Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1129

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Hearing Ashton’s words, not only Ivanov, even the other members of the Leeson family were stunned.

Since Divine Realm cultivators of the Leeson family hadn’t arrived yet, if Ashton fought head-on with
Ivanov, members of the Leeson family would be sitting ducks for the latter’s attacks.

Winston frowned at Ashton.

Even though he had talked to Ashton about the authority transfer as the family’s patriarch, Ashton
shouldn’t blatantly provoke Ivanov.

At that moment, Winston noticed the geomantic compass in Ashton’s hand.

Comprehension dawned upon him. He sheathed his billhook and stood behind Ashton.

Winston dropped his guard just like that. Even his spiritual energy had dimmed to nil. Not even a bit of
nervousness was seen on his countenance or body language.

Ivanov was shocked to see Winston’s abrupt change.

He had seen firsthand how fierce Winston’s combat skills were. In Winston’s previous battles, he forced
Aidan and the others into a precarious situation with just a billhook. Ivanov had a clear recollection of

Yet at that moment, Winston was not keeping his guard up. Ivanov couldn’t help but have doubts that
something was off.

“Where’s Quintus? Ask him to come forward and talk to me,” Ivanov demanded coldly.

Ashton pointed at the valley below. “Mr. Quintus is right in this valley, Mr. Ivanov. If you like to head in,
I’ll let you pass.”

Ashton’s fingers moved slightly as he spoke, causing the geomantic compass on his left hand to shine
a golden glow.

Within the valley below, a corner of the energy-locking formation unlocked momentarily before swiftly
falling back in place.

Pure, towering spiritual energy pulses flooded in every direction.

Greed flashed across Ivanov’s gaze, feeling the extreme purity of spiritual energy.

This is the energy pulse I felt!

Ivanov was originally on his way back to River Onxy but suddenly sensed a surge of spiritual energy in
Doveston’s direction.

Hence, he immediately switched course to search for the origin of the spiritual energy surge. It looks
like this is the place.

Sensing the pure spiritual energy, Ivanov shot a cold glance at Ashton.

“What’s inside here?”

Although he asked that question, Ivanov didn’t expect an answer from Ashton.

He knew no one would willingly share such pure spiritual energy, regardless of whether they originated
from magical plants, spiritual mine, or spiritual ley lines.

It also wasn’t hard to deduce from the Leeson family’s stance that they had their eyes set on the items

It seems like I’ll have to make a move if I want to see what’s inside.

Right when Ivanov drew on his Pryncyp of Strength, he heard Ashton explain.

“There’s a portal into a small world in there—chaos portal.”

A glint flashed across Ivanov’s eyes at Ashton’s answer.

Small worlds had never belonged solely to Chanaea. It appeared within Remdik’s border a few times

Due to the high concentration of Remdik cultivators, Ivanov was the one who organized a team to
investigate the small world which appeared in Eastern War Zone.

Even though the small world was just a tiny void, precious resources were abundant inside that limited
space, especially demon beasts. Once they were slaughtered, their feather, skin, and bones were all
rare refining materials.

Even a Divine Realm cultivator like him couldn’t help but be envious.

The formation engraved and some of the ancient herbs in the small world had extended the lives of
many valuable items.

Any and every one of them was a priceless artifact.

Naturally, none of the items would reach his hands with the tsar still on the throne.

Even at present, the tsar had the small world in Remdik enveloped in layers of formations, treating it as
his own secret realm, forbidding others from approaching it.

Despite his unwillingness, Ivanov’s only choice was to bow his head and display his subservience to
the tsar.

Yet the small world in front of him was within Chanaea’s boundary.

He might not be able to take the small world with him, but he was sure the haul would be plentiful if he
went in and plundered his fill.

After all, the small world’s energy pulses were much stronger than the ones in Remdik’s.

Such dense spiritual energy! I’m sure there’s a copious amount of precious artifacts inside!

For a few times, Ivanov’s hands itched to fight with Ashton but tamed his urges down.

On top of the formation in the valley, there were a few more layers of restraining barriers shielding it,
sealing the valley off from cultivators’ spiritual senses, and keeping whatever happened in the valley.

If Quintus was within the formation just as Ashton said, I might startle him once I make my move. A
fierce battle is unavoidable by that time. Quintus might go on a rampage and destroy everything inside
the small world if I win. That’ll be a waste. But I can’t just leave such premium items when they’re right
within reach.

After contemplating briefly, Ivanov slightly flipped his wrist, and a wave of Pryncyp of Strength instantly
slammed into the valley below.

The force of Pryncyp of Strength wasn’t overly powerful. It couldn’t even wreck the formation.

It merely shook the barrier lightly.

Ivanov’s attack didn’t hurt anyone or the formation. It simply served to force Quintus out of the portal.

Ashton might’ve declared himself the patriarch of the Leeson family, but only a fight could determine
the distribution of such massive spoils.

The rest were just empty talks.

Within the valley, the formation shook continuously. Flashes of white glow gleamed incessantly on the
mountain cliffs on both sides. The formation began to stabilize.

Ashton’s and the other Leeson family members’ expressions turned grim at the sight.

Ashton held onto the formation plate and asked, “What is the meaning of this, Ivanov?” Everyone,
including Winston, had drawn up their spiritual energy, prepared to attack anytime.

Such actions were nothing more than jokes in Ivanov’s eyes.

“I think the Chanaean call it the Empty Fort Strategy, am I right? It looks like Quintus was never
stationed in the formation in the first place. Instead, he had already slipped into the small world to
search for treasures. You guys are only here as a measure of deferment! I’m truly naive to be stunned
by insignificant fellows like you.”

Ivanov lost his temper at being treated like a fool.

“Prepare to die since you have no Divine Realm cultivator here!”

Ivanov threatened as Pryncyp gathered in his hands. Once converted into energy pulses, he hurled
them toward Ashton and the Leesons.

The moment Ashton saw Ivanov was gathering Pryncyp, he sliced his finger open with his nail.

As the blood flowed from the open wound, a talisman appeared midair and turned into a massive
blood-red arcane array in front of Ashton.

“Blood Ritual Gate! Open!”

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