Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1128

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Winston’s gaze turned cold as he surveyed the dragon-patterned jade pendant before him, which
represented Ashton’s authority as the patriarch.

“Ashton, you don’t have to do this. It hasn’t come to that point yet.”

Winston attempted to return the dragon-patterned jade pendant to Ashton but to no avail.

Ashton frowned at Winston.

“Winston, you knew all along that I’ve never wanted to be the patriarch of the Leeson family. Father
forced me into this position. I remember him promising me I’d be free to go once he found someone
suited for the role. Yet for fifteen years, it had never once happened. The Leeson family’s strength will
go through a tectonic shift now that Mr. Quintus has entered the chaos portal. While I might survive this
pandemonium, it’s best to have a backup in place. The Larson family can’t be without a leader if I get
beheaded by one of the cultivators.”

Winston stared at the dragon-patterned jade pendant hesitantly before finally reaching to take it.

“All right. I’ll take this and lead the Leeson family after your death.”

There wasn’t a need to exchange pleasantries and formalities between blood brothers.

They’d promptly decided upon the future authority of the Leeson family. The only thing left for them to
do was to bide their time.

The other respectable families would know of their decision sooner or later. As such, the Leeson family
members needed to buy more time for Quintus.

A stream of silhouettes dashed toward the ridge on both sides of the valley from the south. They were
all cultivators of the Leeson family.

Including Ashton and his group, the Leeson family appointed twelve God Realm cultivators in total and
about two hundred Grandmaster Realms.

While not all of the Leeson family’s high-level cultivators were appointed, almost all of them were

The ones remaining stayed behind to guard the ancestral land.

After all, no matter how many secrets the small world contained, luck and fate were the ultimate
deciding factors. Even if there were abundant treasures hidden within, there was no guarantee that
they could lay their hands on the prizes.

The Leeson family’s ancestral ground, on the other hand, represented their foundation and history
tracing back more than two thousand years ago. Thus, they couldn’t afford to lose it.

The members of the Leeson family landed one after another and sat on the ground with their legs
crossed as they began regulating the spiritual energy in their bodies.

They were doing that for two reasons. The first reason was to prepare for the upcoming battle, while
the second was to absorb the highly concentrated spiritual energy in the area.

The respectable families spent plenty of resources grooming cultivators who successfully achieved
Grandmaster Realm.

Almost all of them had undergone specialized cultivating at Secret Realms with concentrated amounts
of spiritual energy which the Leeson family developed.

However, not even the spiritual energy concentration level of the most ideal location in the Secret
Realm could compare to the spiritual energy density in that area.

While the energy-locking formation was powerful and did seal off a large portion of spiritual energy, the
bits that escaped were enough to make the Leesons exhilarated.

Ashton gazed proudly at the young members of the Leeson family who were focusing on controlling
their breathing on the ridge.

However, at the same time, he felt a tinge of pity.

If such a portal had not appeared so abruptly and the Leeson family had more time to prepare, he
would have used all his resources to seal off the entire region for good.

By then, the Leeson family would gain more God Realm cultivators with help from the spiritual energy
that emanated from the portal.

If they had sufficient time, they might even be able to stealthily accumulate their strength and grow to
be stronger than the Whitley family ten years ago.

Unfortunately, that was all just wishful thinking. The Leeson family had missed their chance to achieve

“Enemy incoming!” Ashton looked toward the north and announced coldly.

The eleven God Realm cultivators who sat around Ashton immediately whipped out their weapons from
their storage rings.

Following a loud thud, a figure materialized atop the ridge of a hill several meters away.

Subsequently, a huge wave of spiritual sense gushed forth and engulfed everything within a several-
hundred meters radius.

“It’s a God Realm cultivator!” Some of the Leeroys gritted their teeth and muttered under their breath as
they sensed the aura of the cultivators opposite them.

Winston was on his guard as he gripped his billhook.

“He goes by the name Ivanov and is the commander-in-chief of Remdik’s Eastern War Zone. He was
the one whom Uncle Quintus battled against. Ivanov possesses the Pryncyp of Strength. During the
battle at River Onxy, he managed to disrupt the district’s stronghold and massacred more than ten
thousand Eastern Allied Army troops with a single move. He managed to turn the tide of the war at the
last minute despite being defeated by Jonathan and Uncle Quintus.”

Listening to Winston’s introduction, the Leesons braced themselves to face the formidable opponent.

A Divine Realm cultivator with the Pryncyp of Strength sounded like a devil right out of hell.

These progenies from the Leeroy family knew a lot more about Pryncyp compared to other self-taught

While Pryncyp was known to be infinite, its usage could be generally classified into two categories.

Quintus’ Pryncyp of War and Jonathan’s Pryncyp of Slaughter belonged to the first category.
Practitioners used it to elevate their own power to defeat their enemy.

This was the more common Pryncyp as it was generally more relevant to what the cultivators adhered
to. As such, they’d gain more insights from it during battle.

The second category of Pryncyp, on the other hand, was the Pryncyp of Rule, which was complex and
elusive. Exceptional discernment was a must to comprehend the Pryncyp of Rule.

This kind of Pryncyp could be used directly on one’s opponent. In fact, once the practitioner reached a
certain cultivation level, they could even alter the space and surroundings around them just like Ivanov.

That was precisely why Jonathan suspected the authenticity of what Seboxia said about Immortal

According to Seboxia, the Four Honored Pryncyps were Light, Darkness, Life, and Death, also known
as Pryncyp of Slaughter.

All three Pryncyps, except for Death, belonged to the second category, which meant one could use
their Pryncyp to affect the environment and engage enemies head-on.

Jonathan’s Pryncyp of Slaughter, however, belonged to the first category. As such, he could only
enhance his own capabilities and had no power to take someone’s life with mere words.

He didn’t believe that such a pointless Pryncyp just like his own would exist among the Four Honored

Perhaps there were some hidden secrets to his Pryncyp of Slaughter that he’d yet to discover.

All in all, according to his past experiences, when two Divine Realm cultivators of the same level
battled against one another, the one practicing the Pryncyp of Rule always had the upper hand.

This was a fact set in stone.

To put it simply, if Ivanov decided to make a move, the Leesons could only withstand his assault for
several minutes at most before dying.

Just then, Ashton parted the crowd and stepped forward instead of remaining in the protective circle
formed by the God Realm cultivators.

Bowing slightly, Ashton showed his respect toward Ivanov.

“Mr. Ivanov, I’m Ashton, the patriarch of the Leeson family from Doveston. It’s an honor to meet your

Ashton stood ramrod straight on the ridge while facing Ivanov, who was a hundred meters away.

“Since you’re already here, why not come closer so I can show you some hospitality?”

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