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Chapter 1119

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Jonathan and Zachary exchanged a look.

Ordinarily, Zachary would not have been able to maintain such a calm demeanor when Jonathan was
giving him a stare-down.

However, he currently showed no signs of backing down.

With that, Jonathan knew that the other man was determined to go against Wilbur.

If it were not for that, Zachary, who was loyal to Jonathan, would not have overstepped his bounds and
gone over his head and discussed matters with Karl and Ksana without seeking his permission first.

When Jonathan picked up his cigarette and tried to take a puff, he realized that the cigarette had
burned out.

Just then, Zachary came back to his senses and hurriedly passed a pack of cigarettes to Jonathan
before helping the latter light another cigarette.

Taking a deep puff of the cigarette, Jonathan leaned against the tank behind him before uttering,
“Zachary, you’ve been with me the longest. I know the kind of person you are. No matter how much you
wish to kill Wilbur, you cannot do such a thing on your own accord. There are three people who want to
eliminate Wilbur. They are Kane, Hades, and Terrence. Hades is currently unconscious, and Terrence
is guarding Navarre. The only person that remains is Kane. Thus, he must be the one who—”

“It’s not Kane,” Zachary interrupted before Jonathan could finish speaking.

Jonathan gave Zachary a look before expanding his spiritual sense. Everything within a radius of a
hundred meters was captured in his mind.

About seventy meters away, Kane and several others flinched slightly and cautiously looked in
Jonathan’s direction.

Jonathan chuckled when he saw their reactions. “Okay, I got it. You lot have already discussed this
matter and expressed your opinions.”

“Mr. Goldstein…” Zachary was slightly flustered. At that moment, he was like a child who had been
caught doing something bad.

Jonathan waved his hand casually. “There’s no need to explain. You are Kings of War and decision-
makers of Asura’s Office. Get them to come over. I wish to hear everyone’s opinion on this matter.”

Zachary had thought that Jonathan would hold them accountable. Unexpectedly, the latter did not voice
his displeasure with their plan. Instead, he actually wanted to hear what they had to say.

Staring at Jonathan in disbelief, Zachary did as he was ordered and summoned the others via the
communication device.

Upon arriving, Kane and the others stood before Jonathan nervously.

“Mr. Goldstein, I still have matters to take care of. Could we postpone this…” Pretending to be
confused, Kane tried to change the subject.

Jonathan chuckled at the other man’s response. “I’m sure you must have a lot to do behind my back.”

Kane, who was about to leave, stiffened when he heard Jonathan’s words. Obediently, he turned
around and sat down on the ground. “I should have known that relying on Zachary was a mistake.”

“What does it have to do with me?” Zachary lifted a leg and kicked Kane’s buttocks. “Mr. Goldstein
figured it out by himself. Also, I’m not the one who keeps yelling about killing Wilbur every day. You

should grow some backbone and learn to do things yourself instead of relying on someone else. Don’t
you feel ashamed?”

Casually, Jonathan flicked his unfinished cigarette at Zachary. “All right. That’s enough. Let’s get back
to the matter at hand. Tell me the reason why we should kill Wilbur.”

Zachary and the others fell silent upon hearing Jonathan’s words.

Kane, who had been sitting by the side, took a deep breath and looked up. “Mr. Goldstein, I’m sure we
don’t have to brief you on the reasons why we’ve been wanting to kill Wilbur.”

“Oh, no.” Jonathan shook his head. “I’m not asking for your reasons for wanting Wilbur dead. I’m
asking why you chose now to make your move. As you know, over a hundred thousand Remdik
soldiers have crossed River Onxy and they will encounter the Eastern Allied Army within four hours.
When that time comes, it will be a vicious battle. As the commander of Yaleview Army, Wilbur will bring
hundreds of thousands to aid Doveston. Yet, you’re choosing this crucial time to carry out your plan.
Are you not afraid of shaking the army’s core and besmirching our reputation?”

“No.” Kane sniggered from his vantage on the ground. “Mr. Goldstein, we all crawled up from the
bottom, step by step. The coldness and warmth of the world, death, and parting—we’ve seen
everything. The world’s justice is always written by the victors. If we eliminate him and merge Yaleview
Army and Asura’s Office, who would dare stand against us?”

Although Kane was notorious for being a battle manic, he was also a practical man of war.

To Kane, all wars had to have their own agendas, and starting a war required an enormous gain.
Otherwise, the casualties would be pointless.

Moreover, apart from holding a passive defensive position, Doveston’s situation currently offered no

Hence, Kane’s aggressive nature had been triggered.

“Mr. Goldstein, while it is true that we all agreed to it, I was the one who suggested the plan. I think the
time is currently right. As long as you agree to it, we can take advantage of this opportunity to eliminate
Wilbur. Asura’s Office will then become the largest military organization in Chanaea. After that, we will
be able to focus our efforts on dealing with the right respectable families.”

Although Kane’s voice was low, they could hear that he was doing his best to suppress the impulses he
felt deep in his heart.

Jonathan swept his gaze across the people who stood before him before turning his eyes back to


“Yaleview is not fully under Wilbur’s control. Although he managed to drive Joshua away, he has yet to
become the true commander-in-chief,” Kane said. “Mr. Goldstein, I know you can be quite a stickler for
the rules, but we’re merely taking out a warlord if we kill him now. It would not be considered a
rebellion. Now is the time.”

“Where?” Jonathan continued his line of inquiry.

“We can carry out the plan when they arrive in Doveston. The battle will take place on our turf, and
even if it’s a large-scale war, it will be easy to seal the deal.”

“Who will carry out the task?”

Kane turned to look at Ksana and Karl, who stood next to him. “It will be a piece of cake to kill Wilbur
with three God Realm cultivators from Asura’s Office. The time is right, and the conditions are favorable
to us. Mr. Goldstein, let’s do it!”

Everyone turned to look at Jonathan and awaited his response.

Although the situation was tense at the moment, it was as Kane said. Luck was on Jonathan’s side. As
long as the former agreed to it, there was no way Wilbur was walking out of Doveston.

Contrary to their expectations, Jonathan shook his head slightly. “If you still consider me your boss, you
will not harm Wilbur in this battle. Not only will he not be harmed, but we will also cooperate with
Yaleview Army. You lot are forbidden from half-hearted attempts.”

“Mr. Goldstein…” Zachary and the others sighed helplessly upon hearing Jonathan’s words.

Kane’s face reddened as he frowned and sat there in silence. “Mr. Goldstein, you must give us a
satisfactory reason! I think of you as my boss, but I cannot accept this!”

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