Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1118

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In the garden at Zedfield, Yaleview, Wilbur heard the beeping tone from the phone before he could say

Remembering Jonathan’s calm tone earlier, he scoffed coldly.

“Looks like Asura’s Office has suffered a massive blow!”

Although both of them had only been at the Valley of Elites for less than half a year, he had become
good friends with Jonathan.

Wilbur knew Jonathan’s temper and personality very well.

If Jonathan’s voice was as cold as before, it meant that the issue was not that serious yet. Although it
might be a bit more urgent, there was still space for negotiation.

However, Jonathan’s casual tone, as if he was just talking about everyday affairs, implied that his
patience had reached a limit.

He was no longer negotiating with Wilbur. Rather, he was informing the latter.

When Wilbur examined the casualty reports that Yaleview Army intelligence officers who had infiltrated
Eastern Army sent back, he frowned.

“Has the troops been gathered?”

After Wilbur asked the question, the adjutant quickly confirmed the status of every troop in Yaleview

Within less than a minute, the adjutant turned around and looked at Wilbur.

“Commander, all personnel in Yaleview Army have been gathered.”

Wilbur tossed the file onto his table. After a moment of contemplation, he let out a deep sigh.

“At my orders, send the fourth and ninth battalion to the River Onxy battlefield. Open the main roads in
Huxville, Harfush, Yaleview, and the surrounding regions. Allow vehicles from Asura’s Office to pass by
the main roads leading to Doveston. However, they must not linger. Yaleview will enter battle mode.
Seal all entrances and exits. All vehicles, including private cars, are not allowed to pass through either.
The first battalion will be tasked with defending Yaleview. The second and third battalions will guard the
northwestern and southwestern gates.”

“Roger!” replied the adjutant loudly before distributing the instructions to the others rapidly.

After ensuring that everything was arranged, he turned around and looked at Wilbur again.

“Commander, your instructions have been heeded. However, some things need to be clarified. For
instance, the commander-in-chief…”

Wilbur glanced at the adjutant as a look of hostility flashed past his eyes.

“Theo, I climbed up to this position from where you are now. I understand your intentions, but you
shouldn’t be so anxious.”


Theo fell to his knees without any hesitation.

“I… I don’t mean that, Commander!”

As Wilbur stared icily at Theo’s trembling body, the hostility in his eyes faded gradually and was
replaced by a look of melancholy sorrow.

He had plotted to overthrow Joshua ever since he was appointed the adjutant. Precisely because of
that, he could not trust anyone.

He had replaced three previous adjutants before Theo.

As long as those people raised even the slightest suspicion within him, he would eliminate them even if
there was no evidence.

Till now, Wilbur could not find someone whom he could confide in. In a way, he was quite pathetic.

When Wilbur extended his arm and touched Theo’s shoulder to help him up, Theo was so scared that
he crumbled onto the floor.

Raising his arms, he pleaded in a trembling voice, “Commander, I promise that I won’t dare to speak
unnecessarily in the future. Please spare me…”

Wilbur looked at his extended right arm, his heart aching as if someone had just stabbed it.

What exactly am I?

Holding his breath, Wilbur interrogated himself silently.

After a long while, he let out a helpless sigh and stood back up slowly.

“I didn’t want to kill you, Theo. Get up. I will personally lead the troops on the voyage. Follow me to

Theo was stunned for a while upon hearing Wilbur’s words before clambering to his feet quickly.

“That is my honor!”

“Okay. Make the proper arrangements. We’ll set off immediately with the troops,” remarked Wilbur
casually with a wave of his hand. He cast his gaze toward Doveston’s direction.

If possible, he would try to conquer Doveston through this war.

At Eastern Allied Army’s defense line at Beshya, Jonathan was starting to command the remaining
troops that Zachary and the others led.

“Mr. Goldstein!” Zachary jogged to Jonathan’s side. “Shusonna Army, Yalegard Legion, and Southern
Army have been gathered. The Intelligence Unit received news from Yaleview that the three highways
at Yaleview, Navarre, and Colstrax have been opened completely. Yaleview’s condition was that we
can head northern through those roads, but we must not stop in the middle.”

Jonathan nodded slightly when he heard that. Looking at how demoralized the entire troop was, he
squeezed out a smile.

“Looks like Wilbur’s getting involved too. Inform all the commanders that within half a day, Eastern
Allied Army will receive replenishments. Tell everyone to maintain their composure and be ready for the

A worried expression appeared on Zachary’s face after hearing that.

“I’m not sure if I should say this, Mr. Goldstein…”

Zachary sounded extremely hesitant as if the subsequent words that he would utter were already
making him feel troubled.

Jonathan’s curiosity was piqued, and he stared at him in confusion.

Ever since Zachary started working for him, he had always been playing a button-down role, unlike the
other Kings of War who had a very distinct personality. He could always maintain the calmness and
meticulousness that a professional commander should have.

For the past three years or so, Zachary and Jonathan said everything that was on their minds. He had
never been as conflicted as he was now.

“What’s wrong? Spit it out!” instructed Jonathan, running out of patience.

Zachary passed Jonathan a cigarette before lighting it up with a lighter.

“Mr. Goldstein, if you want me to speak, I’ll tell you my plans. Even if you disagree, you mustn’t get mad
at me.”

Jonathan nodded after exhaling a puff of smoke.

“Speak. I promise I won’t get angry even if you scold me.”

Jonathan became increasingly curious. He did not understand what Zachary had to say, such that the
atmosphere was so solemn.

Zachary cast a glance at Jonathan before lighting up a cigarette for himself as well.

“Mr. Goldstein, Wilbur is dispatching his troops to Doveston, right? Andy has planted quite a few Secret
Agents in Yaleview as well. Some of them even managed to become third-class commanders, enjoying
quite a high status. We were just informed that Wilbur will be personally acting as the commander-in-
chief for Yaleview Army. I asked Zero and Ksana earlier as well. If Wilbur is actually coming to
Doveston, we want to…”

As Zachary spoke, he slid his hand across his neck gently.

Jonathan’s eyes widened.

He finally understood what Zachary was asking for.

Zachary wanted to eliminate Wilbur using this chance and completely conquer Yaleview Army. This
way, all of Chanaea’s military would be combined into a united front.

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