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Chapter 1115

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At this moment, Jonathan’s appearance could be described as extremely stylish.

He was struck by Lightning Tribulation twice, and his clothes and hair had long been charred and even

Now, he was bare, stepping on the plasma everywhere, rushing toward the two Divine Realm

Before he could get close, Ivanov and Quintus’ hair stood up.

As Divine Realm cultivators, what had they not seen or been through?

However, they were thoroughly terrified, and their bodies turned numb at the sight of Jonathan’s naked
and seemingly uninhibited state.

Of course, half of the numbness they felt was from the free electric charge, while the other half was
from genuine fear.

As cultivators who had passed Divine Tribulation, they were naturally not unfamiliar with the
appearance of tribulation clouds.

Ivanov and Quintus were dumbfounded at the sight of tribulation clouds hovering above Jonathan’s
head. Who would have thought that the man could go around strolling with massive tribulation clouds
above his head?

“Stay the hell away from me!” Quintus roared when he saw that Jonathan was leaping toward him.

He pushed out both palms, directly throwing out Pryncyp of War, pushing Jonathan to the side.

Meanwhile, he turned and retreated aside.

Though the wave of Pryncyp of War was filled with battle intent, it didn’t have much offensive power.
Instead, its internal energy was soft, like an invisible shockwave, wrapping Jonathan and rushing
toward Ivanov not far away.

Quintus was old and more cunning.

At this moment, Jonathan’s spiritual sense had returned to his body, and both Divine Realm cultivators
could feel that Seboxia had left Jonathan’s body for some reason.

The tribulation clouds in the sky were probably the reason for Seboxia’s departure.

After all, such a great cultivator should have been long dead. He had already cheated death by living
for more than one thousand and six hundred years. Such behavior naturally would not be tolerated by
Heavenly Way.

It was plausible that this attracted heavenly trial.

Seeing Jonathan rushing toward him, Quintus quickly turned and pushed Jonathan toward Ivanov.

Pryncyp of Strength had violated the basic principle between heaven and earth, even if it had just
consumed a lot of energy and changed the basic gravity rules on the northern defense line of Eastern
Allied Army.

However, it was still extremely difficult to keep Ivanov here.

This was a fight between cultivators of the same realm. Hence, it was easy to determine the winner.
Then again, if one party decided to run away, it would be extremely difficult to triumph unless the party
had several times the power.

Meanwhile, Quintus wanted to use Jonathan, who was targeted by the heavenly trial, as a lightning rod
to kill Ivanov with heavenly thunder.

Heavenly thunder had evolved from Heavenly Pryncyp. If heavenly thunder struck, it could paralyze
half his body even if it couldn’t kill Ivanov. In fact, Quintus could take the opportunity to kill him.

Shrewd as Jonathan was, he had seen through Quintus’ intention right away.

In mid-air, Jonathan stretched out his hand and pointed two middle fingers at Quintus. Finally, he
turned and pounced on Ivanov.

“Begone!” Ivanov roared with a voice that could quake the heavens, hoping to emulate Quintus in
casting off Jonathan.

However, the moment he enacted Pryncyp of Strength, he perceived something was amiss.

As his Pryncyp of Strength descended upon Jonathan, it was met and entirely nullified by another

It was none other than Quintus.

Within a heartbeat, Ivanov had pieced together the situation, but it was already too late.

He could already sense that the Pryncyp had encapsulated him within its vast expanse.


With a crisp sound, a dazzling pillar of light descended upon Jonathan and Ivanov.


Jonathan was the epicenter of the lightning tribulation, and he was transformed into charred remains
once the lightning penetrated his body.

Ivanov, who was mere thirty meters away from Jonathan, yearned to escape. However, his Pryncyp of
Strength, which refused to heed his command, immobilized him at the heart of the tribulation.

Crushed by the relentless pressure of the lightning, Ivanov, too, was thrust into the earth.

The biggest use of Pryncyp of Strength that he had always been proud of was now to muster a Pryncyp
force field akin to a spirit shield around him.

Quintus retreated, stepping lightly, his figure receding rapidly.

The Lightning Tribulation’s power far exceeded the Heart Tribulation that he had gone through.

Its plasma core alone spread over five hundred square meters, causing his heart to palpitate even at a
kilometer’s distance.

“Poor lad…” Quintus sighed, extracting a stainless-steel flask from his Storage Ring, taking a sip and
chuckling. “It’s been a while since Chanaea has seen such a promising talent.”

He lamented Jonathan’s potential. However, he was a key figure of Asura’s Office.

Moreover, Asura’s Office’s targets were far too perilous for the eight respectable families.

Jonathan’s demise, in fact, seemed like a blessing for the interests of the great clans.

Feeling the buzzing electricity in the air, Quintus sprung toward the heart of Lightning Tribulation.

As the manifestation of Heavenly Pryncyp, it couldn’t persist for long after descending even though it
was extremely powerful.

It would soon disperse and return to the heavens and earth.

As Quintus moved, the plasma at the center rapidly dwindled.

From within its heart, a figure that was disheveled and in disarray leaped out and sprinted toward the

“You’re the one I’ve been waiting for!”

Quintus let out a low bellow, and the rocks beneath his feet turned into dust. He transformed into a
black streak, darting toward the sky.

The two Divine Realm cultivators stood together once again.

In a flash, Pryncyps clashed, and the whole world began to spiral into chaos.

“Quintus Leeson!” Ivanov bellowed.

He clasped his hands together, forming a translucent blade in the blink of an eye.

The blade was an evolution of Pryncyp of Strength, and regardless of one’s cultivation level, wounds
inflicted by this weapon would be nearly impossible to heal.

With a swipe of the blade, Quintus felt an insurmountable pressure descending upon him, as though
the weight of a mountain came crashing onto his shoulders.


With a fierce roar, Quintus hoisted his right hand high.

The outlines of a billhook formed between his semi-closed fingers.

The moment their weapons clashed, an indescribable fluctuation exploded between them.

Both men were catapulted backward in the wake of the powerful shockwave, hurtling toward opposite
directions from each other.


Quintus plummeted into the scorched earth beneath him, and he felt his bones crushing from the

Even though he was a Divine Realm cultivator, even he was not immune to the ravages of time.

The force of such a blow left him dazed.

Struggling to regain his composure and steady his breath, Quintus clambered out of the crater, only to
find that Ivanov was flung to a distant hillock.

With a sigh of resignation, Quintus extended a hand to massage his aching lower back as he lamented,
“Ah, there’s no denying it. Youth does have its advantage in a brawl. One cannot simply defy the
passage of time…”

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