Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1130

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A soft buzz pierced the air right when Ivanov’s two Great Pryncyps neared the blood ritual.

Two dried-up hands reached out of the arcane array and stopped Great Pryncyp’s attack easily.

The collision between Great Pryncyp caused them to scatter in the air and produced a powerful
shockwave that rippled in all directions. However, the shockwave was contained within a certain range
by an unseen force.

“It’s a Divine Realm cultivator,” Ivanov said as he stared at the blood ritual that appeared out of
nowhere warily.

Within in, two elderly men stepped out.

The first elderly man was wrinkly and looked like a dried corpse. There seemed to be no flesh on his
body, and he was a horrifying sight.

Behind him was a middle-aged man with a cigarette dangling from his lips.

Both men’s features and auras differed from each other greatly.

The only similarity that they shared was the dangerous air that they gave off.

Both men were in Divine Realm!

The fragments of the blood ritual glowed and shattered, vanishing into the air.

The middle-aged man took out the cigarette from his mouth. “Ashton, what happened?” he demanded,
sounding displeased. “Don’t you know how rare a blood talisman is? We were dozens of miles away
and would arrive soon. You should’ve just stalled for time for a little more. Why couldn’t you do that?”

Ashton dared not refute his words. He put his hands before his chest and greeted the elderly men

“Sir, I wanted to do that, but you saw that we weren’t able to stall for time,” he replied meekly.

“Nonsense!” the middle-aged man cursed.

He was about to continue when the other skinnier elderly man rasped out, “That’s enough. I trust
Ashton. If they weren’t in danger, he wouldn’t waste a blood talisman to teleport us here.”

It sounded like he had to force each and every syllable out of his throat, and his voice was really
hoarse and almost intelligible.

“The one who took action was that man, wasn’t it?” inquired the elderly man, as his aura locked onto
Ivanov, who was standing across from him, rendering the latter unable to move.

The other Divine Realm cultivator who was a middle-aged man spat out his cigarette. He gathered his
Great Pryncyp, ready to take action.

A riot of emotions brewed within Ivanov.

He initially assumed Quintus was the only Divine Realm cultivator from the Leeson family who took
action and had no idea he would summon two other Divine Realm cultivators with his Pryncyp.

One reason why Remdik was bold enough to send their troops to Chanaea was because of Chanaea’s
unique cultivation environment.

In Chanaea, the majority of cultivators beyond the Grandmaster Realm belonged to the eight
respectable families and secret sects.

Therefore, cultivators in God Realm and Divine Realm were scarce in the mortal world.

Ivanov couldn’t help but think he got extremely unlucky as he ran into three Divine Realm cultivators
who came from the same family in one day.

Have I stirred a Divine Realm nest?

When Ivanov sensed two Pryncyps homing in on himself, he gathered his own Pryncyp and
immediately put his guard up.

“I believe this is a misunderstanding. There is a valuable treasure right here in this small world, so
there’s no need for us to engage in a fight. If we get injured in the process, someone else will reap the

Among the Pryncyps of Rule, Ivanov’s Pryncyp was considered more unique.

Despite that, he knew he wasn’t a match for three Divine Realm cultivators of the same level.

However, Ivanov couldn’t bring himself to give up on the small world.

The only way out was to stall for time.

He refused to believe that the massive commotion in the small world would go unnoticed by anyone
except himself and the Leeson family.

If other forces interfered, the Leeson family would inevitably become the center of the conflict as they
were the first to discover the small world.

Then, he could take the opportunity to sneak into the small world amidst the chaos.

There was a possibility that Quintus might have already entered the small world with the intention of
gaining personal experience, but the energy fluctuations coming from within indicated that the internal
space of this world was incredibly vast.

Based on his experience and past records from ancient scrolls, Quintus knew that many treasures
within a small world were locked in unique formations. It was possible for some people to enter the
space and search for three days, but still fail to find anything, while others could simply take one step
and discover valuable treasures.

The course of destiny was uncertain and inexplicable.

As long as the chaos portal leading to this small world was still open, everything was possible.

Thus, Ivanov knew he had to stall for time.

The more variables there were, the more chances he would get!

Ivanov had been in a position of power for an extended period, making him a shrewd individual.
However, the Leesons were not to be underestimated either.

Despite not knowing Ivanov’s exact thoughts, they could guess Ivanov’s plan as the small world was
right in front of them.

“B*stard. You’re still thinking about the treasures within the small world, huh? You have a death wish!”
the middle-aged cultivator roared.

He was about to take action when Ashton stepped out to stop him.

“Don’t move!”

The middle-aged cultivator halted in his tracks, and the Pryncyp of Strength in his hands faded away.

He swiveled around to direct an angry look at Ashton.

“Ashton, are you sure? We have an advantage over him now and can slaughter him immediately.”

Ashton gave the middle-aged man a cold, disdainful look, his previous respect completely gone.

“Sir, don’t forget that I’m the current patriarch of the Leeson family,” he replied coldly.

The other Leeson family members said nothing, but Ivanov could barely hide his shock upon hearing

In Remdik, those with higher cultivation levels and greater strength would typically be the ones to call
the shots within their families.

Thus, he was stunned to see a mere God Realm cultivator giving orders to a Divine Realm cultivator.

This is ridiculous. He’s seeking doom!

Ivanov was waiting to see how the cultivator would teach Ashton a lesson, but to his surprise, the man
didn’t take any further action and instead dispersed his Pryncyp, stepped back, and sat crossed-

“You’re the patriarch, so you get to call the shots.”

Ivanov gaped incredulously at the sight.

He couldn’t understand why the middle-aged man chose to bow down to Ashton when he could kill him

Despite the fact that both Remdik and Chanaea were part of the same continent, Aploth, Ivanov could
never comprehend the family hierarchy in Chanaea since the culture and customs differed greatly in
both countries.

One should take charge of what they specialized in.

Divine Realm cultivators may excel in combat, but the Leeson family needed to strategize and devise a
plan in the current situation

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