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Chapter 1121

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No Other Choice

The method Jonathan was talking about was to use the Holy Blood of Remdik’s Sanctuary.

According to Ksana, Holy Blood was a liquid secreted by the Remdik Emperor’s heart, which needed to
be distilled through a special technique to produce the drug they needed.

It could be used as a catalyst for cultivators during cultivation by improving the circulation of vitality and
strengthening their bodies.

However, it did have a fatal weakness, which was exhausting the cultivator’s body.

Jonathan had had an in-depth talk with Ksana about Holy Blood’s properties.

Considering that she had grown up in Sanctuary since she was young, the people of the organization
trusted Ksana and the others who had been brainwashed since they were children.

Otherwise, they would not have assigned any important positions or assignments to Ksana and the

Among these assignments were some documents that did not involve any organizational secrets.

Ksana had seen a document that had a detailed record of Sanctuary’s research on Holy Blood over the

Though the report didn’t include any scientific theories for the drug, it highlighted two characteristics of
Holy Blood.

Firstly, any Grandmaster Realm cultivator who took enough Holy Blood had an eighty percent chance
of breaking through the God Realm spirit shield and becoming a God Realm cultivator.

Secondly, the lifespans of the cultivator who took Holy Blood would decrease significantly. Some might
not even be able to live longer than the average man.

The second point was much more terrifying.

After all, even though cultivators at that moment, such as Quintus, lived the longest, the oldest a
cultivator could get was a little over a hundred years old. Even those who lived to be a hundred and fifty
were rare.

Naturally, such a lifespan was not proportional to the powers of a God Realm cultivator

Besides, it had been recorded in the ancient books that the cultivators of ancient times took at least
sixty years for their solitary cultivation.

No one could tell for sure that one could successfully have a breakthrough even after solitary cultivation
in modern times, but others could definitely convey their condolences during their death anniversaries.

The cultivators of the current time had too low of a life expectancy. All in all, it was something that could
bring change to cultivating.

Back in the past, the world was rich with treasures. One could even find thousand-year-old medicine
just by walking down the road.

No one would have cared if someone had gotten their hands on the resources and gone into solitary

However, there was a lack of spiritual energy resources in the present day. Even spirit stones had
become rare, much less the other much valuable treasures.

Furthermore, as one’s cultivation level and Realm increased, the number of resources one needed
naturally increased.

In an era with a deficiency of spiritual energy, cultivators needed to fight for whatever they needed if
they wanted to grow stronger.

Only through fights could they get more resources.

Nevertheless, who could guarantee that there would not be any injuries on their bodies after countless

Even someone like Seboxia, a cultivator who could reconstruct his body, had to hang on to dear life as
he lay in a coffin, let alone other Divine Realm cultivators.

This was also the reason why there were rarely any Divine Realm cultivators out and about in

The number of resources they needed was too much, be it for battles or cultivation.

Worse still, if they had gotten injured in a battle, even if there was a cure for them, the medicinal herbs
needed had already gone extinct and were nowhere to be found.

The cultivator world was just like a fine sieve, constantly eliminating cultivators one after another.

Those who managed to live were all ruthless beings who had survived countless battles in their lives.

The era of ancient times, where one could just find a random spot and gain the Heavenly Way, had
long passed.

Yet, such a complicated situation did not prolong a cultivator’s life by much.

Nonetheless, one’s body could change depending on one’s environment and what one did. Cultivators
consumed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth on a daily basis, which helped strengthen their
bodies, so it was only natural that they had more vitality than mere mortals.

Take Jonathan as an example. He was currently in the middle phase of God Realm. However, his
cultivation level had been constantly declining since his Cor was broken, and he would one day
become a mortal.

But, if he managed to find a place where there wasn’t anyone after his life and where he could
peacefully live the rest of his days, Jonathan believed he could live up to a hundred and fifty years old

This was the power of a cultivator.

Yet, Holy Blood was something that could undo all the hard work of a cultivator and strip them of their
vitality and life.

Ksana had once talked to Jonathan about her body.

She had just turned eighteen and had already taken Holy Blood for over twelve years.

Ksana predicted that she would not live past thirty years old due to being utterly drained.

Holy Blood could activate a cultivator’s vitality and senses mainly through its special chemical
composition to stimulate the user’s cell division.

It was also a well-known fact that there was a limit to the number of times for cell division in a human’s

Those who took Holy Blood were merely using up their energy for the next few decades in advance.

This was how Heavenly Pryncyp maintained balance.

One would have to give up on something if they wanted to achieve something else.

And in Sanctuary, the simplest way one could achieve the highest cultivation level was with their life.

A sense of helplessness crept into Jonathan as he glanced at Kane and the others before him, who
were seemingly excited when they heard there was a way for them to have a breakthrough into God

Forget being able to safely bring Holy Blood back.

Even if Jonathan did bring it back, he would still talk to those in Asura’s Office about the side effects of
Holy Blood in detail.

Just like the drugs made by Charleigh, whether or not Hades and the others were willing to sacrifice
their lives and take it was all up to their own volition.

At the same time, Jonathan knew that Hades and the rest would choose to take it without hesitation if
he brought Holy Blood back.

These people were willing to give up their lives for the sake of Asura’s Office, so why would they be
scared just because the drug would shorten their lifespans?

Jonathan didn’t want to make such a choice for his people, but he had no other alternatives.

Just as he said, Asura’s Office didn’t have much time left.

He had predicted that by the time the situation in Doveston settled down, it wouldn’t be long before the
eight respectable families made their moves on Asura’s Office.

After all, Asura’s Office would suffer a great deal of damage regardless of the outcome of the battle at
River Onxy.

It was the best time to finish them off. Besides, Asura’s Office’s men would also be down in the dumps
because of the loss of troops.

Hence, it was the best time to take over and reunify them.

Therefore, Jonathan had no other choice at that moment.

He could either sacrifice the lives of Asura’s Office’s crucial members for the sake of cultivation, or he
could wait for the eight respectable families to make their move.

Asura’s Office had gone through too much in the past three years and was now facing a critical

Forcing down the worries he was feeling, Jonathan forced a smile.

“All right, all right. Let’s stop rejoicing for now. Where are Joshua and Hayden? Does anyone know
where they are?”

Zachary and the others shook their heads in response.

Right then, Freddie’s voice sounded from Jonathan’s communication device.

“Mr. Goldstein, someone saw two people going into the mountains toward Doveston!”

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