Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 1109

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The Legendary Man - Welcome

“We can’t hold them off anymore!” Zachary and his companions uttered through gritted teeth as they
glanced back at the soldiers of Asura’s Office.

Despite their ability to command Eastern Allied Army through their military orders, it was evident to all
that a soldier devoid of the will to fight was as good as useless, even with a weapon in hand.

At this moment, Jonathan could see the outside world from within his body but was powerless to

Seboxia had once again sealed him away.

After all, Seboxia was aware of Jonathan’s emotional volatility, prone to reckless, consequence-
ignoring actions at the slightest provocation.

If Jonathan were to regain control of his body now, there was no telling what havoc he might wreak.

However, combat between Divine Realm cultivators was extraordinarily dangerous. Even a moment’s
distraction could lead to a perilous end.

Furthermore, Seboxia intended for Jonathan to experience a crushing defeat.

The morale of the Eastern Allied Army was already wavering, and the consequences of direct
confrontation with Remdik’s main forces were foreseeable.

Though Jonathan had broken his own Cor, Seboxia noticed through observation that Jonathan had not
resigned to his fate but was trying everything possible to prevent his cultivation level from declining.

Initially, Seboxia had naively thought that Jonathan was merely making a last-ditch struggle, unwilling
to become a mere mortal.

However, he gradually realized that Jonathan didn’t seem to care about the loss of his spiritual energy.
What he cared about was his Pryncyp.

After losing his Pryncyp of Slaughter, Jonathan spent most of his time pondering and meditating.

Even during travel, he would close his eyes and meditate whenever he had a spare moment.

Despite Seboxia’s advanced cultivation level, he was unable to discern Jonathan’s thoughts.

It was not until Jonathan entered Flow State on the battlefield that Seboxia finally sensed something

Jonathan had not only discovered a way to counter the divine space but also, during his enlightenment,
Seboxia once again felt a hint of Heavenly Pryncyp’s influence.

This all pointed toward one thing—Jonathan was seeking recognition from a new Pryncyp of Strength!

Such a situation was unheard of.

After all, it was difficult enough for a cultivator to receive the acknowledgment of a single Pryncyp out of
the three thousand Great Pryncyps in their lifetime.

However, Jonathan was actually seeking acknowledgment from a second Pryncyp.

Besides, the fact that he entered Flow State signified that Jonathan might have truly gained a sliver of
recognition from Heavenly Pryncyp.

This realization unsettled Seboxia.

Initially, upon entering Jonathan’s body, Seboxia was interested in the former’s Pryncyp of Slaughter,
but as time passed, Seboxia began to understand that Jonathan was a rare genius.

If not suppressed, he might attain Divine Realm and become completely out of Seboxia’s control.

Therefore, Seboxia continually disrupted Jonathan’s Cor, hoping to inhibit his cultivation progress.

Yet, even in a state of shattered Cor and total despair, Jonathan managed to enter Flow State. His
talent was simply unprecedented.

Seboxia knew if Jonathan grasped Pryncyp of Strength once again, having experienced the shattering
of his Pryncyp, Jonathan’s new Pryncyp would become unbreakable.

To shatter Jonathan’s Pryncyp once again, Seboxia prepared to use the lives of the Eastern Allied
Army as an invisible sword.

He thought highly of Jonathan, but that was only as a tool.

If the tool carried the risk of turning against its master, Seboxia would not show mercy.

The hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the Eastern Allied Army didn’t matter to him. After all, when
he founded Seboxiasm, he had killed millions without hesitation.

“Seboxia, let me out!” Jonathan yelled from the cage under the consciousness field.

However, Seboxia not only didn’t let Jonathan out but even completely sealed him off in a thought,
making it impossible for him to see the outside world.

As the last sense of the outside world disappeared, Jonathan, sitting in the empty spiritual sense
prison, was completely dumbfounded.

He had voluntarily given up control over his body, and now with Seboxia’s spiritual sense occupying his
body, it was impossible for Jonathan to retake it.

Moreover, given the strength of Seboxia’s spiritual sense, there was simply no room for Jonathan to
resist if the man wanted to possess him.

Hence, Jonathan stood in the spiritual sense prison, eyeing the white space around him in despair.

Having his senses stripped away, he had lost all judgment of the outside world, and he was even
unable to determine the passage of time.

He didn’t know whether a day or a year had passed.

Jonathan lay in the bright white light, quietly waiting for the cage to be opened or for his sudden death.

It is possible that decades have already passed in the outside world, and everything has changed, yet I
wouldn’t have a single clue.

Meanwhile, Seboxia was looking indifferently at Ivanov not far away.

If Ivanov were to go on a killing spree now, Seboxia would certainly not stop him.

However, just as everyone thought the morale of the Eastern Allied Army was about to completely
collapse, both Ivanov and Seboxia turned their faces slightly to the right.

Joshua and the others were a step behind, but they also turned their heads.

Boom, boom, boom…

Sounds like war drums came from a distance and quickly echoed through the heavens and the earth.

Accompanied by the sound of the war drums, a figure quickly approached from a distance.

When he landed close by, a surge of battle aura swept the entire area.

Everyone held up their shields to block, and then retreated.

It was another Divine Realm cultivator.

Joshua and the others wore grim expressions on their faces, desperately wanting to get a clear glimpse
of who had arrived.

The newly appeared Divine Realm cultivator would dictate the direction of the entire battle, but they
didn’t know if he would side with Remdik or Asura’s Office.

Karl and Zachary had already lost their hopes at this juncture.

It was said that one knew their own affairs the best, and although Asura’s Office looked powerful, there
were only a handful of high-level cultivators.

They only had a few God Realm cultivators, and Divine Realm cultivators were even harder to come

Although Jonathan displayed the cultivation of a Divine Realm cultivator, Karl and the others
understood that he must have used some kind of taboo method.

As for the newly appeared Divine Realm cultivator, no matter who he was, he could not possibly side
with Asura’s Office.

They feared the battle was truly lost.

However, not everyone was as disheartened as Karl and the others.

For instance, the three from the Leeson family had a hint of smile on their faces.

Leading the group, Winston sheathed his billhook, straightened his clothes, and surprisingly, without
even maintaining a spiritual shield, he walked toward the location where the third Divine Realm
cultivator had landed.

Amidst the shockwave, the three Leesons stood in a formation and promptly bowed in the direction

“We, Winston, Remy, and Fletcher, hereby welcome you, Mr. Quintus!”

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