Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1125

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The energy-gathering and energy-locking formations were the two most commonly-known formations
among cultivators.

The former collected the spiritual energy within a particular area, while the latter retained it to prevent
leakage, but despite their differences, they worked synergistically to create a favorable environment for

The goal of the Leeson family was to conceal all the energy exuded from the small world’s chaos

Although they were only dozens of miles away from the battleground at River Onxy, the spiritual energy
discharged from the chaos portal was so thick that it formed an energy tide that caught Quintus and
Jonathan’s attention

The mountain they were at was but an unremarkable one out of the numerous peaks in the Delisgar
Ridge. Still, it appeared unusual because of the surge of mist rising from the mountain as a result of
condensing spiritual energy.

The mist’s density was so high that the beginner-phase Grandmasters’ faces turned red as if they were

Their vitality spiked because they absorbed the potent energy as they breathed.

When Ashton noticed the situation, he promptly repositioned those Grandmasters to the periphery of
the mountain.

Since spiritual energy shared the same characteristic as saline water, particles in both agents moved
from high density to low density.

As for the Grandmasters in the beginner phase, although cultivating in a space with dense spiritual
energy would elevate their ability rapidly, they still found it hard to control their vitality in an environment
where the spiritual energy transcended their ability to cope, let alone those still in the Superior Realm.

The energy that leaked from the chaos portal was enough to turn the mountain into a superior
cultivation hub, which went to show the significance of the secret hidden in the small world behind the
chaos portal.

“Be mindful of the spirit stones’ positions. We need to seal all eight entryways on this mountain. Each
entryway should be assigned nine groups of triple energy-locking formation. Hugh, bring your men to
set up a trap formation plate outside the portal and an illusion array as the third layer. Garner all your
resources and ask the family to send more if you don’t have enough. We’re going all in!”

Although Ashton’s strategy to mobilize all kinds of formations was formidable, it was merely the tip of
the iceberg.

While one did not dare to trespass the small world at the moment, according to historical records, the
appearance of the world’s chaos portal meant a catastrophe was inevitable.

After all, as part of the ancient heritage, the small world was home to many demon beasts trapped
there for experimental purposes during those times.

But in the contemporary context, those then-insignificant creatures were considered powerful beasts.

In the past, even beasts the size of a vehicle tire that emerged from a portal could wreak havoc in the
world, let alone those from a portal with a height of more than thirty feet.

The spiritual energy oozing from the portal was enough to disconcert just anyone. Even Quintus, a
Divine Realm cultivator, was alarmed at the sight, so it went without saying that a God Realm cultivator
like Ashton was unnerved.

His hunch told him that the creatures in the small world might change the entire Chanaean history, but
faced with such a crisis, he was aware that subduing the threats behind the portal was just part of the
Leeson family’s hurdles since they also had to contend with other influential families over the portal.

Despite Ashton’s personal distaste for how respectable families would spy on one another for
intelligence, the practice was undeniably common among families.

Although it was impossible for spies to infiltrate the core of other families, the intel they gathered just
from the lower levels was enough for them to infer the target families’ intentions.

More importantly, there was no way the spies could overlook what was happening at the portal,
especially when the spiritual energy tides coming from it rippled across hundreds of miles.

Whilst the spies of the seven respectable families had retreated from Doveston, it was evident from
Joshua’s behavior that he had been waiting for the small world’s activation.

With the Leeson family occupying the portal to that world, the only way for Joshua to enter was to mess
up the situation to create a distraction.

As for Jonathan, he had upended Remdik and West Region over the past half a year despite his claims
to retire from Asura’s Office.

Given his Divine Realm ability, it was unsurprising that he would take advantage of this opportunity,
especially when the small world was so close to him.

“Time is of the essence!” Quintus remarked as he beheld the clouds of spiritual energy from above.

“People from the seven respectable families will be here in no time. In fact, even those hidden ancient
sects would reappear after knowing about the portal. I don’t think I can hold on any longer, Ashton. You
have my approval to put the two other Divine Realm cultivators in position.”

Quintus’ words struck Ashton, for the Leeson family only had three Divine Realm cultivators, two of
which had been living in seclusion for more than a decade since the besiege of the Whitley family.

They had distanced themselves from the world because they suffered severe internal injuries back then
and did not want to get involved in worldly strife.

They were the pillars and foundation of the Leeson family, but in a situation like that, Quintus had no
choice but to allow Ashton to mobilize those two cultivators.

To Ashton, that strategy meant that mere tricks and tactics could no longer resolve the emergency at
hand—the gravity of the crisis called for forceful intervention.

“Is this the only way, Uncle Quintus?” Ashton asked reluctantly.

Quintus nodded slightly, saying, “The chaos portal is in Doveston. Geographically speaking, our family
has the upper hand since it’s closer to us, but this opportunity is a ticking time bomb. The eight
respectable families might have had their own strife in the past. Still, it was unlikely that things could
escalate to a point where they joined forces to oust a single family, just as they did to the Whitley family
because it was not in their interest to do so, but this portal is a game-changer. Unless our family gives
up on this opportunity to dominate the chaos portal, we remain the seven families’ common enemy.
You’re the patriarch of the family now, so it’s your call to decide, but I suggest you not confront them
with force.”

At that point, Ashton seemed to have understood Quintus’ message.

“Uncle Quintus, are you saying that…”

“You’re right. We should enter the chaos portal before they do anything,” Quintus suggested calmly.

“I’ve made up my mind. We both know I don’t have much time left to live. I give myself three to five
years at most. The last thing I can do is to give it a shot for our family’s future.”

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