Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1122

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Jonathan froze. Then, as if he had thought of something, he turned toward the direction of Doveston.

Joshua was one of the people Jonathan wanted to help flourish the most. With the respectable families
exerting pressure on them, he would have an easier time getting Joshua to be associated with Asura’s
Office too.

Most importantly, even though Jonathan was doing everything he could to stop the people from Asura’s
Office from attacking Wilbur, he understood there would eventually come a day when Asura’s Office
and Yaleview Army had to fight each other.

Yaleview Army occupied Yaleview. They were the heart of Chanaea and the chokepoint between the
north and the south.

If Asura’s Office attacked Yaleview, they would lose their honor and be seen as rebels.

However, as long as Joshua was with them, the accusations would eventually die off.

Joshua was a well-known commander-in-chief in Chanaea. If the two troops ever fought, all he needed
to do was tell the world about how Wilbur had chased him out of Yaleview, and the citizens’ discussion
would naturally dwindle.

Furthermore, Joshua possessed an important ability that Jonathan cared deeply about.

No matter their rank, everyone in Asura’s Office, including Jonathan, was from the military.

The Eight Kings of War were generals, so anything about battles and setting up formations was a piece
of cake to them.

Jonathan could still be considered a commanding talent who could command three troops and become
the embodiment of the army’s spirit, inspiring the fighting will and faith of soldiers.

Besides that, he could predict the steps ahead each time he made a move. The man truly had a good
eye and was much more powerful than the Eight Kings of War.

Nevertheless, Jonathan was well aware of his position.

He could gain power but not maintain it.

Jonathan could win the support of many and knew how to fight, but he was not someone who could
handle the political affairs of the people.

Joshua, on the other hand, was well-versed in this.

Anyone could tell he had delivered outstanding results in the ten years he had been the commander-in-

The battles that would occur soon would definitely cause chaos to unfold in Chanaea, regardless of
whether Asura’s Office was victorious.

What they needed the most in a time like that was someone who could enforce rules without a hitch
and clean up any mess.

Consequently, Joshua was the perfect person for this role, seeing as he had been in Zedfield of
Yaleview for ten years.

Jonathan had planned to elevate the power of all the members in Asura’s Office, fill up any vacancies
of high-ranking cultivators, prepare for the upcoming battle, and have Joshua fix any mess during the

That was all he could do so far based on his strategy.

“Mr. Goldstein?” Zachary called out from beside Jonathan. He reached out and tugged on the latter’s
sleeve to finally snap him back to his senses.

“What is it?” Jonathan asked with a smile.

Worry flashed across Zachary’s face.

Jonathan had always seemed troubled ever since his Cor was broken.

Things seemed to have worsened now. It was just ridiculous that a God Realm cultivator like him only
had a reaction after someone had tugged on his sleeve multiple times.

“Mr. Goldstein, we were asking what we should do regarding Remdik’s arrangement.”

Jonathan glanced at Kane, Zachary, and Andy, feeling torn inside.

These three men would definitely carry out any task they were given once they were thrown into a

However, with two armies against each other at the moment, they lacked the ability to properly
command hundreds of thousands of men, plus almost a million men from Yaleview Army.

Even though Jonathan was capable enough to lead the battle, he had other things he needed to do.

Asura’s Office could easily end up in Wilbur’s hands without someone leading them.

Jonathan could never accept this.

Although he was confident in his men in Asura’s Office, he couldn’t underestimate what Wilbur could do

After all, someone who was able to take control of Yaleview Army within three years could not be easily
dealt with.

Planting evil thoughts in the men of Asura’s Office, much less causing the Eastern Allied Army’s
betrayal, could have caused a big mess.

The faces of each crucial member of Asura’s Office flashed through Jonathan’s mind, but he ultimately
dismissed the idea of appointing any of them.

He still held onto the idea that even though the Eight Kings of War were great generals, they could not
be commanders.

None of them were capable enough to control troops with hundreds of thousands of men. If Jonathan
were to force them to take the position, it would only cause the downfall of Asura’s Office.

He then turned toward Karl.

Among everyone, the latter was the only one protecting Doveston and the commander of an
independent army.

Still, Karl had one flaw, which was Eastern Army was too reliant on technology to suppress their
opponents, so they didn’t have enough experience in an actual war.

Jonathan needed someone who could replace him to contend with Wilbur.

As he continued to ponder, a short-haired woman popped up in his mind.


Jonathan’s eyes glinted when he thought of her name.

He had met her back in Summerbank, where she worked as a clerk in a police station. Due to her
sharp reasoning skills, Jonathan introduced her to Asura’s Office’s Intelligence Unit.

He had wanted to groom her into an outstanding informant since her calm analytical and deductive
skills were beneficial in the intelligence and data-gathering department.

Yet, in a strange twist of events, Hades had given her a place in his commander training program.

On top of that, she had managed to set a terrifying record with thirty-five consecutive victories in the
mock battles.

According to Hades, Leslie had increased her winning streak to fifty-five wins presently.

One should know that Asura’s Office had spent lots of money specifically for the simulation to train
commanders with extremely powerful algorithms and processors.

Besides Leslie, the other commanders had only managed to succeed in one-third of their mock battles.

As if she was cheating, Leslie had never once lost again since her first few mock battles when she
hadn’t quite adapted yet.

On a horrifying note, she had even managed to keep her calm to a terrifying extent while commanding
her troops during all the simulations.

While in a commanding position, everything was mere chess pieces to Leslie.

She could even come up with strategies that involved using tens of thousands of men as bait.

This was why Jonathan had given the order that Leslie was not allowed any military power, even if it
was just a small troop.

While the goal of wars was to win, it would be completely meaningless if they had fought just for the
sake of winning.

Jonathan thought about the short-haired woman with a heroic spirit once again, a torn expression still
on his face.

A few seconds later, he finally said into his communication device, “Freddie, I want to speak to Leslie!”

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