Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1120

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Still leaning against the tank, Jonathan slowly squatted down after hearing Kane’s response.

He put his hand on Kane’s shoulder and laughed lightly. “Fine, I’ll tell you the reason. I will not talk
about benevolence or morality. I know they mean nothing to you. Kane, as long as you’ve set your
mind on something and think that it brings benefits, you won’t give up on it. Am I right?”

Not denying it, Kane nodded in response. With his actions, it was clear that he wanted Jonathan to
know that if the latter did not give him an acceptable reason, he would employ his own methods to take
down Wilbur.

Jonathan was not angry at Kane’s response. After giving it a moment of thought, he spoke again.
“Kane, as you know, Asura’s Office is the fastest-growing and largest military organization in history. Do
you know what keeps us alive? Think it through before answering me.”

Then, Jonathan fell silent. He, too, sat down on the ground like Kane.

Everyone, including Kane, fell into deep thought.

Asura’s Office was established in troubled times and amidst the warlords’ conflict because Chanaea
needed such a team.

Hence, Asura’s Office rapidly flourished throughout Chanaea after its establishment. There were even
places that took up their banner despite not being actually under their control.

They did so in order to catch Asura’s Office’s attention and in hopes that they could be incorporated
into Asura’s Office.

When asked, it was easy to answer how Asura’s Office managed to develop. However, it was
inaccurate to say that it was built for the people.

After all, while that was one of the conditions, it was not the decisive factor.

Even the veterans of Asura’s Office found themselves in a predicament.

“You are the soul of Asura’s Office, and you possess a tremendous power that brings everyone
together,” Kane replied after a while. “You are the reason, the root of Asura’s Office’s rapid

Upon hearing Kane’s answer, Jonathan snickered. “When did you turn into such a bootlicker?”

“I’m not trying to flatter you,” Kane replied sternly. “I’m only speaking the truth. Asura’s Office would not
have developed so smoothly if it hadn’t been for your efforts over the years. Mr. Goldstein, I wish to kill
Wilbur and overthrow the eight respectable families. However, I have no intention of rebelling. I would
never take the path Karl did.”

Karl, who had been standing at the side, coughed dryly when he heard Kane’s words. Even if he was
currently Zero, Karl still valued his image.

The tactics Karl had chosen to use against the eight respectable families were indeed cruel. In fact, the
former felt somewhat embarrassed at being reminded of it.

Gesturing at Karl imperceptibly, Jonathan turned back to Kane. “You’re wrong. I am not a
presumptuous person, but I accept the credit you give me. I, too, believe that I am the person who
guides Asura’s Office. Currently, I am trying to prevent you from destroying Asura’s Office’s foundation
in a lenient way,” Jonathan said.

With a twirl of his fingers, the sand on the ground flew into the air. Under his manipulation, the pile of
sand molded itself into a scale. “Balance is what allowed Asura’s Office to grow rapidly and continue to
this day. Everything I have done in the past three years is to maintain the balance of Asura’s Office’s
environment. Ten years ago, the eight respectable families besieged the Whitley family and summoned

all cultivators who were Grandmaster Realm and above. After the cultivators were called away, the
major war zones fell into chaos and this eventually plunged Chanaea into war. Three years ago, I
joined Harfush’s army and established Asura’s Office. Wilbur joined Yaleview Army and drove Joshua
away in order to obtain the position of commander-in-chief.”

Jonathan continued, “How do you think all of this was done? Do you think it was merely the efforts of
the weapons we hold in our hands? You understand a cultivator’s power better than anyone else. The
eight respectable families have at least twelve God Realm cultivators and at least one who is Divine
Realm. If they decide to come at us, it will only take a night’s time for everyone third-class and above in
Asura’s Office to be wiped out. But have you thought about why they haven’t done so?”

Jonathan raked his eyes over the people present. Under Jonathan’s scrutiny, their eyes flickered as
they came to a realization.

“I see you’ve grasped the situation.” Dispersing the suspended sand, Jonathan rose to his feet slowly.

“Asura’s Office takes care of the exterior while Wilbur’s Yaleview Army takes care of things internally.
The two military groups oppose and restrain each other, both hampering each other’s progress. This
gives the eight respectable families a chance to take control at any time. This is the root of our survival!
If we take out Wilbur now and absorb Yaleview Army, do you think the eight respectable families will
stand idly by and merely watch as we turn Asura’s Office into a behemoth of three million people? We
are not ready to withstand an onslaught from the eight respectable families. Hence, we must strive to
maintain the current situation, or we and thousands upon thousands of soldiers will be the ones that will
meet their demise.”

At that, Kane managed to calm down. He was a smart man who could grasp the meaning behind
Jonathan’s words.

“Mr. Goldstein, I understand. I will not bring up this matter again.” Kane hung his head low, seemingly

Laughing, Jonathan patted the other man on the shoulder. “This had to be mentioned, but we also need
to wait for the right timing. Perhaps it will be possible when you reach God Realm.” Here, Jonathan
lowered his head slightly. “Believe me, it won’t take long for you all to reach God Realm. If you can’t
afford to wait, neither can Asura’s Office. The eight respectable families can’t wait either!”

At Jonathan’s words, they widened their eyes in surprise.

Jonathan had revealed two important messages to them with the two sentences.

Firstly, the battle between Asura’s Office and the eight respectable families was not too far off.

Secondly, Jonathan had found a way for them to achieve God Realm.

“Mr. Goldstein, are you for real?” Kane asked excitedly.

“Have I ever talked big?” Jonathan chuckled.

Zachary and the others rubbed their hands excitedly when they heard that there was a way to produce
God Realm cultivators. It would completely solve the problem of insufficient high-ranked combatants in
Asura’s Office.

Ksana, who stood behind Jonathan, knew that the method was one that required one to trade their
lives for it.

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