Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1127

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Joshua put away the magical item and slipped the green ring into his storage ring.

“Hayden, do you remember what you said to me?”

Taken aback by Joshua’s question, Hayden asked, “What did I say?”

Nonetheless, he hesitated for a moment and put on a wry smile. “I remember it now. I told you I placed
all the Zink family’s bets on you so you could avenge them.”

Nodding, Joshua turned around and leaped onto the ridge beside the valley. “Hayden, the people who
went over just now would never capture me. I’m not that important to be hunted by such a huge-scale
dispatch from the Leesons. If I guessed it correctly, my family’s ancestral land has opened, and those
people are going there to guard the entrance.”

Hayden remained on the ridge, a complicated look flashing past his eyes.

Back then, Hayden had agreed to Joshua’s request only because he lost hope of exacting revenge
when the Zink family was captured by the Osborne family.

Now that the Zink family was rescued by Asura’s Office, Hayden had lost the reason to sacrifice

After all, no one would court death when they could continue living their life.

Looking at Hayden, Joshua bobbed his head lightly and patted the former’s shoulder with a smile.

“All right. Don’t think so much about it anymore. I, too, wouldn’t want to die like that if I were you.
Besides, it wouldn’t be as meaningful now if you intend on helping me. The opening of the ancestral
land is a huge thing. If we keep guarding the valley, they’ll have a chance of conquering it. Now that the

entire Leeson family is going there, it’s meaningless even if you do everything in your power to cover
me. You should leave,” said Joshua with a smile before jumping to the north.

However, Hayden simply stood at his spot and gazed coldly at Joshua’s retreating back with his fists
clenched. There was no telling what was on the former’s mind.

Hayden’s purpose for coming out this time was to make himself a bargaining chip to bet on Joshua.

Now that the Zink family was protected by Asura’s Office and temporarily lifted off the threats of being
wiped out, Hayden had lost his reason to fight.

Although Joshua and Hayden had made it clear that they were in a mutually beneficial relationship,
Hayden could not bear to just leave the former alone after having spent so much time with him.

Even kittens and puppies would develop feelings after spending some time together, let alone two
adults who had experienced life-and-death situations together.

After much hesitation, Hayden unleashed his spiritual energy and went to catch up with Joshua.


While speeding toward the north, Joshua heard Hayden’s voice from afar.

Hence, Joshua slowed his pace, only to find Hayden catching up with him moments later.

“Why are you here?” asked Hayden with a smile. “You should look for Jonathan. He’s a great person.
Although we didn’t spend much time together, I’m sure he won’t threaten you with your family like what
the Osborne family did. Besides, this war might cause Asura’s Office to break the overall layout of
Yaleview Army and the eight respectable families. If three God Realm cultivators from your family could
join Asura’s Office, they’ll definitely be put to good use—”

Before Joshua could finish, Hayden said, “Joshua, must you really go? The Whitley family’s gone.
You’re their last descendant. Are you really going to face the entire Leeson family and even the
cultivators of eight respectable families just for an ancestral land? Is it even worth it?”

Joshua halted in his tracks and stared at the north with a look of indifference.

“You won’t understand. My family has been looking for the ancestral land for the last two thousand
years and waiting for it to open. Whether or not it can help me take revenge or if it’s an imperishable
inheritance from the ancestors, it no longer matters. Sure, there are still tens of thousands from my
family who are still alive, but they’re collateral relatives. In fact, I might be the only direct descendent
left of the Whitley family. If I give up on it as well, then the entire Whiteley family will be done for. That’s
why I must go, even if it costs my life.”

Hayden furrowed his brows upon hearing that.

“Joshua, what… the heck are you talking about?”

All he felt was a buzzing feeling in his mind.

“Is everyone in your family crazy? Was everything you said about getting an inheritance after entering
the ancestral land a lie? You don’t even know what’s in there, yet you’re going in there blindly. What if
there are only three straw huts inside?”

Joshua suddenly turned around and shot Hayden a stern gaze.

“Still, they belong to my family! I’m going to kill anyone who touches it!”

“F*ck!” Hayden cursed. Following that, he let out a long sigh as if he had made up his mind.
“Remember this. I’ll run away immediately if there’s any danger. I’m not going to risk my life since
there’s nothing that belongs to my family.”

Meanwhile, Winston, Remy, and another member arrived somewhere beyond a nameless valley.

“Ashton,” greeted Winston upon arriving before Ashton.

The patriarch turned around to glance at the trio covered in blood.

“Is the matter with Eastern Army settled?” he asked.

“The battle isn’t over, but most of the Remdikian cultivators are driven off the battlefield. What’s left is
the large-scale battle among mortals. There’s no need for us to get involved in that.”

Ashton nodded in acknowledgment.

In order to ensure Eastern Allied Army would not suffer too many casualties due to the other party’s
overhaul, the Leeson family deployed a team of one Divine Realm cultivator and three God Realm
cultivators to help out with the situation. They had done their best.

After all, the battle was between Remdik’s Eastern War Zone and Eastern Allied Army.

If cultivators were to be involved all the way, the battle would change fundamentally.

Although a large group of cultivators had been transferred to the army and played a vital role in the
battle, times have changed. Battles of cultivators conquering a city or a fief like ancient times would not

Remdik needed to deploy their army if they wanted to infiltrate Doveston.

The function of cultivators was merely to provide assistance and intimidate the enemy’s cultivators.

“Winston, Uncle Quintus has entered the portal. It’s been about half an hour, and there’s no news yet.”
Ashton paused momentarily to place a jade pendant into Winston’s hand. “Remember this. If
something happens to me again, you’ll be the Leeson family’s next patriarch.

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