Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1123

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In less than one minute, Leslie’s voice finally rang out from the communication device.

“Jonathan, I can’t believe you still remember me. How unusual!”

Even after learning Jonathan’s identity, Leslie showed no fear and respect as she continued to speak in
her usual carefree manner.

Nevertheless, Jonathan could still sense her tone was laced with a hint of dissatisfaction.

“What’s the matter? Are you displeased with Asura’s Office?” Jonathan chirped.

A scoffing sound came from the communication device’s speaker.

“Asura’s Office pays me a million every month to serve as a sparring partner for those commanders.
Everything I want is also provided to me at a moment’s notice, so what could I possibly complain

Hearing the sarcastic voice coming from the communication device, Jonathan smiled wryly.

“All right. That’s enough. All I did was forbade you from wielding military power. Do you have to be so
angry with me? Anyway, have you considered that matter I mentioned to you?”

“What did you talk to me about?” This time, it was Leslie who got confused. Ever since Jonathan left
me at the training camp, he hadn’t contacted me privately, so what could he have said to me?

Jonathan figured Leslie might not have grasped his intention, so he quickly explained, “I’m talking
about the suggestion to let you change your tactics. Although you’re a talented strategist, you can’t
always forsake at least one-fifth of my troops during every operation, right?”

“That wasn’t forsaking,” she retorted. “Deception is part of military strategy. To achieve overall victory,
one must keep their opponent in the dark about their real intention. Feigning our motive, always staying
ahead of our opponents in every step of the plan, understanding the goal, and keeping ourselves
concealed are some principles we uphold to make ourselves invincible. Those decoys are the most
critical part of—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Jonathan piped up, “Let me just ask you one thing! Can you
abandon this decoy stratagem?”

“I’ll say it again. They’re not decoys but part of my plan—”

“Asura’s Office needs you to take command now!” Jonathan interrupted her again. “Leslie, I believe the
commander training camp has already started reviewing today’s battle situation at Doveston, right?
Despite the delay, the data you’ve obtained is very accurate. If you want, I can give you an even more
precise data model, including the same authority as me. However, I need you to promise me one thing.
Don’t think of human lives as mere pawns to be sacrificed.”

After saying that, Jonathan didn’t elaborate further. Leslie, on the other end of the line, also fell silent.

“Jonathan, if I agree to your offer, how many people can I command?”

“There are currently three hundred thousand soldiers in Eastern Allied Army. Shusonna Army, Yalegard
Legion, and Guardian Army have already sent reinforcements to Doveston through Yaleview. As for the
joint command of Yaleview Army, you’ll have to figure out a way to convince Wilbur to share his
authority with you. Anyway, even if Yaleview Army operates independently and doesn’t fall under your
command, you can still take charge of more than four hundred and fifty thousand soldiers,” Jonathan
uttered nonchalantly.

“If we adopt your previous strategy, every time you deploy your troops, at least one-fifth of the soldiers
will be put into a deadly position by you. In that case, we’re talking about sacrificing ninety thousand

lives. Therefore, you must give me your word regarding this matter.”

Leslie took a deep breath. When she spoke again, it was as if she had made up her mind. “I can only
promise you that I won’t actively utilize that strategy unless necessary.”

“That’s good enough,” Jonathan replied in relief. Immediately afterward, he contacted Freddie using the
communication device. “Freddie, prepare the fighter jet and transport Leslie to the Doveston battlefield
as soon as possible.”


Freddie immediately began to make arrangements.

At that moment, Leslie spoke up again. “Jonathan, I have a few requests for you as well. First, none of
your Asura’s Office members can interfere with my decisions when I’m in command. Second, I want to
bring some people from the training camp. They will serve as my deputies and help me analyze the
battle situation.”

Jonathan glanced at his watch and said, “I agree, but be quick. You have one and a half hours, tops.”

Then, he summoned Zachary and the others to issue them his orders.

“I’ll cut to the chase. I now appoint Leslie as Eastern Allied Army’s commander-in-chief. You are to
assist and fully obey her strategy, even if…” At that point, Jonathan paused briefly. “Even if her
arrangement is to send our soldiers to their deaths, it must be executed!”

Hearing Jonathan’s words, the trio just stared ahead in silence.

They’d heard of Leslie, the war prodigy, long ago, especially her command style, which was highly

Most of the simulated battles in the commander training camp were campaigns that took place in the
eight major military regions. Hence, the commanders’ revisions of the military operations were
supported by real data instead of imaginary virtual battles.

The most ruthless aspect of Leslie was that she could always achieve equal results as the original
battles with fewer casualties during those war simulations.

Achieving such results seemed to imply a superior battle plan, but there was an underlying issue.
During a real war, every soldier was killed because they fought to the death, while in all of Leslie’s
revision, she instructed a portion of the soldiers to be sacrificed under the enemies’ gunfire.

Even though that military tactic resulted in fewer casualties, most people still found it unacceptable.

However, Jonathan’s current instruction showed he had accepted that strategy.

The trio wanted to argue, but they couldn’t find a reason because Leslie’s appointment as the
commander-in-chief was a plan that would result in the least losses for Eastern Allied Army, among the
countless possibilities of how the war at River Onxy would unfold.

Jonathan was merely trying to preserve Asura’s Office’s strength.

“Did you all not hear what I said?” Jonathan questioned the trio again.

Zachary saluted and replied loudly, “Rest assured, Mr. Goldstein. We’re professional soldiers who will
fulfill our missions at all costs!”

Kane and Andy also took a deep breath and saluted. “We will ensure the completion of our missions!”

While the entire Asura’s Office was making final preparations for the upcoming war, the interior of
Doveston’s Delisgar Ridge, where Joshua and Hayden had once stayed, was now heavily sealed off.

Quintus stood on a small hill outside the valley, looking at the scene below in excitement. “This is not a
restraining barrier. It’s a small world! Hurry up and notify all the cultivators above Grandmaster Realm
from our family to gather here at once! The Leeson family must defend this entrance at all costs!”

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