Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1111

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The Legendary Man -The punch was extremely swift.

Ivanov had just exhausted his energy. No matter how fast his reaction might be, he could barely dodge
in time when faced with Seboxia, who was at the same level as him.

Confronted by Seboxia’s deadly palm, Ivanov channeled all his spiritual energy to his legs and leaped
into the sky.

However, the moment he jumped, a skinny hand stretched out from underneath the ground and gripped
his ankle tightly.

“Come down!” yelled Quintus as he burst out from underground and pulled Ivanov down.

Two afterimages attacked Ivanov from the front and back simultaneously.

If those attacks collided with Ivanov, he would be so severely injured that he would no longer be able to
fight, even if he was not dead.

In the nick of time, Ivanov let out a furious roar. A circular spirit shield that was three meters wide
surrounded him instantly.

Those two attacking Ivanov were sent flying away after being deflected by the spirit shield.

“The Pryncyp force field?”

Quintus’s feet slid across the ground, the humongous force causing his feet to leave two deep streaks
in the ground.

After adjusting his body, Quintus once again disappeared into thin air.

What Quintus had mastered was Pryncyp of War. Even when faced with a powerful opponent, he
would not retreat in the slightest bit.

It was also precisely in this battle to the end that Quintus’ compatibility with Pryncyp of War increased
even more, to the extent that it almost reached the absolute phase.

Quintus had also relied on Pryncyp of War to protect Doveston for almost a hundred years. The other
respectable families did not even dare to set their sights on Doveston.

The afterimage flickered. Quintus’ fists rained on Ivanov’s Pryncyp force field and smashed it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions sounded from the heart of the battlefield.

Underneath the ground, Seboxia had sent a massive vine to burst above the ground. It entangled
Ivanov’s body, making it impossible for him to evade.

With the two joining forces, a hundred blows had been exchanged in just a short while. The massive
force sent Ivanov flying into the sky as well.

“Let me do it!”

When Seboxia pressed his palms together, a small tree underneath grew underneath his feet and
raised him to the sky.

No matter how advanced one’s cultivation level was, no one knew how to fly.

Ivanov, who had nothing supporting him underneath his feet, could only defend himself when faced
with Seboxia’s attacks.

Besides, Quintus was assisting on the side, Ivanov’s death was certain.

However, at that moment, Ivanov formed an extremely strange sign with his hands while he was falling
from the sky.

“Since you want to die so badly, don’t blame me for this!”

Immediately after speaking, Ivanov spread his hands out, as if he was embracing the earth.

The distorted Pryncyp spirit shield around him exploded in an instant.


A buzzing sound rang across the sky, causing the expressions on Seboxia and Quintus’ faces to
change drastically.

Meanwhile, those from the Asura’s Office on the ground descended into panic.

Hayden, who was standing beside Karl, crashed onto the ground forcefully as blood spewed from his

Karl was completely oblivious to what was happening as he did not see any attack coming their way.

Feeling wary, he was about to help Hayden up when the latter suddenly yelled, “Don’t come here!”

Everyone was so shocked by what he said that no one dared to budge.

Lying on the ground in agony, Hayden looked at Joshua.

“Joshua, pull me out using your spiritual energy. Be careful not to step over my ankle. The gravity field
here is different from your side. At that moment, I felt like a truck had just slammed against my left
shoulder, pinning me to the ground. Pull me out now. My body can’t bear this any longer…”

Although Joshua and the rest were astonished when they heard that, the most important thing at hand
was to save Hayden. A few of them dragged Hayden out of the gravity field using their spiritual energy.


Blood spurted from Hayden’s mouth the moment he was dragged out.

Reacting quickly, Joshua exerted some pressure on Hayden’s chest using spiritual energy.

“His lungs have been punctured. The gravity earlier was exerting pressure on them. However, now that
he’s back in the normal gravity field, his lungs will collapse and he’ll die.”

Before anyone could say anything, Joshua grabbed Hayden’s hand and started to tend to his injury.
However, more than half of his face had already turned sallow by then.

Joshua hesitated upon observing that. Suddenly thinking of something, he whipped out a pill and
shoved it into Hayden’s mouth.

“This Dormant Pill can reduce your vitality to the minimum. It’ll buy you some time for healing.”

As he spoke, Joshua grabbed the remaining Holy Blood that Ksana had given him and poured it into
Hayden’s mouth.

“This is Ksana’s holy medicine. I’ve tested it out personally!”

Hayden gulped that tiny bottle of Holy Blood down. Within a few moments, a tinge of redness returned
to his cheeks.

Meanwhile, Karl and the others became completely silent.

Even though Hayden only managed to become a God Realm cultivator with the assistance of multiple
spiritual treasures, he was still in God Realm.

Yet, he got severely injured just by being marginally implicated in Ivanov’s attack.

Needless to say, the others had it worse.
In their surroundings, the cultivators on the battlefield with a lower cultivation level, as well as the
mortal soldiers, looked like they were being tortured in hell.
Earlier, Ivanov’s attack had completely disrupted the gravity field in the entire area.
As they were deep inside, they were lucky enough to stay in the zone where the gravity field was still
normal. Hayden was just unfortunate enough to stand on the boundary between the normal and
abnormal force fields.
Those mortal soldiers, who were densely packed together, were much more miserable.
The emergence of a different gravity field could kill over a hundred people at once.
Furthermore, there were perhaps a few hundred such irregular gravity fields at Eastern Allied Army’s
military base. The scope of the attack even extended beyond one’s field of vision.
When Zachary was about to save the others, Kane pulled him back.
“Zachary, we can’t save those who’re stuck in the abnormal gravity field.”
Although Kane’s words sounded merciless, they made a lot of sense.
If even a God Realm cultivator like Hayden got so severely injured, those mortals would most likely be
instantly squashed into a pulp.
This was the unlucky case of mortals suffering as a result of a battle between Gods.
Ivanov landed on the ground, his cheeks completely red. Due to the irregular gravity fields around
them, Quintus and Seboxia did not dare to move recklessly.
Standing up, Ivanov stared at Jonathan with a cold smirk.
“I’ve completely disrupted the gravity fields in this place. While Heavenly Pryncyp repairs itself, the
Pryncyp will have its eyes on you. Hope that you can survive. After all, our battle has yet to end. We’ll
meet each other again!”
After saying that, Ivanov retreated to the north.
Meanwhile, the life force around Seboxia trembled slightly. Countless flowers and grass grew around

his feet.
“If you want to kill him, the flowers and grass will guide you. This is your last chance!”
Jonathan’s words were directed at Quintus.
Quintus also understood what he meant. Many of the plants that emerged from the soil were pressing
close to the ground, demarcating where the irregular gravity fields were.
Without saying anything else, Quintus chased after Ivanov by following the plants.
Meanwhile, Seboxia sighed helplessly and pressed his palms together in front of his chest.
“Heavenly Way is always unpredictable. I’ll return this body to you, Jonathan!”

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