Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1126

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-When Ashton saw Quintus’ sunken cheeks, his nose reddened, and a lump formed in his throat.

Although they were not close relatives, they were still related by blood.

Most importantly, Quintus was very close to becoming a Divine Realm cultivator tens of years ago.

Unfortunately, the bottleneck made the previous patriarch give Quintus a job with little work, which was
to train the Leesons’ younger generation.

Ashton and Winston were Quintus’ students.

In less than three years, Quintus went through enlightenment and entered Divine Realm.

Even so, Quintus never stopped teaching Ashton and the others.

Thus, Quintus was more than a Divine Realm cultivator to Ashton and the rest.

In fact, Quintus was like a parent to him.

And now, he had offered to go through the chaos portal to grab the opportunity.

Those who were unaware of the situation would think Quintus wanted to monopolize the magical plant.

As a patriarch, Ashton understood what Quintus was planning. The latter was helping the Leeson
family to find a solution.

Every appearance of the chaos portal meant that a tiny world emerged, and each world had ancient
beasts guarding it.

One could imagine how dangerous it must be for Quintus to go there alone.

Unfortunately, the Leeson family was stuck in a predicament. In the end, Quintus, who was more than a
hundred and fifty years old, had to be the one to open the way for them.

Ashton felt bad as a younger member of the Leesons.

“U-Uncle Quintus, I’ll get a few men to help you scout the area…”

While saying that, Ashton beckoned a few Grandmaster Realm cultivators in the distance.

Right then, Quintus reached out and grabbed Ashton’s shoulder. “Forget it, Ashton. It’s pointless if I
can’t kill those things there. Grandmaster Realm and God Realm cultivators will only end up dead, no
matter how many you send in. Let me do it instead. You guys can stay outside and get the formation
ready. Remember this. If anything comes out of the portal, kill it immediately.”

“But—” Ashton opened his mouth to speak.

Regardless, Quintus smiled and shook his head. He then sat cross-legged and began adjusting his
spiritual energy and spiritual sense.

Just then, several Grandmaster Realm cultivators hurried over and gathered around Ashton.

“Mr. Ashton!” they greeted with a bow. Seeing that, Ashton quickly stretched out a hand to interrupt
them. “Relay my order. The formation must be completed in ten minutes.”


The men immediately dispersed to relay the orders, while those who received the order quickened their

The minutes ticked by. Finally, a Grandmaster Realm cultivator placed a spirit stone into the ground.

A gentle wave of energy washed over Ashton before disappearing instantly.

Trap formation, kill array, illusion array, and lock formation were completed.

The Leeson family backed away when the four formations that had different functions were formed.

At that moment, the valley surrounded by dense mist changed its form repeatedly until it returned to its
original form when the portal appeared.

The illusion array worked.

It was a dangerous situation for those not in the know. If they entered the illusion array, they could be
destroyed by the trap formation and kill array.

Those formations had nothing special to them when used individually.

However, with how the Leeson family restructured and arranged them, their powers were greatly
increased when used together.

According to the original formation, anyone below the absolute phase of God Realm who had not
grasped the Pryncyp would at least have their skin melted or even die.

To put it bluntly, only Divine Realm patriarchs of the remaining seven respectable families were the only
ones who could pass through the Leeson family’s formations.

Suddenly, Quintus slowly got to his feet and scanned the peaceful valley with a calm gaze.

At that moment, Remy took a formation plate from the person beside him and spun it several times
before drawing on the talisman paper.

“Uncle Quintus, this is the sign corresponding to the current pathway of the formation. I’ll change the
structure of the formation once you enter the chaos portal.”

Ashton’s eyes reddened as he spoke.

After all, stepping through the portal was not different from seeking death.

Quintus had been working hard for the Leeson family all his life, yet he never got to enjoy his remaining
years in peace.

This is such a humiliation to the family.

After taking the piece of paper, Quintus moved his fingers a little to place a black storage ring in
Ashton’s hand.

“Ashton, this has everything I accumulated throughout my life. My direct descendants have no talent in
cultivation, so I’m letting you manage these. You can keep them for yourself or give them to the other
members of the Leeson family.”

That was all Quintus had to say. He then stuck the paper on his chest and announced, “I’ll get going
now. Remember my words. When dealing with the other seven respectable families, you must leverage
their strength and never fight head-on.”

With that, Quintus disappeared into the illusion array. The ripples in the air vanished, leaving no traces
of Quintus.

“Kneel!” bellowed Ashton while standing on the ridge.

Hundreds of members of the Leeson family remained in their positions. Although they had no idea what
was happening, they quickly kneeled before the valley upon hearing Ashton’s words.

“The members of the Leeson family bid you farewell, Mr. Quintus!”

“I will wait here for your triumphant return, Mr. Quintus!”

“Farewell, Mr. Quintus!”

“I’ll wait here for your triumphant return, Mr. Quintus!”

As soon as Ashton finished, the Leesons repeated his words loudly, so much so that their voices
echoed through the area.

Quintus, who was in the middle of the valley’s spiritual mist, curled his lips slightly when he heard the
voices outside.

He took one step forward and disappeared into the portal.

Meanwhile, Joshua and Hayden were hiding in a valley deep in Delisgar Ridge.

The dense forest was a natural cover for the two. Joshua took out an umbrella-like magical item to hide
both his and Hayden’s aura.

While they looked at the sky through the tiny cracks above their head, they saw figures swiftly skipping
over the valleys.

“Five God Realm cultivators and less than a hundred Grandmaster Realm…”

Hayden dared not breathe when he sensed the auras passing over his head.

It was not until he was sure that the strangers had left did he breathe a sigh of relief and said, “Joshua,
are the Leesons trying to kill you? Why would five God Realm cultivators bring along so many
Grandmaster Realm cultivators? Don’t tell me the Whitley family has mobilized all their forces.”

Instead of answering Hayden, Joshua frowned and unfolded his clenched right fist.

Lying on his palm was a ring that had a green glow.

This time, the green light stopped flickering and turned into an everlasting light.

There was only one explanation for that—the small world of the ancestral land had been opened.

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