, I understand your point,” responded Jonathan to Joshua. “How about this? Let’s take a risk and
see if I can make it back alive from Mount Enly. If I do, and if I come back with enough Holy Blood to
upgrade Asura’s Office’s cultivators’ cultivation level, you’ll join Asura’s Office. How does that sound?”

As Jonathan spoke, he extended his right hand.

Joshua studied him for a moment before lifting his right hand for a clap.


The clap echoed in the forest.

It was at that moment the fate of Chanaea was finally shifting away from the eight respectable families’

Both had come to an agreement and made an oath with a clap.

Once that was done, Jonathan turned to look at Doveston with wistfulness in his eyes.

“Let me tell you something: There is undoubtedly a significant hidden treasure at the origin of the tide.
The members of the eight respectable families have already made their way there, and it would be
dangerous for us to head in the same direction. I wonder what kind of treasure it is to spark such fierce
competition among them.”

Hearing that, Hayden answered, “It’s nothing too remarkable. It’s just Joshua’s family’s ancestral land.
Joshua said it’s a small world.

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