Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1116

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The collision with Pryncyp earlier had caused Quintus to suffer minor internal injury.

Although that mild injury couldn’t harm the fundamental of his cultivation and wouldn’t even significantly
affect him if he were to continue fighting, Quintus was well aware that he only had a fifty percent
chance of holding off Ivanov if their battle dragged on.

Even though Ivanov had exhausted a large amount of Pryncyp of Strength in the vicinity, judging by
how he used his Pryncyp of Strength twice during the fight, it was apparent he still had plenty of energy

It was not surprising as Ivanov was in the stage of a cultivator’s prime while Quintus was already
getting old despite having a high cultivation level.

Putting aside their cultivation levels, Quintus was far lacking in vitality alone.

Following Ivanov’s departure, Quintus took out the stainless steel hip flask again.

He took a sip of the alcohol and gazed down at the center of the faraway crater where the lightning
struck earlier.

Under normal circumstances, anyone who was undergoing heavenly trial would hand over their extra
magical items, storage ring, and other valuables to someone they trust for safekeeping.

The concern was that the heavenly trial would be too powerful and destroy all the treasures a cultivator
had collected.

Jonathan was apparently not one of those people. If his storage ring had, by a small chance, survived
the heavenly trial, Quintus could appropriate those precious items.

He leaped down to the bottom of the huge pit formed by the lightning strike and explored the ground
beneath his feet with his spiritual sense. However, once he did that, Quintus froze.

“Pfft!” He spat out the wine that he hadn’t swallowed yet.

Then, with a wave of his hand, Quintus effortlessly pulled out a massive block of earth, measuring
dozens of cubic meters, from the ground.

“Get out!”

Quintus shouted while tossing the huge chunk of soil toward the nearby hill.

As the soil crumbled, a figure enveloped in golden light landed steadily on the ground.

“Well…” Jonathan uttered awkwardly with the golden bronze handbell hovering above his head. “You
have the foresight indeed, Mr. Quintus. I tried my best to hide my presence, but I still couldn’t escape
your detection. I’m truly impressed!” Jonathan spoke flatteringly while constantly scratching his buttock.

When he was hit by the third strike of heavenly thunder earlier, he was instantly turned into a charred
corpse. Apart from the consciousness field, circulatory system, and energy field, the three most
essential parts of his body, which were wrapped in life force and thus preserved, his limbs and most of
his body had been scorched and severely damaged.

That was precisely why Quintus and Ivanov had assumed he was dead.

In addition, the clash between the two Divine Realm cultivators’ Pryncyp had caused even the
Heavenly Pryncyp to fail to sense Jonathan’s aura, resulting in the dispersion of the tribulation cloud.

Nevertheless, Jonathan remained clearly aware of everything happening in his surroundings during
that period. After his body recovered, he didn’t dare to move much except quietly propping up the
bronze handbell to shield his aura.

However, he didn’t expect Quintus, the sly old fox, to be so meticulous, examining even a charred

I’ve underestimated these members of respectable families. While Jonathan cursed inwardly, he heard
Quintus clear his throat.

“Put on some pants first, you d*mn brat! Are you trying to show off? I was much more impressive than
you in my younger days!”

Only after hearing Quintus’ words did Jonathan feel the cool breeze blowing against his skin.

He had been so preoccupied with escaping that he had completely forgotten about his appearance.

Fortunately, he had run far enough that the soldiers from Eastern Army couldn’t see him. Otherwise, his
image as Asura would’ve been ruined.

Jonathan hastily donned a set of sportswear before bowing at Quintus and said, “Mr. Quintus, thank
you for the help the Leeson family has provided in the River Onxy war. Otherwise, Eastern Army
would’ve been done for.”

Jonathan sincerely expressed his gratitude as he bowed deeply to show his respect to Quintus.

Taking in Jonathan’s demeanor, Quintus snorted before gulping a mouthful of whisky.

“Quit flattering me, brat. I’ve said it before. Eastern Army has suffered devastating losses to protect
Doveston, so I won’t harm you for now. It’s not that I’m so noble, but at this moment, you represent the
people’s hope, acting according to Heavenly Way and carrying out a task for the greater good. If I kill
you, I’ll be opposing Heavenly Way and risk facing retribution. I still wish to live longer.”

Jonathan listened to Quintus’ speech and contemplated briefly before waving his hand to unequip the
bronze handbell on his head.

That item was utterly ineffective in blocking Pryncyp. Jonathan merely put it on earlier to hide his aura
and provide himself with some psychological comfort.

Besides, Quintus had been talking about preserving only his benefits and well-being the whole time.
Nonetheless, the more he said so, the more relieved Jonathan felt.

If Quintus had actually mentioned his intention was to serve the people, Jonathan would immediately
flee without the slightest hesitation.

To cunning old men like them, their families’ interests outweigh everything else. That was evident from
the seven respectable families’ attitudes.

Nationalism meant nothing to the eight respectable families.

Jonathan gazed warily at Quintus. “Mr. Quintus, since you don’t plan to kill me, I’ll take my leave now.”

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Quintus waved his hand, and a ravine several meters wide and dozens of meters long abruptly
appeared inches away from the tip of Jonathan’s toes without warning.

Startled, Jonathan hurriedly flashed a nervous smile and bowed at Quintus. “Mr. Quintus, didn’t you say
you won’t kill me? I still have plenty of pending tasks at Eastern Army—”

“Let’s have a little chat before I let you go,” Quintus chirped. “Jonathan, I’m curious. How did you and
Seboxia end up together? What’s your relationship with him?”

Jonathan hesitated after hearing Quintus’ questions.

Even at that point, Jonathan wasn’t clear about the nature of his relationship with Seboxia.

He was sure Seboxia was using him to achieve a certain purpose, but he definitely didn’t trust
Seboxia’s claim of wanting to be immortal.

In Jonathan’s opinion, Seboxia’s crazy idea of wanting to trigger a world war was no different from a
mentally ill patient’s delusion.

However, at the same time, Seboxia also helped him a lot.

Whether it was in Remdik or in this ongoing war, if Seboxia hadn’t secretly protected him on multiple
occasions, Jonathan figured he would’ve already been reduced to ashes.

His relationship with Seboxia was like that of a parasite and a host, but they were now more like a
symbiotic entity.

The clashing of the contradictory Pryncyps of Life and Death rendered Jonathan momentarily at a loss
for more accurate descriptions of his relationship with Seboxia.

After ruminating for a long while, Jonathan finally spoke. “He and I are two completely independent
individuals, but we are temporarily inseparable now.”

Despite the ambiguity of Jonathan’s reply, Quintus bobbed his head in response after hearing that. “All
right. It seems like you have quite a few secrets too.”

While he uttered those words, Quintus’ expression changed slightly. Immediately afterward, he turned
to look in Doveston’s direction.

He sensed an unusual fluctuation rapidly approaching from there.

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